Wednesday, 21 August 2019

Free Tibet: Day of the Disappeared Picket of Chinese Embassy

On Wednesday 28 August, Tibetans and friends of Tibet will gather at the Chinese Embassy in London to mark the Day of the Disappeared.

The day, which is marked every 30 August, draws attention to those who have been taken away and imprisoned in places hidden from the public and their loved ones. Those left behind are left to worry about where they are and how they are being treated.

Enforced disappearances and secret detentions are weapons frequently used in the Chinese Communist Party’s violence against the Tibetan people. This year, following his 30th birthday and his 24th year of captivity, we will use the vigil to commemorate Gedhun Choekyi Nyima, the Panchen Lama.

We will also be gathering in support of Wangchen, a young Tibetan imprisoned after he took part in a gathering for the Panchen Lama, and his aunt Dolkar, who was put on trial and sentenced to over a year in prison after she defied the local authorities and spoke out against Wangchen’s arrest.

Those present will also show and tell the stories of scores of other Tibetans who have been taken away and are being held in unknown locations, simply for criticising the CCP or for celebrating their unique Tibetan culture.

To our supporters in London, please join us:

Wednesday 28 August, 6:30pm
Chinese Embassy in London
31 Portland Pl, Marylebone, W1B 1QD

Sunday, 18 August 2019

New Doctor Who: Tom Baker & Colin Baker

It's a fallow year for Doctor Who as out favourite Time Lord takes a break whilst the BBC reboots the scripts for a "darker" season next year. Less "PC" and more Sci-Fi one hopes. In the mean time there's still plenty of Doctor Who to listen to but on CD and vinyl would you believe.

Sainsbury's are selling a exclusive full cast audio drama on coloured vinyl starring Tom Bake, Lalla Ward and not forgetting John Leeson as K9.

This album actually reached number one in the Vinyl charts following it's release showing there is not just a market for adventures of the Doctor but good old fashioned LPs as well!

The story, Wave of Destruction involves an alien invasion, MI5 and a Pirate Radio Station with a haunting jingle which makes it the most listened to radio programme in the UK. Both Tom Baker  Lalla Ward are in fine form as the adventure develops brining back memories of the original show. A natural break occurs when, horror of horrors one has to get up and turn the record over.

Grab a copy if you can find one.

Meanwhile the other Baker, Colin appears in the latest Monthly adventure from Big Finish Productions as he and Peri confront the Daleks once more on the lonely planet Omnia. The Supreme Dalek wants the Doctor captured but does not want to commit his Daleks to the task. Why?

Four episodes of classic Doctor Who over 2 CD's.

And if that isn't enough in September Rose is back with a boxed set of her own as she searches for the Doctor across multiple parallel universes. Though that was impossible, then pre-order you copy now. It's cheaper that way.

Go to: for further information on these and other releases.

Saturday, 17 August 2019

New Music: Baby Metal & Hawkwind

It's the weekend not that I'd notice except the missus isn't at work. When you're retired time seems to pass differently. There's no weekends, Bank Holidays just plenty of time to fill. One of the things I've been doing is going through my music collection sadly the vinyl part depleted by theft but enough of the old seventies stuff replaced with CD's.

Then there's new music to explore. Using You Tube I've extended my musical interests abroad and Japanese all-girl/rock bands have become a regular favourite. I have a number of CD's (and one 12" EP) coutesy of JPU Records who distribute some Japanese bands in the UK.

One of the groups I've come to love is Baby Metal who have a new album due out in October Oddly the vinyl is cheaper than the CD on Amazon so.....

Here's a snippet of the girls with Elevator girl:

Official website:

Then there's the old school music scene. It's amazing how many of the bands I grew up with are still around in one form or another. I've just purchased a 45rpm single by Hawkwind. A rare event these days. I sort of miss the single, though chart music doesn't interest me much like it did in the seventies and even eighties when the 12" single was the fashion.

Hawkwind also have a new album out on October 25th, Their 32nd studio album in Hawkwind's 50 year history:

Official website:

Friday, 16 August 2019

An Invitation to join a movement for Change

Anna Soubry MP writes:  

Events in the last few days, have shown why our country needs the Independent Group for Change more than ever. I helped create this party because I believe we need a new, more honest way of doing politics and the existing political parties are incapable of fixing our broken politics and bringing about the change our country needs.

As you know our country is set to crash out of the EU at the end of October without a deal and Boris Johnson continues to ratchet up the irresponsible rhetoric of his do or die Brexit.

Our priority is to stop a no deal Brexit and get this matter back to the British people for their final say. The question is how best to achieve that. I and others have and will continue to work across the party political divide to introduce legislation in Parliament to stop no deal. That is the way to defeat no deal.

A year ago I called for a Government of National Unity to get us out of the Brexit crisis with a common purpose of holding a People’s Vote. My colleagues and I would support such a Government on the basis it will stop no deal and return Brexit to the British people with remain on the ballot paper.

However, we will not support nor facilitate any Government led by Jeremy Corbyn.

He cannot command unity of support amongst his own MPs but now Jeremy Corbyn calls on the rest of us to back him as “unity” Prime Minister. And we wont even get a People’s Vote but instead a General Election which as we know will solve nothing.

As my friend and colleague Chris Leslie said this week, Brexit and a Corbyn Government have much in common. Both will put jobs at risk, devalue our currency, drive away business and investment in the UK, divide our society and undermine our national security. Both are equally bad for Britain and TIG for Change will not facilitate either.

It is at best regrettable that some in other political parties take a different view and are keen to explore installing Corbyn as Prime Minister.

As you know a number of Labour MPs, Councillors and party members have shown considerable courage in leaving the Labour Party and abandoning their political careers. To suggest, as a significant number of MPs from the other political parties have, that they should back Corbyn in a vote of no confidence and hand him the keys of No 10 is verging on the outrageous.

I suggest that, unlike any other political party, we are clear and honest in our aims and determination to:

(1) Win cross party support for legislation to stop a no deal Brexit
(2) Secure a People’s Vote and campaign for Remain
(3) Stop a Corbyn Government

If you agree with us and share our values then join us today.

Join us as a Member

As a supporter you will receive occasional emails detailing our work. As a member you will receive a regular update with details of our work in Parliament and the campaigning activities of other members and invitations to local and national events. Members will also take part in our policy development - directly feeding in your ideas for our country’s future. So, sign up now and join us in changing British politics.

Sunday, 11 August 2019

God on a Sunday with Marty Feldman

It's Sunday morning and a while since I've put up a comedy interlude, so here's a fitting one about God by one of my favourite comedians of the sixties and seventies, Marty Feldman.


Saturday, 10 August 2019

Musical Interlude: Jethro Tull Live!

One of the most memorable bands from the seventies was the wonderful Jethro Tull fronted by Ian Anderson who just happens to be 72 today and is still going strong.

This months Prog Magazine published a huge supplement on the bands music. Still on sale I believe.

Friday, 9 August 2019

New music & some changes at Howie's Corner

Changes to Howie's Corner:-

1. Additions to recommended Blogs/Websites

Every so often the time comes for a few changes on the blogs contents, layouts and links. This week it's time for a couple of new links on the recommended blogs/websites list both of which are for those concerned about the trans-activist agenda. I have broached the subject on my blog mainly in relation to censorship, the question of self ID and the undermining of women's sex-based rights.

In the main I have posted about these issues of my Facebook page and in other Facebook discussion groups as these are issues that need addressing. It's not a question of "transphobia" but of areas where a new wave of trans-activists have adopted a highly aggressive and misogynistic campaign against any slight hint of dissension,  This is harming the majority of trans-folk who have for years simply wanted to get on with adjusting their lives.

Another area that does need to be looked at is the disturbing growth of the number of children who are being transitioned far too young to even be fully aware of their own bodies, identities and sexuality. There are now a couple of sites that provide advice and information on this delicate area.

I have added the following websites to my sidebar.

First up is: and next is:

Where I link to other Blogs/Websites it does not mean I necessarily agree with the full contents of the sites, simply that these are useful resources for information, discussion and/or opinion.

2. Removals from recommended Blogs & Websites

Every so often it becomes necessary to remove blogs and websites simply because they have become inactive. However on this occasion I have removed links to a left-wing blog, All That is Solid (A Very Public Sociologist) following false accusations on Facebook about my supposed Islamophobic racism and transphobia. The individual one Phil Burton-Cartledge once recommended this blog and interviewed me about my views.

However over the intervening years the rise of Corbyn who he supports and I oppose has led us down very different paths. Add to this our opposite views on the Israel/Palestine conflict, his misinterpretation of my atheism/secularism as "Islamophobia" (I never get get called "Christianophobic" when I post campaigns to oppose the  Church of England taking over more schools or end compulsory Christian worship). It is also "transphobic" to support women's sex based rights apparently.

To be accused of "scabbing" on these issues is not acceptable. I will continue to defend Human Rights against religious extremism which happens to primarily Islam(ist) in nature though the rise of Hindu extremism in India and anti-Gay Christian evangelism in Africa must also be monitored.

Let me make it clear to Phil and the other woke lefty folk Islam is a religion, a set of theological ideas. It is not a race. It is never racist to criticise ideas including religion.

The new wave of censorious trans-activists and their identity politics allies are destroying free speech, research and are targeting Women's Right's especially Lesbian activists with venom and frankly violent threats. Those that ignore this trend are part of the problem.

I blogged about the left's new "cultural revolution" a couple of days back. The rise of infantile identity politics is a new fascism. The new little "Red Book" is the ever growing list of gender identities. I mean "allies" FFS. Utter self -indulgent nonsense.

New Music:-

With all that out of my system (phew) it's time for some new music from Alien Weaponry who hail from New Zealand and have a strong Maori influence in their work. I purchased their new single in limited vinyl edition from Napalm Records based in Austria.

An expensive exercise I probably won't repeat but here for your entertainment is the free You Tube video!