Tuesday, 29 December 2020

Howie's Corner has moved!

Regular readers will have noticed that the recent posts on this blog were originally published on Howie's Corner 2 my new blog following the site being blocked by Facebook for "spamming". Given that my main efforts are being put into influencing Labour Party members I needed the facility of a blog to post in the Facebook groups I belong to.

In the past this was never a problem but FB have cracked down on a lot of activities in recent months and I am not alone in falling foul of their harder regime. It is still possible for me to campaign but posts need to be spaced out time-wise and each preceded by a different introduction to avoid any breach of their rules.

Whilst this original blog still receives a lot of hits, much of this is on older posts of which there are well over 2,000 and will continue to do so. I have decided that the best route for me is to ask readers to switch to the new site Howie's Corner 2 which will replace this site.

This has not been an easy decision for me to make given the work put in over the years and though I have broke no record the fact is Howie's Corner has had a modicum of success at times and attracted well over a million hits. I would like to thank all my readers for coming here and hope that you will join me as I continue this enterprise at:

Howie's Corner 2 

This will cover Politics. Music nostalgia and whatever else takes my fancy except for Comics, fantasy sci-fi & horror which will be at the expanded:

Howie's World of Comics

My Facebook & Twitter accounts will continue as normal.

I hope to see you all return soon! Stay safe!

Shalom Aleichem,



  1. Keep on working, great job!

  2. A fine example of socialist though. Violent, Homophobic and thinks it's clever to take the disabled as a term of abuse. Oh and a breach of the law. Passed to the Police.

  3. Come on stop sending anonymous abuse. Be brave tell us who you really are. There are organisations that can help people like you with obvious health issues.

    Website: www.mentalhealth.org.uk

    Let us know when you are all better.