Tuesday 29 December 2020

Howie's Corner has moved!

Regular readers will have noticed that the recent posts on this blog were originally published on Howie's Corner 2 my new blog following the site being blocked by Facebook for "spamming". Given that my main efforts are being put into influencing Labour Party members I needed the facility of a blog to post in the Facebook groups I belong to.

In the past this was never a problem but FB have cracked down on a lot of activities in recent months and I am not alone in falling foul of their harder regime. It is still possible for me to campaign but posts need to be spaced out time-wise and each preceded by a different introduction to avoid any breach of their rules.

Whilst this original blog still receives a lot of hits, much of this is on older posts of which there are well over 2,000 and will continue to do so. I have decided that the best route for me is to ask readers to switch to the new site Howie's Corner 2 which will replace this site.

This has not been an easy decision for me to make given the work put in over the years and though I have broke no record the fact is Howie's Corner has had a modicum of success at times and attracted well over a million hits. I would like to thank all my readers for coming here and hope that you will join me as I continue this enterprise at:

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This will cover Politics. Music nostalgia and whatever else takes my fancy except for Comics, fantasy sci-fi & horror which will be at the expanded:

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My Facebook & Twitter accounts will continue as normal.

I hope to see you all return soon! Stay safe!

Shalom Aleichem,


Thursday 17 December 2020

Jewish Labour Movement: Statement on Labour's EHRC Action Plan


The Labour Party has finally published the long awaited action plan to eradicate antisemitism, it's enablers and deniers from their ranks. Sir Keir Starmer and Angela Rayner made it quite clear in their introduction that:

The Equality and Human Rights Commission report on antisemitism in the Labour Party is incredibly difficult reading for everyone who loves our Party and wants it to be a force for good. But its findings were clear and stark: the Labour Party breached the Equality Act 2010 in terms of unlawful harassment and indirect discrimination towards our Jewish members. 

We failed the Jewish community, our members, our supporters and the country. That is why we must act to drive antisemitism out of our Party and change the processes, structures and the culture of the Party to ensure Jewish people feel safe to return to their political home. 

That requires more than just words. It requires action. The Action Plan for Driving out Antisemitism from the Labour Party published today sets out concrete steps and a timetable to do this.

The Jewish Labour Movement response:

Today the Labour Party has published their Action Plan based on the EHRC's report into antisemitism in the Party. This significant document that lays out how the Labour Party is going to implement the EHRC's recommendations. It includes an independent complaints process for antisemitism and discrimination based on all protected characteristics, education and training and monitoring the progress the Party. You can read the full Action Plan here

Formal Statement:

Jewish Labour members want to see Keir Starmer and Angela Rayner continue to set out clear and decisive actions in tackling anti-Jewish racism within our Party.

Many of the steps set out in this Action Plan are those that JLM has been asking the Party to implement for years. We are disappointed that it took the intervention of the EHRC to secure them, but pleased that we now have a new leadership committed to act.

As the centenary year of our affiliation to the Labour Party draws to an end, we will continue to play our part in being a loyal but critical friend to the Labour Party in resolving these challenges. Our expectations will be however, as they always have been, for strong actions to follow positive words.

Whilst we welcome the reform of processes, by itself it is not enough. Recent events have shown a toxic culture persists in many parts of the Party. Solving this is as essential as introducing an independent disciplinary process.

Further information: jewishlabour.uk

Peace & Justice: Appeasement Soviet Style?


The launch of Corbyn's new vanity project Project for Peace and Justice is reminiscent of the old Cold War style British-Soviet Friendship Societies and their like. Even the one sided Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament was dominated by Stalinists and their allies who like Corbyn saw the Western democracies as the enemy either excusing or totally ignoring atrocities and human rights violations by the Communist Party.

There were similar bodies set up to defend several of the Eastern bloc or other Communist regimes of old. There still exists a "Friends of Korea" run by the likes of the New Communist Party and others (1) who support the brutal North Korean regime which has developed the world's first hereditory Communist dictatorship.

There are parallels with these groups and Corbyn's so-called "anti-imperialism". Last year Jeremy Corbyn and Yasmin Dar (a Labour Party NEC member) appeared at a rally to support and praise the Iranian "Revolution "and defend it from "imperialist" attacks. 

Corbyn and many of his supporters have and continue to appear of the now banned in the UK Press TV, a propaganda channel run by the clerical dictatorship and notorious for interviewing a political prisoner under the supervision of his torturers (2). 

The leaders of the Stop the War Coalition Lyndsey German and John Rees still get paid work for this bogus news channel, You won't see any criticism of Iran from them. Of course their idea of "peace and justice" is similar to Corbyn's and only condemn Western intervention ignoring the indiscriminate bombing of the Russians and barrel bombing by the Assad government.

In fact Corbyn's whole approach to peace has always been one sided. His supporters have defended his links with the IRA Sinn Fein saying this was to "assist the peace process". Yet Corbyn along with his former sidekick John McDonnell were notorious for supporting the armed struggle. 

The Corbynistas often point out that Thatchers Government amongst others had meetings with these people but ignore the simple fact governments met both sides something Corbyn never did. His peace simply meant total victory for the republicans regardless of the consequences for the protestant population.

It's the same with the Middle East conflict. Corbyn and his supporters claim that meeting and supporting Hamas, Fatah and Hezbollah (all his "friends" even though these groups all hate each other) is for peace but once again Corbyn has never met with the Israeli's and disgustingly when the disputes over antisemitism arose under his leadership refused to go to the Holocaust Museum in Israel when invited by Labour's sister organisation.

Corbyn had no excuse. He's managed to find time for Hamas and their ilk. He just isn't interested in peace and for the Corbynistas that means "from the river to the sea" a genocidal threat to the millions of Jews living in Israel.

If Corbyn was genuinely interested in peace he would meet both sides, attempt negotiation and compromise along with reconciliation and understanding but neither he nor his supporters are either capable of or interested in such things. Only bringing down "Western imperialism" is their concern.

Abuses of the Palestinians by Hamas and Fatah oppression of minorities and imprisonment of trade unionists and the torture of political prisoners including rape of women in Iran is ignored. Every Iranian sponsored "Al-Quds day Corbyn and his allies will be seen ignoring all this on a march and event paid for by Iranian blood money. 

The hypocrisy of Corbyn and his movement is endless. They condemn foreign intervention in conflict only if it comes from the West. The Russians and Iranians involvement in places like Syria and Yemen is ignored.

Examining the bland platitudes of the "mission statement" written for the Project for Peace and Justice we can expect more of the same. Like the old British-Soviet Friendships of old Corbyn will only see the world  as it suits his ideology and desire to follow the latest trends and slogans that his followers decide is the priority of the day.

As for peace and justice neither Corbyn or his movement will ever achieve anything except appropriate other peoples conflicts to massage their ideological mores.



(1) New Communist Party a breakaway from the official CPGB in the seventies led by Sid French who opposed Eurocommunism and was a hard-line Stalinist. Current General Secretary is Andy Brookes. The other group involved is the Revolutionary Communist Party of Great Britain (Marxist-Leninist) a Maoist sect.

(2) "The broadcaster was fined £100,000 after the channel aired an interview with Maziar Bahari, an imprisoned Newsweek journalist, that had been conducted under duress." (Guardian 20/12/2012)

(Originally published on: Howie's Corner 2)

Tuesday 15 December 2020

Labour Against the Witch Hunt attacks everyone......


It seems there is no love lost between the supporters of the far-left and wrongly named Labour Against the Witch Hunt group as they issue statements attacking their rivals. The following statement appears on LAW's Facebook page and attacks not just us rabid right-wingers and Zionists but also lays into Momentum as they respond to the recent Labour Party NEC meeting:

According to today’s Times and Labour List, the Labour Party’s NEC yesterday voted “unanimously” in favour of implementing the demand by the EHRC (and, of course the Board of Deputies) to outsource the disciplinary process for antisemitism complaints. That means that the five ‘left wingers’ on the CLGA slate voted to have a non-Labour agency (who???) decide the fate of all of those who get reported for antisemitism. Starmer is already planning to make the whole disciplinary process “independent” – and the ‘left’ will probably support him in that too.

While we don’t know yet who that agency will be, it is clearly entirely absurd to let people who are potential opponents (not to say enemies) of the Labour movement decide, in the last analysis, who should and who shouldn’t be a member of OUR party! This is beyond shocking.

The EHRC and the Board of Deputies have no business meddling in our affairs. "Independent" will mean just one thing: Independent of ANY democratic oversight by the membership. The current disciplinary system was unfair and has been exploited by the right - but outsourcing it will make matters much, much worse. That is of course why Starmer is doing it. 

Where is the left opposition? What on earth are the 'new' Momentum, CLPD and now also the Labour Representation Committee (whose member Nadia Jama sits on the NEC) are doing?

The hypocrisy of the author  (Tina Werkmann) is astounding. Labour Against the Witch Hunt is a product of the intervention of the Communist Party of Great Britain (Weekly Worker) group. Werkman (who apparently "works" for LAW) was am member of the CPGB when she joined the Labour Party along with a number of others but left earlier this year after some ideological infighting within the party.

In other words Werkman was in clear breach of the rules when she joined Labour whilst still a member of another rival political party.  The CPGB may be small but by it's decision to use antisemitism as a weapon has caused much trouble by supporting miscreants such as Tony Greenstein & Jackie Walker now expelled from the Labour Party.

The connections and loyalties of the supporters of LAW are questionable. Roger Day in supporting this statement from LAW chooses to link to two articles from guess what.. the Weekly Worker! What a surprise! Another fan Geoffrey Turner decides an article from yet another rival group Counterfire (a breakaway from the SWP led by the leaders of the misnamed Stop the War Coalition) is "good advice.

Some of the comments are very disturbing:

Ray Hicks writes: 
Shekel Starmer is a zionist stooge. Time for all socialist to leave the Labour Party before they are the last socialist in the Labour Party. You can't support Israel and be a socialist.

David Bullock muses:

Full of 5th columnist snakes like Streeting, Ashworth and Hodge who are either very heavily influenced by the Israel lobby or worse still, indirectly financially incentivised by them. 

Cindy Bryant forthrightly tells her comrades:

It will be the JLM or LFI as the so called independent disciplinary body. You wait!

Everything is a "Zionist" conspiracy. It's Zionist money, Zionist paymasters. They sound just like the National Socialists and Tsarist secret police. Just old fashioned antisemitic tropes. 

Labour is a parliamentary party and has an obligation to obey the law including the legal requirements as outlined by the ECHR. The comrades do not understand this or even see themselves as subject to the rule of law. They are beyond and above it and one would hate to see these followers of Lenin in any form of power & influence.

Momentum can defend itself (I'm not going to) but one thing is for sure Labour Against the Witch Hunt is beyond the realms of reason and respectability. It should be proscribed and it's supporters suspended and hopefully expelled. 


Originally published on Howie's Corner 2

Wednesday 9 December 2020

Labour's hard left lies, hides and denies

It must be the cold weather as Labour's far left continues to decline into farce as first up NEC member and Unite representative tweeted that:

My NEC report for Unite will record being denied access to submissions to the EHRC; denied a debate on suspensions; denied debate on the importance of protecting lawful freedom of speech. And no debate on wealth taxes paying for the crisis. A single agenda NEC Keir Starmer?

Beckett of course is telling porkies though it is possible he is to stupid to read the NEC Standing Orders for such meetings which explicitly reject any other business being discussed. If he was so anxious to get his points of view across perhaps he and his playmates shouldn't have had walked out of the last NEC when they didn't get their way.

Mind you Beckett doesn't exactly believe in democracy. He failed to get the United Left's nomination for general Secretary (I can see why) so decided to run anyway. Beckett is hardly a party loyalist and made a contribution to an event held by the rival Socialist Party attacking Labour hardly behaviour one would expect from any member let alone someone on the NEC. A breach of party rules that is certain and a complaint has been duly made.

The there's Apsana Begum the Corbynite MP for Poplar & Limehouse who appeared in Court today facing charges of Housing Fraud. The East London Advertiser reports:

Apsana Begum, 30, applied to go on Tower Hamlets Council’s social housing register on July 22, 2011 because she was living in “overcrowded accommodation”, Westminster Magistrates’ Court heard on Tuesday, December 8.

The Labour politician is accused of failing to notify the housing service during three periods between January 18, 2013 and March 31, 2016 after she moved address.

The council, which is bringing the prosecution, allege the cost to the authority was £63,928 because someone else on the housing list had to be given accommodation elsewhere.

Ms Begum, who won her seat in the general election last December, denied each of the three charges when they were read in court.

Then comes the conspiratorial rub:

Raj Chada, defending, told the judge there are heightened security concerns since the death of MP Jo Cox, and there had been a “campaign of harassment” against Ms Begum over issues with “a member of the Labour Party and his supporters”.

Begum now goes to full trial and becomes the third left-wing MP to have the Labour Whip removed as she joins Claudia Webbe (facing harassment charges) and Jeremy Corbyn on the rear benches.

Finally joining this line-up today is John McDonell who has offered to act as a character witness to the vile JVL leader Naomi Wimborne-Idrissi hardly surprising but shows how shallow his public statements were under the Corbyn leadership about  wanting to "deal" with antisemitism.

A full and comprehensive expose of the JVL can be found here:

Go To: JVL: a vehicle to normalise antisemitism

Worth taking the time to read.

The left are clearly in disarray. The cronyism of the old Corbyn regime of allowing these cranks to thrive under their leadership has shows once again how shallow their claims to either creating a "kinder, gentler form of politics" or a better world for all" really was.

These cranks, fools and charlatans should never be allowed near the reigns of power again. Time for the party to make Labour a place of reason and show these fakes the door.


Originally published on Howie's Corner 2

Tuesday 8 December 2020

The hard left get a taste of their own medicine....


You may have seen the far/had-left protesting about their comrades accounts being closed by Twitter on Sunday. Some remain suspended but the left's outcry about free speech is somewhat hypocritical both now and historically.

When I first opened a Twitter account (to replace the now defunct Google Plus function I relied on as a blogger) I managed to clash with a couple of hard left activists within days one of whom Abby Hoffman a rather unpleasant JVL activist said that "they should report my staus" which was supported by someone (no longer on Twitter) that used a false a name. Nothing came of it as I doubt Twitter could find anything that even remotely broke their rules. 

However the intent was there. This was all part and parcel of what was happening in the Labour Party at the time. Anyone who didn't agree with the "Dear Leader" was roundly denounced, told to go jin the Tories etc. You all know the drift by now, especially if like me you were a Zionist Jew.

The rise of the Corbynite and Identity politics left has led to a massive increase in to attacks on the right to free speech. It began in universities as arguments arose over gender vs sex-based (women's) rights those that dared challenge the new orthodoxy found themselves bullied, harassed, attacked, banned," no-platformed" and even sacked just because they wanted to present an alternative point of view. 

Most of the victims (but far from all) were women. To see life long feminists and champions of women's rights banned from speaking just because she doesn't believe in the modern mantra that trans-women are actually women and women like JK Rowling threatened with vile tweets from trans-activists telling her to "suck their lady-dicks along with rape threats from err.."trans-women" and their "allies " was an absolute disgrace.

The right to challenge ideas about transitioning (especially when those demanding rights infringe on the rights of others) along with whether children should be given puberty blockers or beginning the process before adjusting to their actual bodies as an adult like everyone else has resulted in attacks on Lesbians in particular. 

I have always been disturbed by the trans-notion of the "cotton ceiling" where men identifying as "women" but retain male genitalia call lesbians "transphobic" because they won't sleep with them is male entitlement's equivalent to rape as it demands women's submission to them.

The Government has withdrawn the proposed legislation that allows for "self-identification" and there remains a very complex debate to be had though the hard left and their allies have mostly aligned themselves with the inquisitors of the trans-activist movement.

That aside the hard left has no history of actually being democratic or allowing free speech. Most of these activists are influenced to one degree or another by the politics of Marxism, in particular those of of Lenin &Trotsky. They claim this "tradition" is anti-Stalinist when in fact so many of the methods used  by Uncle Joe to suppress opposition were in fact developed by old Trotsky himself.

During Kropotkin's funeral the Bolsheviks went around smashing the Anarchists printing presses. All non Bolshevik (later Communist Party) socialist opposition was banned, let alone the rest. Trotsjy even moved against internal party opposition groups such as The Trade Union Opposition and others all of whom were systematically suppressed.

Even the Gulags were opened by Trotsky and don't mention Kronstadt. In fact nowhere any form of Marxism took hold democracy was never on the agenda. From Cuba to Venezuela, China and North Korea dissent is not allowed. The party is always right. the line is always held. 

The comrades always claim that these countries were either "deformed workers states" or not socialist at all. In fact many say that their socialism has not been tried and it will be different. Really? If that were the case why is all these far left group continually split asunder because their leaderships cannot tolerate dissent. 

Older readers may remember that the far-left was once likened to Heinz's "57 varieties" but that advertising campaign has been defunct for many years. The divisions within the far-left to dissidence let alone outsiders remains violently hostile. Free speech for these people is only for them.


Originally published on: Howie's Corner 2

Monday 7 December 2020

"Sitting in nowhere land making nowhere plans for nobody"


When I saw the notice (see above) for an organisation that was supposed to be a "Constituency Labour Party" for members expelled from the Labour Party I was astonished, fascinated and horrified all at the same time. The far-left love setting up new "front" or "campaign" organisations but this one well was one of the strangest efforts they have undertaken in a very long time.

First of all some background to the individual who seems to be one of the major driving forces behind this project, one Tina Werkman a communist from Germany.  Werkman entered the labour Party via the Labour Party Marxists ( a front for the Communist Party of Great Britain/Weekly Worker) during the rise of Corbynism. 

The CPGB along with the LPM established  Labour Against the Witch Hunt which is responsible for organising the defence of those expelled for mostly antisemitism and is associated with figures like Jackie Walker and Chris Williamson. One of the other projects this group threw themselves behind was the "Labour Left Alliance" which manages to unite many of the worst that the far left have to offer.

However Werkman (along with fellow CPGB member Lee Rock) went seemingly "native" in the Labour Party following an obscure "split" inside the Communist group they belonged to. Currently she works for Labour Left Alliance according to her Facebook profile.

Werkman invites former Labour members to join this formation:

We are sick and tired of being silenced, sidelined and slandered. If you too have been suspended or expelled from the Labour Party as part of the witch-hunt against the left, come and join us in setting up an unofficial CLP, where we can discuss issues around the Labour Party. This is the first planning meeting. Please come with ideas on how to organise! Please forward to other comrades who you think might be interested. Time to fight back!

At the time of writing around 19 people have said they re "going" and a further 100 are interested. It will be interesting to see not how many but who actually turns up because there is another campaign for "free speech" being launched by the various sects which has a platform of the real hard core haters. They have just added Kerry-Anne Mendoza (recently banned for hate speech on Twitter) to their lineup.

It's worth reading a selection of comments of some of their supporters to see why these people not only don't belong in the Labour Party you wouldn't want them in decent company either:

Maggie writes:

This is what Starmer s Labour looks like! I left, as soon as he became Leader, funded by Trevor Chinn,a wealthy prozionist, as, I knew what this would mean for Labour!

Labour Friends of Israel, plotted against JC from day one, with support from the BBC and our sad media and its even worse now, with a rabidly proIsrael Leader. Starmer vowed, to his funders, that “ I will stand with zionism whatever happens” and the job was his! So, if Israel bombs and completely destroys Gaza, that will be ok with Starmer! If Israel demolishes, all Palestinian homes, in West Bank...thats ok with Starmer and indeed, anything, Israel does, is ok with Starmer, sadly!

While Eamon tells us firmly:

...the Israeli lobby has clearly infiltrated the Party from top to bottom.

Pass the tin foil please...


Originally published on: Howie's Corner 2