Sunday, 30 October 2016

A split in Socialist Unity


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With everything that's going on inside the Labour Party with the rise of the "Corbynistas", Momentum and the rising tide of controversy over anti-Semitism around the likes of Jackie Walker, Ken Livingstone and others, I'd almost forgotten about the Socialist Unity website.

A joint effort by Andy Newman and John Wight, they appear to have had "creative differences" or in plain English a falling out of some sort.

Andy Newman writes:

For those of you who haven’t followed developments in the comments, there is a significant change here at SU. John Wight will be publishing his writings elsewhere, and we wish him luck, and every success for the future.

John has relinquished his editing and admin rights at SU, and if you were banned by John, then welcome back. I have asked Tony, who brilliantly assists with technical support behind the scenes, to “unban” people (it is quite beyond me). This may take a while to percolate through, so please be patient.
That's me still banned then!

However the actual argument that led to their falling out is still on-line under one of their earlier posts on Scottish Indendence.

Start on or about comment #56.

By comment #77 Newman writes:

This has gone on long enough. I have given John a great deal of slack due to past friendship, but given that he has now reduced to personal abuse against me, and deleting anyone who disagrees with him. I have removed him from the Su editorial team.

Socialist Unity can now once again disappear into the wilderness where it really belongs.

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