Sunday, 22 January 2017

Momentum divided as Socialist Unity backs Lansman

Socialist Unity UK

The plot thickens as the two sides gear up for a bunfight over who controls Momentum and how. In one development today the Momentum Steering Committee has set up it's own webpage to denounce the "coup" in direct competition with the "official" website which seemingly remains in the hands of Lohn Lansman and his supporters.

In the only statement currently online the unnamed individuals who form the Steering Committee (probably the AWL, Nick Wrack and Jackie Walker, an unholy alliance if there ever was one) announce:

At 19:39 on January 10th, the Chair of the Steering Committee proposed a new constitution for Momentum by email. At 20:54 a majority was declared. Just 6 people indicated support for the constitution for a 21,000 strong membership organization.

All democratic structures of Momentum were then dissolved. No notice was given that these proposals were to be made, no meeting was held and no discussion or debate took place. No amendments were invited or allowed. Some members of the Steering Committee were unaware of these email exchanges and were excluded from participation.

Of course, we do not accept that the Steering Committee has the power to dissolve the structures of Momentum or impose a different membership system. In February 2016, after much discussion in local groups and regional meetings, the first National Committee established an interim structure for the Momentum. This structure is where the Steering Committee was established. In it, it is clear that the National Committee – not the Steering Committee – has the power to “establish a membership and affiliation structure” and to “maintain democratic, inclusive and pluralist representation.” The Steering Committee is elected from the NC, and is tasked with more operational matters. Momentum has more than 20,000 members. These members joined, and agreed to pay money to, the organisation established on February 6th 2016. That organisation has not been legitimately dissolved.

The fact that this appears on a website separate from the organisation as a whole indicates how deep the split in Momentum has become.

However Lansman has won over the Socialist Unity website whose now sole proprietor Andy Newman declares that Momentum becomes fit for purpose:

Momentum as an organisation was established originally to carry forwards the organizational and functional impetus behind Jeremy Corbyn’s leadership election campaign. In particular, it has been felt by many people for a long time that the centre left needed an organized counterbalance to the pressure from Progress, and Labour First, two organizations of the centre right that have disproportionate influence in the Labour Party.

However, Momentum became bogged down in the usual and interminable arguments of the left, which have effectively prevented the organisation from operating. This had a very enervating effect, and parts of the left who have fetishised an alleged democratic deficit in Momentum have distracted attention away from the real scandals, the democratic deficits in society as a whole, and particularly in the Labour Party.

Momentum does not need to duplicate the functions of a political party. Momentum does not need to duplicate the functions of a trade union. What is needed is to have a structure on a broad left basis where supporters of the current trajectory of the Labour Party leadership can coordinate their efforts to good effect, on the basis of what we agree about. This gives the space for a new politics to develop.

I just joined Momentum, which I believe is now becoming serious and fit for purpose.

One would take issue with Newman's description of Momentum as "centre left" particularly as he is quite sympathetic to "Stalinist" politics hence his opposition to Tibetan freedom. Momentum is not remotely "centre-left. It is hard or far-left.

However amongst  the comments which mainly involve a couple of Andy Newman's supporters with a member of the Socialist Party Scotland (Militant) there was this little gem of a contribution:

As a member of momentum, these developments are very welcome. The appalling bureaucratic rubbish dominating it was killing it. It is not a democratic organisation, it is there to get left wing members active, support a corbyn leadership, and politically educate members. Thank you mr landsman.

Think about that. Ir's not meant to be democratic, just a support group for the leadership to brainwash educate members.

Frankly that's what the far-left are all about. Control and power.

And that's why Corbyn, Momentum and their acolytes must be stopped.

The Women's Marches: Triumph & Tragedy

The hot topic on social media for the last 24 hours has been the women's marches against Trump that took place not just in the USA but around the world including London. Over two million women are said to have participated. The reason for this is clear President Trump has made some unpleasant and thoroughly misogynist remarks about women and even our own Prime Minister, Theresa May has said that this is unacceptable and will not accept such attitudes.

All well and good so far. But that really is the point it's just so far. I'm no fan of Donald Trump and would rather not have seen him elected as President of the United States.  It is right and proper that he is pulled up about his attitude to women, but....

The first thing I do when I switch on my computer is check my e-mails and amongst the few that arrived overnight was a petition from Change that they thought I might be interested in. Sometimes I'm not but in this case I was. It was a call to save the FGM Help Centre in Acton which has assisted over 1,000 women who have suffered from the barbaric practice of female genital mutilation. Illegal in this country but still happens. I've signed the petition and included a link at the end of this post so readers can do so as well.

The reason I mention this is because I am disturbed by the attitudes of Western Feminists and the influence of Islamist inspired women within the "women's movement".

Like all demonstrations there were odd signs from people who haven't though things through such as "Free Melenia", a reference to Mrs Trump. Free her from what exactly? Beauty, fame and fortune? Seems quite an independent woman to me who doesn't need freeing.

But I'll tell you who does.

Women across the Muslim world oppressed by a backwards misogynistic theology and culture. It's called Islam. Women are second class citizens under whichever version of Sharia Law a particular country decides to implement.

Their testimony in a court is worth half that of a man. Women lack inheritance rights let alone having to cover themselves up in case they inflame the passions of the pious men who supposedly cannot control their libido if a woman so much as shows a stray hair on her head.

And yet idiots like Linda Sansour, one of the organisers tweeted:

"You'll know when you're living under Sharia Law if suddenly all your loans and credit cards become interest free. Sounds nice doesn't it"

As one of my friends on Facebook noted:

"..... this is a complete misunderstanding of Shari'a finance, which charges interest in a backdoor manner. Basically, the bank buys the item for you, you then redeem ownership of the same via payments, which include... err... effectively interest in the form of various, largely spurious, charges on your original sum... What is worse, the full sum repaid is often higher than Kufur bank rates."

Undeterred by all the subsequent criticism Sansour responded:

"Sharia Law has been misunderstood and pushed as some evil Muslim agenda."

Let's hope she justifies that to the women stoned to death for "adultery" or for murdered for daring to stand up to Muslim patriarchs. After all, the Koran implores men to "only" beat their women "lightly".

Let's get one thing straight. The only way to defend not just women's rights but all human rights is to defend and build a secular inclusive society where people are individually free to worship or not as they please without fear of retribution from religious bigots who cannot impose their so-called values on those of us that do not believe.

When will western feminists start protesting about the rights of women in the 56 or so Muslim countries around the world?

It seems "locker room talk" is just a soft target when the real battle is elsewhere.

Further reading: Women's march and the selectivity of anti-Trump feminism/

Save Acton FGM Centre:

Saturday, 21 January 2017

Piers Corbyn tweets: Jewish conspiracy will force Trump into war just like they did to Hitler

Press release from: Campaign Against Anti-Semitism

Campaign Against Antisemitism

Jeremy Corbyn’s brother, Piers Corbyn, a climate forecaster and Labour Party member, has issued his latest long-term prediction on Twitter: that Jewish conspirators and the Royal Family will force Donald Trump into war, just like they did to Hitler.

Piers Corbyn retweeted @whiteknight0011, a notorious neo-Nazi who declared that “They will force Trump in to war What do you think happened to Hitler? Bilderberg CIA IMF Banker Gangsters They are the problem” along with four images. One shows Lord Jacob Rothschild, the Jewish banker and philanthropist, against the background of a Nazi flag, claiming that he controls the world. A second shows Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu as a puppeteer controlling ISIS through Israeli intelligence agency Mossad, orchestrating the war in Syria and Paris attacks as Lord Rothschild and the Queen look on approvingly. A third image shows the faces of supposed Jewish conspirators who run the world to society’s detriment, proclaiming: “Know your enemy”. The last image shows a family photo of the Royal Family, claiming that they are in cahoots with these Jewish conspirators in committing “the worst genocides, invasions and theft in all history.”

Piers and Jeremy have a long history of political solidarity. Piers has boasted of the family’s anti-racist credentials, but the mask is slipping.

The man who now broadcasts that the Jews were responsible for the Second World War, is the same that claimed a Jewish conspiracy against his brother: when Jewish MP Louise Ellman complained of antisemitic attacks against her, Piers accused her of using it as a cover for political attack, tweeting: “ABSURD! JC+ All #Corbyns are committed #AntiNazi. #Zionists cant cope with anyone supporting rights for #Palestine”. Brother Jeremy’s response: “He’s not wrong”.

The apple does not fall far from the tree in the Corbyn household. Brother Jeremy has not publicly repudiated his brother, nor any number of individuals in the Labour Party attacking the Jewish community. We’d like to think it’s time to start, but have long realised that any pretence that Mr Corbyn’s Labour is ‘anti-racist’ are now history.

Joe Glasman, Head of Political Investigations and Liaison at Campaign Against Antisemitism said: “Jeremy Corbyn endorsed his brother’s views last time he alleged there was a Jewish conspiracy. We don’t expect that Jeremy Corbyn will expel his brother from the Party now, after all, tweeting Jewish conspiracies is perfectly normal in the Labour Party of today. Maybe he’ll give him a peerage.”

What will happen next:
  • Will Piers Corbyn say he didn’t notice the images? It’s impossible to comprehend the text without looking at the images. 
  • Will Jeremy Corbyn rally to his brother’s defence as he has before? 
  • Will Piers Corbyn be expelled from the Labour Party? 
  • Will Baroness Shami Chakrabarti’s rules keep the Labour Party’s response a secret? 



Friday, 20 January 2017

Democracies divided

File:Donald Trump official portrait.jpg

The inauguration of Donald Trump has been greeted by both cheers and jeers as he takes up the post of President of the most powerful country in the world. Even whilst at work I couldn't get away from the reaction as an email from Nick Lowles of Hope not Hate arrived telling me how frightened he was for the future.

When I arrived home the first video I saw on my Facebook wall was of a young woman kneeling on the street shouting "NOooo" like a wailing banshee, something I posted to my own timeline which showed a certain division even amongst my friends. I thought she looked pathetic and anyone watching her would just think she's a self-indulgent snowflake that seems to be the hallmark of the up coming generation.

The real problem is that her actions are symptomatic of the divisions growing within not just the United States but other Western Democracies. Nobody seems to want to accept the outcome of a vote or election anymore.

The first sign of this was in Scotland where a closely fought and lost independence referendum suddenly saw the nationalists marching on the streets stating not just they had lost but some raised accusations of the vote being "fixed", which it certainly wasn't but don't let that bother those who didn't get what they want.

The same happened when the country voted to leave the European Union. Like many others I was a bit shocked and speechless when I got up in the morning and saw the outcome but accepted that was the result foolish or not.

The trouble is the world is living in dangerous times. The rise of Islamo-fascism has led to an outbreak of pou;ism and the growth of right-wing parties across Europe. Add to that the growth of anti-Semitism and a comparison with the thirties is inevitable.

Certainly the democratic countries are divided both within and without themselves. The pressures on the survival of democracy have never been greater since the collapse of Communism when great hope was felt by much of the world.

An opportunity squandered....

The reasons for this are numerous. The rise of nationalism particularly in Russia and Eastern Europe has seen the renewal of of old enmities and internecine conflicts. Those that have broken from the Russian bear feel threatened and Britain has sent troops to the borders as a deterrent. Whilst a further European war is unlikely, it can take only the smallest of sparks to ignite a conflict.

One bullet started the First World War....

There is no one cause for this crisis, there are indeed many. Economic austerity, mass immigration particularly from the war-torn Middle east, the growth of internal threats from terrorism, the bureaucratic nightmare of EU regulation and rule...and more.

The political consensus upon which peace has been established has broken down. The political centre is broken. The world is marching into the mores of political extremism, mostly to the right but some on the left as seen with the rise of the Communist movement in the UK, making the only viable opposition party unelectable.

A way must be found back to centre politics, combining social justice with viable economic policy, proper defence and anti-terrorist policies to deter and defeat the enemies of our democratic way of life. Being "centrist" should not be seen as "weak". It is possible to combine reason with strength, democracy with security and principle with reason.

The alternative is too horrid to consider.

Thursday, 19 January 2017

Musical Interlude: Cyntia Live

Decided to take a break from political blogging tonight and thought I'd share some of the music I've been listening to. One of my favourite bands from Japan is Cyntia, an all-girl outfit who play metal/rock and boy do they play it well.

The following two videos are from a live performance in 2014 before co-founder and drummer Kanoko left. The rest of the group are still going today having released a new album in December.

Cyntia can be found on Facebook

Wednesday, 18 January 2017

Male Momentum


The battle for the heart & soul of Jeremy Corbyn's fab club has begun with the publication of a list of 15 candidates for their National Coordinating Group. And it's not a good start with observers noting that all the candidates are all male and all but one white.

The new "inclusive" left.

James Harland who has a degree in medieval history but needs to emphasise he had a comprhensive eductaion, by which he means he went to a working class school in case that was not clear is standing on a platfor that includes:

Greater representation of working-class, state-educated, BAME, women and non-binary and LGBTQ+ Labour members.

Not a good start then comrades.

Then there's Al Gonzalez who makes an odd promise to potential voters:

As a candidate that is part of two under-represented groups, LGBT and disabled, I offer all members to use a trump card. If I get elected in the first voting period, I vow that I will immediately resign if that will assist the triggering of two further votes. One to fill my space, and another for additional member places, as described in the constitution and election process. If this strategy fails, through how the constitution is interpreted, or by the presence of other elected members in the relevant categories, you would have still manifested your lack of satisfaction with this constitution.

Confused? Don't worry I don't got lost at "non-binary" with the previous candidate.

Perhaps John Talbut has something better to offer. He declares:

We urgently need a different, kinder and more empowering approach to politics. For too long the left has tended to oppressive, controlling, parental approaches that disempower people leaving them vulnerable to the actions of the rich and resulting in defeat for the left.

Love the phrase "tended" to be oppressive & controlling. An understatement given not just the Stalinist experience but also the long history of Trotskyism. Healy, Robertson, Delta.....

His solution?

I believe that Momentum should be a horizontal movement in which every member is valued equally with equal opportunities to participate in decision making.

Anarchism. That'll work.

Sarcasm aside none of the candidates are well known except for Lee Jasper, one of Livingstone's mates (so don't mention Hitler) or frankly even inspiring. One, Ian Pope has a reputation for being able to start an argument in an empty room apparently.

Momentum is running out of steam. It's current bout of infighting has even seen founder Jon Lansman lose a vote on his own constitutional proposals in their Southwark branch. Meanwhile Labour continues to languish in the polls and Theresa May, despite the NHS crisis manages to gain ground with a firm hand on Brexit and remains more popular with Labour voters than Corbyn.

Momentum is part of the problem, not the solution.

Tuesday, 17 January 2017

It wuz the aliens wot done it

Whilst taking my daily wander through the wonderful world of the Internet I chanced upon this terrific little video which will explain everything you need to know about why Donald Trump was elected President of the United States.

According to Giorgio A. Tsoukalos (who some readers may recognise from the Ancient Aliens documentary series on The History Channel) says it may be all down to an alien mind control plot....

I'm still laughing. 

Go on watch this, you know you want to!