Tuesday, 20 November 2018

Unite to Blackmail Labour Candidates?

Unite logo

A disturbing call for action against MP's who do not support the Corbynite hard left line was made by the Assistant General Secretary of Unite at a conference organised by the remnants of the Militant Tendency now known as the Socialist Party.

The Birmingham Mail reports:

Howard Beckett, the assistant general secretary of Unite, has warned his union will not support Labour elections candidates if they "act like a Tory".

Instead, he said: "If you act like a Tory, Unite in the West Midlands will treat you like a Tory."

Mr Beckett told the Socialist Party event that "our responsibility" is to "call on Labour councils to act as socialists," according to the report on the Socialist Party website .

He said: "It's no good for them to act as complicit agents of the treasury, no good for them to hide behind budgets.

"I will say clearly to all in the West Midlands who claim to be Labour but talk like Tories: if you act like a Tory, Unite in the West Midlands will treat you like a Tory.

"If justice and socialism is not the drive for Birmingham councillors to behave as Labour, then perhaps next May's city council elections will be.

"Because Unite in Birmingham will not support any Tory, even those who are labelled Labour."

Of course when contacted Unite responded by saying "Unite supports all Labour councils and candidates without exception.", but how far can they be trusted with one of main leaders publicly stating the opposite?

Purges are on the way, that is for certain.

Fight Back! Boycott Airbnb!

In a monumental act of hypocrisy and amid accusations of anti-Semitism, AirBnB has boycotted Jewish properties on the West Bank. It has no problem in utilising properties in Turkish occupied Cyprus, Russian occupied Crimea, Moroccan Occupied Sahara or Tibet.

The Simon Wiesenthal Centre reports:

The Simon Wiesenthal Center, a leading Jewish Human Rights NGO is urging its 400,000 constituent members and Jews the world over to boycott Airbnb after its CEO announced it will no longer allow its services to be used by Jewish residents on the West Bank.

“This is double standard anti-Semitism pure and simple. Nowhere else on the planet has Airbnb stopped making its service available in disputed territories, except Judea and Samaria,” said Rabbis Marvin Hier and Rabbi Abraham Cooper, SWC Founder and Dean and Associate Dean and Director, Global Social Action Agenda.

“To be clear, no Israeli leader, left, right, or center, would ever return to the indefensible ‘Auschwitz borders,’ a term coined by the founder of Israel’s peace movement, the late Israeli Foreign Minister, Abba Eban,” they added.

"We take note that Airbnb has no problem doing business in the territory of the Palestinian Authority, which names schools and shopping centers in honor of mass murderers who have killed innocent civilians and have a ‘pay to slay’ policy when it comes to killing Jews.

“We don’t expect Airbnb to be geo-political experts, but today’s draconian and unjust move, which only empowers extremists and terrorists, merits only one response—taking our community’s business elsewhere," the Rabbis concluded.

For more information, please contact the Center's Communications Department, 310-553-9036. join the Center on Facebook, www.facebook.com/simonwiesenthalcenter, or follow @simonwiesenthal for news updates sent direct to your Twitter feed.

Monday, 19 November 2018

Why so Afraid of Secularism?

A message from Maryam Namazie

The Inclusive Mosque Initiative is organising “Beyond the Promise of Secularism” in response to our 25 November International Conference on Sharia, Segregation and Secularism.

Their event will apparently explore what they say are “western preoccupations with ‘Sharia Law’, Hijabs, and segregation” and “look at the ways Islam is pitted against ‘secularism’ in the name of women’s rights, equality and democracy, and … utilised and weaponised by the State against Muslim communities and other minorities to promote nationalist narratives.”

Given the Inclusive Mosque’s confusions, I hope our conference and its 38 speakers from 24 countries and the Diaspora, may assist them in understanding what secularism is before they venture “beyond secularism.” Leading activists in the fight against the far-Right - including religious fundamentalism of all stripes - from Algeria, Bangladesh, Europe, India, Iran, Iraq, Italy, Kurdistan, Morocco, Pakistan, Poland, Russia, Serbia to Sudan, Tunisia and the United States - will reiterate the importance of secularism and universal values for women’s rights.

We can only hope that our conference will enable Inclusive Mosque to finally grasp that secularism is merely a framework that separates religion from the state to ensure that religion cannot influence the state and public policy and impose itself on private lives. After all, not everyone in a given society is a believer and even if they are, they don’t usually want the state to tell them how to believe. And what about the persecuted atheists and agnostics, like ex-Muslims, or minorities like the Christian Asia Bibi in Pakistan or Bahais’ in Iran or LGBT in Somalia and UAE? 

One Law for All Logo

Only a secular framework can ensure the equal rights of all citizens before the law and not different rights for different categories of communalised groups. It is only a secular framework that can ensure one law for all via changeable laws made by people versus unchangeable ‘divine’ laws imposed by clerics. It is a secular framework which can allow for multi-ethnic, multi-religious and plural societies and is a minimum precondition for the rights of women and minorities. It is a secular framework that can ensure freedom of conscience, including freedom of and from religion. Which is why there is no “Inclusive” Mosque – let alone a Council of Ex-Muslims - in places like Pakistan, Saudi Arabia or Iran.

Of course, Inclusive Mosque claims it is “not interested in taking sides on whether one should or should not be ‘secular’” and is merely addressing secularism’s apparent “mobilisation” for “violence” and “power.” In light of the fact that religion in power has set the world on fire, targeting, murdering, disappearing, terrorising and silencing women, secularists and dissidents, the Inclusive Mosque’s anti-secular stance further targets dissenters and conveniently ignores how Sharia, the hijab and segregation are key pillars of the Islamist project to manage and control women. Convenient, of course, since Inclusive Mosque is in the business of opposing secularism and selling Islamic ‘feminism’ – a hard sell given that the women’s liberation movement has always been a struggle, in particular, against religion’s control of women and her body. The promotion of Islamic ‘feminism’ in the era of religious fundamentalisms is a defence not of women’s rights but of religion and the far-Right. 

In fact, Inclusive Mosque’s position is in line with State policy that appeases religious fundamentalism at the expense of women’s rights and the nationalist narrative that promotes a clash of Islamic versus Christian ‘civilisations,’ cultural relativism and an identity politics of superiority and difference (two sides of the same double-edged sword). Even their branding of secularists as “western” is no different to what Islamists have been saying for years. Since ‘Inclusive’ Mosque seems to pride itself on ‘inclusivity,’ though, we hope the conference will at the very least be a much-needed reminder that there are countless individuals from Muslim backgrounds who are secular, including believers, agnostics and atheists. Labelling secular activists, “western,” feeds into the Islamist narrative, negates history and erases the long and ongoing struggle of women in Muslim-majority countries and the Diaspora for citizenship rights and equality before the law, irrespective of background and beliefs.

In the age of religious fundamentalism, whether Islamism, Hidutva, the Buddhist-, Christian- or Jewish-Rights, the insistence on and defence of religion in women’s lives is no defence of women at all. It is rather an insistence on secularism, universal values and our common humanity that is the urgent need of our era, particularly for those living under the boots of the theocrats.

Maybe if Inclusive Mosque spent more time defending women’s rights rather than acting as an Islamist echo chamber, it would begin to comprehend this historical task and necessity. One can only hope, though I for one will not be holding my breath.

For more information on the International Conference on Sharia, Segregation and Secularism, visit www.secularconference.com.


Mungo Jerry on a Monday

I don't often read the Money section of the Sunday Times but noticed that there was an interview with Ray Dorset the Mungo Jerry front-man. This was a band I recall from the early seventies and In The Summertime was their biggest hit.

Being more sensible than a lot of his peers Ray soon realised he was living above his means and decided to be sensible with his income which derives from this song in particular (plus the rest of his back catalogue) which besides being at Number One in 1970 for seven weeks was also a hit all over Europe and sold millions of copies.

The band had another number one with Baby Jump and a hit with Alright Alright Alight which I particularly liked. The days of the 45rpm single are sadly gone though vinyl is making a limited comeback.

The song took just 10 minutes to write! Ray still performs at the grand age of 72. Good luck to him I say.

Sunday, 18 November 2018

Brexit Free Sunday Supplement at Howie's Corner

Atlantis Found.....Again?

With people a little distracted by the issue I'm not going to mention today this little news story got missed. It's one of those "World of the Weird" moments but always of interest.
"For it is related in our records how once upon a time your State stayed the course of a mighty host, .....and it was possible for travelers of that time to cross from it (from Atlantis) to the other islands and from the islands to the whole of the continent over against them which encompasses the veritable (Atlantic) ocean ..." – Plato
Ancient Origins reports:

Scientists at Merlin Burrows are celebrating having discovered the most important archaeological finding of all time, exactly where Plato said it was, “in front of “the pillars of Heracles.” According to a report in The Daily Mail , Atlantis, is located “north of the city of Cadiz, Andalucía, centered around the Doñana National Park,” which the Merlin Burrows historians “believe was once a vast inland sea.”

Even though a Live Science feature in February applied clear scientific logic to establish that “Plato’s lost city of Atlantis was never lost; it is where it always was: in Plato's books,” using satellite investigation techniques, aerial photography and ground observations, the Merlin Burrows experts believe they have “found all the features of Atlantis Plato described“ and that “that south and north of the park there is further evidence of the ancient civilization, with 15 other settlements dotted along the coastline.” What is more, they have found evidence that the city was destroyed by a tsunami, again, just like Plato said happened to Atlantis.

You never know though. Aquaman was unavailable for comment.

Militant Tendency Oppose Irish Flag being flown.....in Dublin 

Socialist Party (Ireland)

There are times when what people say beggars belief as in the case of Matthew Waine a member of the Socialist Party in Ireland, an international offshoot of Britain's Militant Tendency.

The Dublin Gazette reports:

A FINGAL councillor has warned against flying the Irish flag outside County Hall for fear of offending non-nationals living here.

Blanchardstown-based Cllr Matthew Waine opposed a motion proposed by Cllr Daire Ni Laoi (SF) to hoist the Tricolour at the council’s HQ in Swords.

The Solidarity Party public representative was one of just two who voted against it, suggesting that the red flag of Marxism and Socialism should be flown instead.

He said: “We have one of the most multi-cultural populations in the whole country living in Fingal, and I think we need to consider the sensitivity of this.

The capital of a country being advised by some lefty idiot that the town hall can't fly their own country's flag. Now that's what I call cultural appropriation. Celebrating everyone's culture but your own. Prat.

Oh and here he is courtesy of You Tube.

And finally..

A nice little tune from the seventies to brighten the mood.

Saturday, 17 November 2018

New Hate Twitter Feed launched

Zionist Terror Watch

As the far-left and the "useful fools" as Lenin would have called them have their so-called anti-racist march today it's come to my attention that some anti-Semites Zionists have launched a new feed to expose "Zionist terrorists".

Very much in the tradition of the neo-Nazi "Redwatch" site targetting leftist activists the "PDAPTAF, the Permanent Database of Anti-Palestinian Terrorists, Activists and Financers 
(sic) has been lauched on Twitter.
Zionist Terror Watch
"PDAPTAF is going public. We will tweet excerpts from our extensive database of anti-Palestinian terrorists, activists and financers. Zionists beware. We are watching. 
4:22 PM - 13 Nov 2018"
This group state " Our extensive records are kept offline. We are watching." and have already targeted bloggers, journalists and an ex-British Army Officer in their conspiratorial rantings. The fact that they are keeping a watch on financiers (though they can't spell the word) shows that they have a World Zionist Conspiracy outlook.

Of course "anti-Zionism" which has morphed into a new form of racism and adopted by the far left over the years is propagated by many of the organisations supposedly marching "against racism". The March organised by far-left groups such as Stand up to Racism and Unite Against Fascism are nothing more than fronts for the Socialist Workers Party one of the groups most responsible for the rise of anti-Semitism/Zionism along with the totally misnamed Stop the War Campaign who have their own contingent taoday.

The site has currently just 11 followers but no doubt will attract the attention of all the loons on the far-left and no doubt the far-right with whom they share their hate of the "World Zionist Conspiracy.

There is no longer even a paper thin difference between the two extremes when it comes to Jews.

Friday, 16 November 2018

The Toxicity of British Politics

The antics of politicians over the last couple of days beggars belief at time. It brings to mind John Majors famous description of the Euro-sceptics in his cabinet as "bastards". Poor old Theresa May has got several more each with the proverbial knife hidden in their togas.

Her "allies" in the DUP have turned out to be "fair-weather friends" though they are getting pressure from  farmers in Ulster to accept the deal. In fact there's quite a lot of business support for the deal, but hey we've had our money.

Labour aren't much better. In fact listening to Corbyn I'm not entirely sure exactly what they want our of Brexit. Most Labour MPs are remainers but represent lots of constituencies that voted to leave the EU. Corbyn is anti-EU, but all these young people he attracted are pro-EU but they don't appear to have noticed that St Jeremy is not what he seems.

Boris is waiting in the wings to take May's crown but polls suggest less people trust him to negotiate Brexit than Jeremy Corbyn which given Corbyn has never negotiated anything in his life should be a real worry for the untidy minded one.

As for alternatives no one seems to have one except we could just leave or maybe remain or maybe have a second referendum or a general Election. The options are seemingly endless given how divided not only our politicians a re but also the country, though opinion polls suggest staying has a majority.

What do we do next? Fuck knows...