Sunday, 19 February 2017

Musical Interlude: Ghost

Time for a musical interlude tonight with a slightly controversial Swedish band called Ghost. Their satanic themes meant that when they recorded an album in Nashville none of the local choirs would perform, so they had to head for Hollywood.

None of the bands members names are known and their lead singer Pope Emeritus III is backed by just the 5 Ghouls all of whom wear masks.

This particular number is from their 2015 album Meloria. 

Saturday, 18 February 2017

Maureen Lipman dismantles Israel Apartheid Week

We need you!

Every so often we ask you to join us in a campaign. We don't do it often, only when we feel the need is great. Today we are asking you to help us and the Israel/Britain Alliance-and many other groups around the UK-to ensure that the annual hate fest that is 'Israel Apartheid Week' does not go unchallenged. I can't believe anyone reading this can't find, literally, 30 seconds to add their name to the growing list that find IAW abhorrent. Full details below and if you don't want to take my word for it-listen to 'Beattie'

With your support we can tell people the truth and demonstrate why IAW breaches our country's equality legislation.

In the coming days and weeks students in universities across the country will be urged to participate in Israel Apartheid Week (IAW).

The worst example of an apartheid regime was South Africa, where people were denied their basic rights because they were not white.

It’s unacceptable to compare Israel with South Africa.

Every person in Israel has full equal rights, 1.6 million Arab Israelis have the same rights as the 6.8 million Jewish Israelis, in Israel incitement to racism is a criminal offence, people have freedom of association, freedom of expression, freedom of religion, freedom of speech and they enjoy universal adult suffrage.

Israel is a place where women enjoy equality, religious minorities are free to practice their creeds, the media is unfettered and critical, an independent judiciary protects the powerless from the powerful, educational excellence and scientific innovation are pursued and a welfare state supports the poor.

Israel is a fully functioning and vibrant participatory democracy.

Organisers of Israel Apartheid Week wish to distribute offensive and mendacious propaganda to students in university campuses across the country and in doing so they break the law.

Here’s why.

Universities in Britain and Northern Ireland have a legal duty to foster good relations between students of different nationalities, ethnic groups and/or religious beliefs.

Israeli students are protected as a nationality and Jewish students are protected as an ethnic group, irrespective of their religious beliefs.

To comply with this important duty universities must refuse to allow university property to display false and inflammatory propaganda that includes the phrase “Israel Apartheid Week”

Please join our campaign and e-mail the President of Universities UK and your constituency MP to ensure that British universities comply with the law.

All you need to do is follow this link to make a difference:

Friday, 17 February 2017

Time to bury Lenin...and his ideology

Victims of Lenin's New Economic Policy

The founder of the nightmare that became the Soviet Union, Vladimir Lenin died in 1924 and yet to this day he has never been buried. Preserved in an almost Pharaoh like fashion his mummified remains have been on display over the years in a mausoleum where visitors are not only banned from taking photographs but also from taking.

The ideologue Lenin was canonised by the Communist Party. His collected works became the "New Testament" of Marxism, the word of the workers "Messiah". His body displayed in perpetuity to be worshiped by the proletariat.

Yet this is a man who overthrew not the Tsar but the nascent democracy developing in Russia along with his "Lieutenant" Trotsky suppressing all political opposition outside the Communist Party and then turning on the dissidents within. A process continued long after Lenin's death as even Trotsky was exiled, expelled and expunged from the "workers state" by Stalin.

Stalins crimes are legion but Lenin's overlooked as were Trotsky's. Famine erupted as a result of the "New Economic Policy" in the early twenties resulting in untold deaths. A process simply enhanced and repeated by Stalin in the Thirties.

Purges, persecutions, executions the hallmark of Communism all began under Lenin and Trotsky. The Gulags were Trotsky's idea as were the methods used to suppress opposition within the party. The Trade Union Opposition, The Workers Opposition all met their fate before Stalin came to power.

Trotsky's "Left Opposition", both hypocritical and deluded as it was became the next victim. Stalin simply completed the process of dictatorship of the proletariat becoming not the dictatorship of the party but of one man himself.

Stalin was the role model for Chairman Mao, Kim Il Sung  and Pol Pot. between them the greatest mass murderers in modern history.

Yet despite the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1989 there remain difficulties in removing the influence of the man and his ideas from Russian consciousness. Despite a majority being in favour of internment there remain far too many to make such a simple act an immediate possibility.

Lenin's legacy is one of brutality to the extreme, exceeding even the Nazi's in terms of those killed in the name of "socialism". It's time not just to bury the man but his ideas too.

History has proved the Marxists lacking. Compassion, kindness and basic human rights are alien to their creed.

Time to move on. Nothing to see here.

Thursday, 16 February 2017

Student Islamists try to censor secularist Maryam Namazie

The University of Westminster is in the news again. Readers may recall that this is where the mass murderer Jihadi John seemed to be "radicalised", if that's the right term to use for these psychopathic individuals who go around beheading people.

This time the rather notorious Islamic Society that has taken control of the Students Union is attempting to prevent  Maryam Namazie the well know former Muslim and secularist from speaking at the University. Maryam is also a refugee from the Iran, a country ruled by fascist clerics. She can hardly be described as "right-wing" since she is also a member of the Worker Communist Party of Iran.

Maryam Namazie 2014 Bread and Roses.png
Photo: By Nano GoleSorkh (BreadandRosesTV);

Maryam is hardly "Islamophobic" and can be seen on Twitter condemning Trump and others like him. She is simply an atheist who has rejected Islam as is her fundamental right as a free thinking human being.

A vociferous campaigner for human and women's rights in general Maryam has been at the forefront of many campaigns including One Law For All.

The Islamic Society has in the past invited hate preachers such as Haitham al-Haddad. A Wikipedia entry explains his reactionary and inhumane views such as:

“the scourge of homosexuality”, which he calls a “criminal act”.[15] On women, he declared that “a man should not be questioned why he hit his wife, because this is something between them”.[16] In addition to this he has also claimed that “the most honourable and worthy role for a woman is striving to be a fine wife...this role does not only secure the best for a woman in the hereafter, but also fits perfectly with her natural disposition”[17] He has claimed that there is a "proper" way of performing FGM,[10] further saying "it is consensus of all the scholars that female circumcision is sunnah [proper]".[18]

There is a strong need to stand up for secularists and ex-Muslims in particular from these fundamentalist hate mongers.

Wednesday, 15 February 2017

Goth Metal Interlude from The Land of the Rising Sun!

One of the great things about You Tube is the ability to explore music from around the world. As a result I've come across some great bands like Battle Beast & Nightwish (Finland), Sabaton (Sweden), Epica (Holland) and others like Scandal, Aldious and Band Maid from Japan.

However I am rather taken with Yōsei Teikoku a Goth Band led by the rather eccentric and beautiful Yui Itsuki. Their music is a little different and I've included one official video plus a live performance.

I do hope you try these tracks out.

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Tuesday, 14 February 2017

Labour left go far-right conspiratorial

Labour Representation Committee

It's often said that at the end of the day there is little to differ the far-left from the far-right and a couple of recent articles published on the websites of two long existing Labour left sites seem to confirm this. The first article brought to my attention by Dave Rich author of The Left's Jewish Problem was from the website of the Labour Representation Committee, the Chair of which is a certain John McDonell.

The article, Al-Jazeera Lifts the Lid on Israeli Subversion claimed that:

"the Labour Party has become a pawn of Zionist organisations"; "the most senior members of both main parties and the Liberal Democrats [are] part of the network of Israeli influence"; and Theresa May does Israel's bidding "as reciprocity for previous career assistance from the Israelis."

A "pawn" of the "Zionists". Sounds like something out of the far-right Der Sturmer. The threat of the worldwide Zionist conspiracy, for which if it were a far-right organisation would really mean Jews. So one has to ask what were the LRC thinking in publishing this.

Actually we'll never know. The post has mysteriously disappeared from the LRC website. As has the same article from The Labour Briefing website. 

No explanation given.

The editor of Labour Briefing is one Graham Bash who just happens to be the partner of Jackie Walker who needs no introduction to regular readers.

Labour Briefing

Meanwhile an article remains on the Briefing website which has this to say:

Corbyn's rise to the leadership of the Labour Party created panic in both the British establishment and the Israeli lobby, whose counter-attack resurrected antisemitism, the historical weapon of political Zionism.


Anti-Semitism hasn't gone away and exists not just on the far right but very much in the ranks of the anti-imperialist brigade and the far-left.

The new blackshirts are rising comrades. Your flag is not so red anymore...

Monday, 13 February 2017

Corbyn: A Cult to nowhere

Photo: By Nancy Wong

With less than two weeks to go to two crucial by-elections for the Labour Party all remain focused on Jeremy Corbyn who as polls show is considered inept, useless and even scruffy by the majority of voters in all age groups.

Corbyn's inability to control his own party over Brexit comes as no surprise to anyone since Corbyn was himself a serial rebel against the party line. Over 400 time in fact, so hardly the person to discipline a party, one he has successfully divided with nearly everything he says or does.

Even the hard-core Corbynistas are waning, The boy Owen Jones has already disowned him and others are drifting away. Yet a certain persistence remains amongst some as one quite deluded friend said on Facebook "Corbyn is the best thing to happen to the Labour Party".


Labour has never been further away from political power than now. The thousands of on-line supporters that elected Corbyn have not materialised as activists on the doorstep and moderates remain in control of much of the Labour Party despite being theoretically outnumbered. Soon the three-pounders will need to renew their passive membership but how many will drop out and not be seen again?

Thousands of members left Labour as a reaction to Corbyn's election, thousands more left over his Brexit stance. Len McCluskey seeking re-election (again) is treading wearily despite his ultra-left sympathies for old Corbo as he knows his members in Unite are not happy with the politics, let alone the performance of the Labour leader.

Although unlikely to win, a strong performance for Gerard Coyne in Unite's General Election would be a real blow for the Corbynistas.

Thene there's the by-elections.  The loss of one would be a blow. The loss of two would be a disaster for the party. Corbyn's tenure will have proved to toxic for the electorate.

However the left such as it is isn't going to disappear over night. All the rumours of his "replacement being sought" may just see renewed internecine warfare when what is needed is a complete extirpation of the movement around Corbyn.

Meanwhile Corbyn's lickspittle, Baroness Chakrabarti the shadow Attorney General continues to embarrass the party by praising the previous "good work" of disgraced lawyer Phil Shiner whose campaign undermined our soldiers. The "socialist" Baroness is "sad". Most of us are not. Shiner should be forced to pay compensation out of his lucrative earnings to the soldiers that suffered as a result of his falsehoods.

Frankly Shiners previous good work should come under close scrutiny.

As should a certain report about anti-Semitism in the Labour Party. Just saying....