Saturday, 15 December 2012

Can if I want!

Everybody I know has been nagging me for years to take the "plunge" and get a PC so I can join the modern world "on-line"!

However there is a reason for me rushing out and buying a PC. 


For years I have been sending out e-mails as a PCS Branch Secretary about union related issues and have finally run into a little problem.

It wasn't Management though.

The PCS General Secretary, Mark Serwotka in conjunction with John McInally (PCS Vice President) and the Socialist Party have been running a campaign of censorship over the last few weeks trying to silence my views. 

In order to prevent this here I am. 

I have transferred my substantial e-mail list to a home e-mail address and discovered I can also set up a Blog, the first posting of which you are reading here.

Over the coming weeks and months I will be continuing my campaign to reform the PCS union which has been hi-jacked by far left political activists (in the form of the Socialist Party and the Socialist Workers Party). 

The simple aim is to restore PCS as a proper Trade Union!

I strongly believe in free speech and individual human rights which form the foundation of democracy. I will be working with others both inside PCS and beyond to promote these basic concepts and continue to expose and fight political extremism whether it comes from the Far Left, the Far Right or Religious Fundamentalism.

However this Blog will be about more than just PCS and will cover wider trade union and political affairs. Also its also not going to be "all work and no play" as they say.

At the end of the day it's my blog and I'll say what I want! 

Howard Fuller.