Tuesday, 27 June 2017

Film: Whitewashed: Anti-Semitism in the Labour Party

An important film for these troubled times when Corbynism has led to anti-Semitism entering the political mainstream where it has been simmering for years in the far-left so-called anti-imperialists movement.

A new type of fascism is on the rise. It's not just Jews that need to be concerned but also anyone who dares disagree with the false Messiah Corbyn and his followers.

Please take the time to watch this.

Sunday, 25 June 2017

Musical Interlude: Kyary Pamyu Pamyu

With all this great weather and crap politics about I've been taking a break from blogging for a few days and enjoying reading some old 2000Ad and Savage Sword of Conan comics.

No doubt I'll be motivated to blog on politics very shortly but in the meantime here's some music from the very cute Kyary (pronounced Carrie).

Wednesday, 21 June 2017

Comedy Interlude: Day of Rage...

The far-left was planning a "Day of Rage" today. Not sure what happened to it. Perhaps their parents sent them to bed early.


Tuesday, 20 June 2017

McCluskey Sacks Political Opponent Scandal

So much for democracy. Len Mccluskey, the Marxist General Secretary of Unite has sacked the man who dared challenge him in the recent election.


I have been notified by email that I have been sacked from my position as West Midlands Regional Secretary of Unite the union following a disciplinary hearing held at Unite’s London office on June 15th.

I am deeply disappointed but not surprised at my dismissal. When you are in a kangaroo court, you are rarely surprised by the outcome.

I have held the post for 16 years and no complaint was raised during the hearing about how I carried out that role.

However, during the disciplinary process I was informed that union rules require a regional secretary to be “the General Secretary’s representative in the region.”

It was implied that because of the way I criticised Len McCluskey during the campaign I could not fulfil that role any longer.

Seven charges were originally made against me that it was claimed amounted to gross misconduct. They consisted of such heinous crimes as publicly criticising and challenging Mr McCluskey’s decisions in leaflets, newspapers and social media. All related to my conduct during the General Secretary election campaign.

Three of those charges I managed to knock out before the hearing and three were dismissed at the final hearing. The final one related to to an alleged technical data breach, which it was claimed had damaged Unite-Labour Party relations.

This preposterous trumped up charge has been used to indict me - even though the Returning Officer from Electoral Reform Services had already ruled that there was no breach of the rules.

It was always clear to me that the charges were nothing more than a stitch-up. My real ‘crime’ was having the audacity to challenge Mr McCluskey in the General Secretary election that he called unnecessarily.

The disciplinary hearing was nothing more than a show trial and the irony not lost on me that Mr McCluskey’s chief of staff, Andrew Murray - a self-confessed admirer of Joseph Stalin - was the investigator and decision maker on the charge I was dismissed for.

It is beyond parody that I, as a 30-year member of the Labour Party, should be accused of harming Unite-Labour relations by Mr Murray, a member of the Communist Party for 40 years.

It is a public warning to any member of Unite’s staff who is thinking of challenging the way the McCluskey gang run the union: ‘step out of line, and you will be out of a job’. Political dissent is not tolerated inside Unite.

However, I will not be bullied into silence. Once the Certification Officer has considered my complaint about the conduct of the election, I am looking forward to a re-run of the contest. We will build a union where members interests are always put first - not subordinated to the political machinations of a clique.

I will be appealing against the decision

Monday, 19 June 2017

The Elephant in the Room

Photo: By Bit Boy

It's getting to the point whereby I dread switching on the television or more likely changing the channel when I get up in the morning as there is seemingly one tragedy after another these days. The latest was an assault on a group of worshippers emerging from their prayers at the Finsbury Mosque by some lunatic in a van.

At the time of writing whether he acted alone or was part of some extreme right wing group is actually unknown. However what happened did seem to have a certain "inevitability" about it.  Whilst much of what is described as "Islamphobia" is somewhat exaggerated there certainly is a growing resentment towards the Muslim community, particularly the obviously religious in the country.

And oddly unlike all the other atrocities that have taken place today there was little to no talk of it around me, except in whispers. Have people become accustomed to these kind of attacks or were some people hiding their true feelings about what I have seen on social media described as "karma"?

If so then there is reason for all of us to be worried. Islamic extremism is a very real and major threat. Of that there can be no denial. There is also increasing deference to "islam" across the cultural and political fields that disturbs our mostly secular way of life, but resorting to the violence is certainly not the answer or the way forward.

Whilst many have legitimate criticisms of the Islamic creed and it's intolerance I do not wish to live in a country where people cannot go about their business, including worship in fear of attack. This will only enhance the self-imposed isolation that the majority of the Muslim community already feel.

The key must be in integration whereby worshippers (of all religions) separate their godly fealties from the secular requirements that are a necessity in a modern and truly inclusive society. Believe in what you will but human rights and equal rights must take precedence over all and any religion or political creed.

The Muslim community must face up to the problems that have brought it into disrepute with other sections of society. I speak not just of the Jihadists, though they are the most pressing problem but when they complain, sometimes rightly of being treated as outsiders then their leaders must ask why has the rise of anti-Semitism gone hand in hand with the expansion of Islam within the UK. Further the Muslim community must re examine its attitudes to the Ahmadiyya Muslims who are persecuted by the mainstream for daring to differ.

There was a case where a man travelled hundreds of miles to kill one newsagent, a Ahmadiyya Muslim, who other Muslims don't see as Muslims at all. Just for wishing his customers Happy Christmas.

Then there is Rochdale. A rape and abuse tragedy that went on for years because the authorities were too afraid to confront the abusers in case the were called racists. Look at the victims, not the perpetrators when making such judgements.

The Muslim community has a right to exist and worship within the law of this land and be respected for doing so, but at the same time the sheer medievalism, cultural & political backwardness and refusal to integrate will hold them back.

There can be no compulsion in religion and that is the end of it. If someone criticizes your faith, just learn to live with it.

The future by necessity must be secular.

Saturday, 17 June 2017

A sombre nation

Grenfell Tower fire (wider view).jpg
Photo: By Natalie Oxford

I awoke to the disaster which was Grenfell Tower and looked at the pouring smoke from the building from my twelth floor balcony in horror. I cannot imagine what was going through the minds of those directly affected and still inside. Even now we still don't know how many have died. Clearly the body count will increase as the investigation in the ruins begins.

Having lived in a tower block for near on twenty years fire is one of those things you really hope does not happen but has even here on my floor in one of the flats opposite. The fire was contained and we were only evacuated for a short time. The buildings all concrete. No bloody cladding. Whoever thought that was a good idea should never be let near a building site again.

People died because of politically motivated aesthetics from what I can see. Never again should council or social housing residents ever be put in such a position again.

This comes at a time when the nation is still in shock from several terrorist atrocities, events which have united ordinary people against a common foe. The latest disaster shows how divided we have become as a nation and frankly how leaderless we have become.

Theresa May having messed up electorally, now fails to show true grit by meeting the residents. Corbyn got better press though his supporters actions in and around the protests leave a lot to be desired. Only the Queen came out of this as a figure with any public credibility in myview.

The nation lacks decent politicians. Neither May nor Corbyn or the outsider Farron come close to the standards of the politicians I grew up with. Where are the Harold Wilson's and Denis Healy's or even (god forbid) the Margaret Thatcher's of this world? Such a grim lack of talent on the front benches.

The only politician to impress me of recent times was Hilary Benn and he's in no position to take a leading role due to rise of the far-left inside Labour. The Tories are at their weakest ever and the alternative is a shower of rabid protesters who don't understand how democracy works as shown by McDonnells call for a million on the streets to bring down the Tories.

Meanwhile as the nation remains in a mournful state there will be an "al-Quds" day march with the flags of the Iranian backed terrorist organisation Hezbollah being flown in the streets of London. An insult to the victims of terrorism in this country.

A march that will be attended by many supporters of Corbyn, though he himself is likely to shy away from attending unlike in previous years.

For those who want to see a return to political rationalism the extremes of ideology that seem to be taking hold the failure of Mrs May to front a decent election campaign that if based on her seeming "one-nation" conservatism could have broken the Corbynistas is blindingly obvious.

There seems little hope that a decent political choice will exist by the next general election which will be sooner rather than later. So many Labour types have surrendered to Corbyn. Their party is currently lost to reason as are the Conservatives.

There seems little hope for the immediate future on all fronts. Weak government, terrorist threats and a disastrous brexit all add up to a more than uncertain future.

Will reason ever prevail?

Thursday, 15 June 2017

Musical Interlude: Slade

Not in the mood for politics at the moment, so here's a little tune from Slade to help celebrate Noddy Holder's Birthday. 71 today would you believe.......

Monday, 12 June 2017

Comedy Interlude: Irish Politics Explained!

I was surprised at the number of people at work who had no idea who the DUP were or hadn't heard of them.

However this may help........ or not.

Sunday, 11 June 2017

The truce can only be temporary.

Whilst waiting for a bus in Shaftesbury Avenue yesterday afternoon I could not help but overhear the conversation by the others standing there about the general election. All participants obviously from different countries and none with English as their first language. They seemed confused as does much of the activist class on the left to be honest.

Jeremy Corbyn did a lot better, much better than anyone including myself was expecting. Theresa May did appallingly badly. A contest that went from the cult of the personality around Corbyn to one with no personality with May.

Corbyn still lost though, no matter how either he or his supporters want to spin it.

However no matter how one looks at the result the Conservative Party blew it big time and the electorate were not impressed.

The polls got it wrong except for the last one. The Exit Poll predicted a hung parliament and that's what we got.

So what happened and why? That the Prime Minister has decided to continue, at least for now is unsurprising and given the parliamentary arithmetic was the only choice. A rainbow coalition of Corbyn and all the others would not have been enough, especially with Sinn Fein refusing to take up its seven seats.

Enter the DUP, an Irish political party founded by the divisive figure and self appointed Reverend Ian Paisley. In essence a very right-wing and dangerously religious formation thats politics consist of the bible and a soft brexit. Their MP's are like so many religious maniacs anti-gay marriage , anti-abortion and pro-creationist.

I'd almost say god help us but I'm an atheist!

Labour has lost the third election in a row but there has been a return to the seventies, the early years with a hung parliament as Mrs May faces the same problems Edward Heath did and the country has seemingly returned to a two party system with over 80% of the electorate voting for one of the two main parties. The Liberals are seemly buggered for now and that's without another Jeremy...

The big swing to Labour was from young voters whose abstention during the referendum cost them their future in the EU. This time and via social media and particularly in University towns the under 25's surged to support Corbyn based on promises of free education and lots of other free stuff.

The Labour Manifesto made promises that attracted people. The Tory Manifesto just pissed voters off. Dementia Tax? Forget it. No deal over Brexit? No thanks.

But herein lies Labour's problem for the future. Corbyn's Manifesto was written on the basis of a "wish list", one that would not need to be implemented. It was based on the premise that the party would lose and only "the fight", the campaign would matter. It's easy to make promises that won't need to be delivered.

One wonders what would have happened had Corbyn actually walked into No 10.

There will be another election in due course. Theresa May will not survive for long. The knives are already out for her scalp. The deal with the DUP will only last so long and is only a "confidence and supply" arrangement. Government will of necessity be pragmatic.

The Tories will regroup learn from their arrogance and mistakes and return with a new leaders, a new strategy and will not shirk the televised debates. Their manifesto will ditch the controversies and the protection of the pensioner base will return.

A new leader is likely to be more "business friendly" than May turned out. Soft Brexit will be the aim. Jobs first.

Then Labour buoyed by its seeming resurgence will realise that a new manifesto will need to take into account political reality because if it doesn't they will like Clegg before them permanently alienate so many supporters who have been energised by the Corbyn cult. Much of Labour's manifesto is blatantly undeliverable though many of the young will not relate to reasoning why.

To the young (and I remember my youth well) it's a question of "right or wrong". Grey areas are not considered. As the Corbynistas return to the politics of the past I am reminded of something else I noticed during my journey yesterday. Young people do not seem to read newspapers, just us oldies whose habits die hard.

More to the point the use of social media tends to exclude those with whom they disagree. Memes and shared posts to reinforce perceived outlooks are the order of the day. And a local Momentum Organiser dared to accuse me of being brainwashed by the Daily Mail, a paper I do not read.  The Times is my paper of choice. It just informs me. I use other sources, albeit on-line for different views and oddly I seemed to read far more of the left's sites than he did!

The country faces an uncertain few months and years ahead. Just like the seventies. Except the threat is not IRA bombs (for now) or Communism (though that's open to debate) but from Islamist terror and Russian imperialism. Same threats from different quarters.

For now Corbyn is secure and his supporters will take advantage. Those moderates who held their noses and /or campaigned for Labour with so many Labour MP's disowning Corbyn had better watch out. The left are still waiting in the wings to purge.

The truce can only be temporary. Corbyn's promises will motivate for now but when he does not deliver what happens then.

The mainstream left/centre must be prepared for the inevitable. Politics is indeed "out of the box" as old Steptoe likes to tell us but in my view this will hopefully be his ceiling and the future remains an unwritten page.

Organise against Corbyn and Momentum for the future. Unite the moderate factions before it is too late.

Friday, 9 June 2017

First Brexit, Now a Hung Parliament

Photo: By Owltom

When I retired to bed during the referendum I expected to wake up to a small but assured majority to remain in Europe. The actual result both shocked and sowed the foundations of division that has beset the nation ever since.

Now the general election is over and never has a Prime Minister squandered an opportunity more than Theresa May. From leading in the polls and and having a high personal rating because of a divided and ineffective opposition under Jeremy Corbyn who was expected by most including myself to lead the Labour Party to a wipeout May has succeeded in only sealing her own eventual resignation.

At the time of writing there are still three seats to declare but the result is clear. The Tories remain the largest party but can only rule with the help of 10 Ulster loyalist MP's in the DUP. This position only marginally helped by the fact Sinn Fein has captured extra seats and will not sit in the House of Commons as they will not take a loyalty oath to the Queen.

While the Tory knives will be out this morning and reports of a "Stop Boris" campaign have already been heard, Corbyn the most unsuitable candidate ever will be safe for the next five years.

Already the Momentum types have been on social media proclaiming the need for a purge. The Corbynistas are now emboldened and arrogant in their advance. How the moderate mainstream will cope with this reality will be seen over the coming months.

As nationalism retreats in Scotland, it advances in Northern Ireland. The nation remains as divided as ever with Brexit negotiations about to begin the country is in a weak position. It is rare that I would agree with Corbyn but his comment that we should immediately protect the rights of EU citizens lining in the UK would be a sign of good faith.

European leaders will not take the Prime Minister seriously therefore she must go sooner rather than later. Who will replace her is however unclear. Certainly not Amber Rudd a parliamentary newby who barely survived last night.

The choices are limited. There is in all parties a lack of political talent, a product of the modern age of social media?

Brexit has led to a hung parliament and a more uncertain future. In all probability this country will need a second general election later in the year just like 1974.

Well the left have dragged us back to the seventies.....

Thursday, 8 June 2017

Are we there yet?


It's not often I would consider writing a post in the middle of the night (it's exactly 3:30am as I begin to type) but this election night has been full of surprises. The Prime Minister, despite winning her own seat is doing extremely badly with gains far and few between and then mainly from the SNP whilst actually losing seats to Labour including the gross ben Gummer in Ipswich.

One of the big surprises was Nick Clegg losing his seat in Sheffield Hallam. I think a lot of people like myself forgot he didn't get the boot last time. There's even a recount going on in Hastings where Amber Rudd may lose her seat.

Vince Cable is back in Twickenham with a whacking great majority over the Tories and the Lib Dems have also gained Kingston. The Liberals are already up to 9 seats, two more than the last election.

Corbyn's mates in Sinn Fein  have gained two seats from the moderate SDLP, a worrying sign for Northern Ireland.

The SNP's bubble has burst and the previously arrogant Nicola Sturgeon seems to be eating a wee bit of "humble pie" at the moment. So far they have lost 14 seats!

Labour have even rolled out the somewhat discredited Shami Chakrabarti to replace the "ill" Diane Abbott to comment on the election results.

The late surge for Labour is an unexpected outcome and seems to be despite Corbyn, though younger voters have reacted positively to him.

A hung parliament seems to be the most likely outcome at the moment. Theresa May is the one who will be looking to depart. She has no mandate and what credibility she had has gone out the window. How quickly fortunes have changed in just a few weeks.

Back tomorrow with the election obituary.

Wednesday, 7 June 2017

The day before tomorrow

Image: By RaviC

The general election is nearly upon us. In a few hours the polling booths open and the people (who bother to vote) will get their say. The outcome is far from the certainty that existed at the beginning of the campaign.

Or is it?

On the face of it the gap between Labour and the Tories has closed but the outcome will also depend not just on the number of votes cast but also their distribution and it is with this  possibility that Labour may become more unstuck than the opinion polls would suggest.

Labour's vote is holding up and possibly increasing (particularly amongst the young) in London but looks increasingly likely to collapse elsewhere. Even this may be dependent on the weather. Labour voters are notoriously put off by rain.

The end result could be a Labour collapse on an unprecedented scale despite Theresa May's more than lacklustre campaign.

Or it might not.

Only tomorrow night will we finally find out the nations verdict.

Despite all the talk of "hung parliaments" and coalitions the most likely outcome remains a Tory victory. Only its size remains in question.

For me the important factor is that Corbyn and his neo-blackshirts are beaten to the extent that Labour can either be retaken by the mainstream (I dislike the term moderates) or the foundations for something new are established for the future.

If the opposition is to survive and turn into a party that is both capable and competent then the Triumvirate of Corbyn/McDonnell and Abbott must be thrown into the dustbin of history where they belong.

Tuesday, 6 June 2017

Another Musical Interlude from Aldious

Time for a break from the world of politics with another little number from Aldious one of my favourite bands from Japan.

These girls rock.

Just enjoy.

Sunday, 4 June 2017

The Man Who Would Destroy Britain


With the main political parties suspending campaigning because of the terrorist atrocity in London last night I had considered not proceeding with this post however since some are now suggesting that the election should be postponed I decided to continue. The reason? The Islamist criminals want to interfere with not just our democratic process but our whole way of life. 

My thoughts this morning are with the families and friends of those murdered and maimed yesterday .

The general election is just four days away. The outcome seems to be that of a Tory win, only the scale of their victory remains in question. The future will be decided not on the re-election of May as Prime Minister but on whether Corbyn (a) continues as Labour leader and (b) the scale of their defeat.

The choice for many is stark. Theresa May has performed badly in this campaign allowing the even more dire and frankly villainous Corbyn to gain ground. What should have been a walkover may not turn out to be.

Nevertheless Corbyn remains the most dangerous politician in Britain. He does not have this countries interests at heart and is friends with most of our enemies. Form the IRA (who are seemingly still active following a raid by the Irish Garda) through Hamas & Hezbollah to the mad, bad clerics in Iran and of course the Russian bear himself Vladimir Putin.

Corbyn's economic model is based on an unaffordable wish list that may exite some voters but will lead the country to bankruptcy and third world status. His plan to ally with the SNP, who like him oppose Trident will see our defences and deterrents as well as our nation itself fall apart.

As rioting takes place in Caracas where the socialists can't even provide toilet paper for the masses we need to consider the consequences of Brexit where obvious difficulties will herald a crisis. The Prime Minister is cantankerous but Corbyn will just roll over to any demands.

Just like his defence policy, Corbyn will raise the white flag.

Then there's the racism. Yes racism.  Under Corbyn the Labour Party has been responsible for the rise of anti-Semitism in the mainstream. The left's courting of the Islamic community makes Jews surplus to requirements in the minds of the the anti-imperialists.

Corbyn and his mates condemn Israel above all nations despite the daily crimes committed by the nations of Allah against basic human rights. Women, Gays, Christians and minorities of all sorts have been abandoned by the left.

There remain some good people inside Labour despite all this, but if Corbyn does not go and take his band of Red Fascists with him the party does not and cannot have a future.

On Thursday consider not this election, but the one after. Corbyn must go. He must be defeated and the left pushed back to the primeval swamps from which they emerged.

Corbyn threatens our way of life as do his friends around the world this ideological quisling is not fit for power.

Saturday, 3 June 2017

Unite Election: Gerard Coyne makes an appeal

Gerard Coyne

It’s not over yet...

I know that I have been quiet since the election result, I have been busy compiling a legal challenge against the conduct of the Unite the Union, General Secretary Election.

Today I have submitted my legal challenge to the Certification Officer.

I believe the election conducted breached the Union’s rules, the requirements of the Trade Union and Labour Relations (Consolidation) Act 1992 (“the 1992 Act”) and was conducted in a manner which breached the principles of article 3 of Protocol 3 of the European Convention on Human Rights.

I am challenging the election on the grounds that the procedures of the union and the actions of a series of employees of the Union have been manipulated by Mr McCluskey (and by employees of the Union who were committed to seeing Mr McCluskey re-elected as General Secretary) and so the electoral process was subverted to the aim of securing a re-election of Mr McCluskey as the incumbent General Secretary.

I vowed during my campaign to bring back democracy to Unite - and I am not finished. It will take some time before we learn if my complaint is upheld but I am confident that based on the evidence that many of you have helped me to gather over the course of the campaign that we will be successful.

I ask for your continued support because if I succeed in this challenge I will be running as a candidate again in the future. If you have evidence of foul play then get in touch.

How you can help me:

I know many hundreds of people have contacted me throughout the campaign because they did not receive a ballot paper - and I am sure there will be many more.

Email me if you:

- Did not receive an invite to your branch meeting which then subsequently nominated Mr McCluskey - but you get other communications from the Union and have done from your branch.

- Was at a nominating branch meeting where Unite officials were in attendance or spoke to members prior to the meeting commencing.

- Did not receive a ballot paper from the Union and you did not email my campaign team to let us know.

- Were contacted via email or text message from Mr McCluskey claiming that your branch nominated him when in fact your branch nominated me.

- Received an illegal Robo-call [an automated voice message] from Mr McCluskey urging you to vote for him.

- Have evidence of Unite officials campaigning between the hours of 9-5 during the week on social media or in person or at official union events.

Contact me if any of the above is true or if you have other information about activity which subverted the democracy of the union.

It will help me if you can provide, copies of correspondence, screenshots or photographs and video evidence of any of the above.

Email me at: info@votegerardcoyne.co.uk

Yours Sincerely,

Gerard Coyne

Tuesday, 30 May 2017

Apathy, Atavism and the new Strasserites

Otto Strasser.jpg
Photo: By SchwarzerFront

For the first time since this long and tedious election began I finally saw a poster and placard in someone's house whilst travelling home through Putney. It promoted the Liberal Democrats which given the area wasn't much of a surprise but when I watched out for others but there were none. Not one other.

Given the ferocity undertaken by activists and others on social media this does seem a little odd until I think about those I work with. The election does not get much, if any mention. Other more "mundane" matters plus a little banter remain the order of the day.

The big debate on Sky/Channel 4 did not get a mention at all. Not once.

Most people I know would normally vote Labour if they bothered voting at all and it never ceases to amaze me how many people don't. Corbyn has changed that. People want a Labour Government but those I have engaged with do not want the man or his movement.

And yet the polls show a closing gap between Jeremy Christ and the vicars daughter. How can this be? Most voters think old Corbyn is a total twat.

Theresa May is responsible. She is losing the election at the moment through sheer incompetence.

"Strong & stable" she says and then backtracks every five bloody minutes.

At the beginning the Prime Minister had a huge lead in the polls. Labour was heavily divided (and remains pointedly so), with Corbyn having such bad personal ratings one wonders why he bothers. Only his twisted ideology kept him going.

All May had to do was concentrate on delivering Brexit, standing firm on defence and throw a few crumbs on the table for the proles and she should be romping home. No need to rock the boat by upsetting the grey haired brigade with things like the "dementia tax".

The Tories have just over a week to restore their fortunes. Theresa May could have had an easy ride, a big majority and Corbyn would have been shafted.

Meanwhile the Corbynistas are showing their true colours in attacking a professional journalist from the Woman's Hour programme on Radio 4.

"Are you Jewish" they ask.

New politics? No, Just plain old National Socialism.

Corbyn must be stopped.

Old Labour is finished. Come June 9th there must be a reckoning. We need an alternative to both Labour and the Tories.

Monday, 29 May 2017

RIP: John Noakes (Blue Peter)

The BBC have just announced the very sad news that John Noakes of Blue Peter fame passed away at the age of 83. My thoughts are with his family and friends at this tragic time.

John Noakes was famous for all the stunts he took part in going up tall towers and such. All pretty dangerous and probably wouldn't be allowed under the modern health & safety regimes. But entertain us kids he did.

Then there was Shep. Heh.

Rest in Peace mate and thanks for all the fun.

Sunday, 28 May 2017

Jihadists prove Corbyn is wrong

Jeremy Corbyn speaking at the Labour Party General Election Launch 2017 cropped.jpg
Photo:By Sophie Brown

At the moment the main topic of discussion every time I turn on the TV is Corbyn's view that it is British Foreign policy that causes terrorism. Not just historically incorrect (Jihadism has been with Mohammedanism or Islam since it's inception) but flies in the face of what the Jihadists themselves say.

Here are four reasons given by ISIS from the online magazine Dabiq.

1. We hate you first and foremost because you are disbelievers. You reject the oneness of Allah whether you realize it or not...

2. We hate you because your secular liberal societies permit the very things Allah has prohibited.. 

3. In the case of the atheist fringe we hate you and wage war against you because you disbelieve in your lord and creator...

4. We hate you for crimes against Islam and wage war against you to punish you for transgressions against our religion. As long as your subjects mock our faith, insult our prophets ..... and openly vilify the laws of Sharia'ah we will continue to retaliate not with slogans and placards but with knives and bullets.

Got that?

The foundation of their theology is a violent one and it stems from the warlords Koran itself. Stop telling us it's "nothing to do with Islam".

A lot of Muslims may not think and act like this but the ideas stem from the religion itself.

It is not Islamophobic to criticise either the theology of Islam or the actions and beliefs of some, if not many Muslims around the world when women's rights and human rights are trodden on and ignored.

Saturday, 27 May 2017

Bank Holiday Interlude: Siouxsie And The Banshees

It's been a few days since I last blogged here, though I have posted a couple of pieces over at my other blog Howie's World of Comics for those of you who might be interested . Normal service will resume shortly. I just need a break.

Meanwhile I discovered Siouxsie is 60 today! One of my favourite all time acts. A unique sound.

Here's a little number to help celebrate.

Tuesday, 23 May 2017

A war on life itself

When I sat down last night to write a piece about Trump's new found alliance with the Saudi's I suddenly found myself plunged into the dark. Outside sirens blazed as a serious incident cut the power to the block in which I live. A burning cable it turned out which has left me without electricity until this evening.

As a result I was oblivious to events in the outside world until this morning when I remembered where the wind up radio was stored.

Another terrorist incident. This time in Manchester at a pop concert mainly frequented by kids. Young kids and their parents, enjoying a night out with some American singer I'm not familiar with. Not one to keep up with the modern scene but then youth passed me by a long time ago.

Life is precious and those early days enjoying a good time with friends and family listening to the music of the moment is time well spent. The last thing anyone would expect is a fanatic blowing himself up ending so many young lives prematurely and in the name of a so-called religion.

My heart goes out to the victims, their families and friends at this awful time which puts any inconveniences I and others may face into perspective.

The perpetrators of this crime and so many others around the world are those who do not respect life or any vestiges of those things that make life worth living. It doesn't matter whether the criminals are ISIS, the Taliban or al-Qaeda the aim is the same.

Death to those who will not submit to the whims of the representatives of some imaginary deity and his warlord of a prophet.

When I looked at the Saudi's yesterday it occurred to me that their theology and that of the Ayatollahs of Iran were themselves only one step away from being like the Islamic Caliphate they claim to oppose.

Yet to speak out carries the "risk" or inevitability of being called "Islamophobic". Strictly that means having a fear of Islam.

When I see gay men caned in Indonesia, an unmarried couple stoned to death in Mali, women flogged for being raped across the Muslim world and  non-muslims subjected to brutal sharia and blasphemy laws I shudder.

And I care not for those who appease atavism whilst such barbarity stalks our world.

Sunday, 21 May 2017

Election 2017: The Fringe

It's a weird old election. On that we can all agree. The far left nutters have mostly buried themselves in Labour to support old Steptoe and the far right has all but disappeared. As for the Lib-Dems, the sandal wearing community has had to resort to calling for the legalisation of cannabis to try and draw attention to itself.

There are as a result far fewer fringe candidates this year, but there are a few.

First off the remnants of the gang of fours party, the SDP has announced that:

The Social Democratic Party has announced a full slate of 5 candidates to contest the Sheffield parliamentary seats in the 2017 General Election.

The SDP has been steadfastly representing people throughout the UK for 27 years and can trace their roots to the original insurgent party of the 1980's.

As believers in true democracy, the Party campaigned strongly to leave the EU and members were fully committed to working harmoniously on a cross party basis.

Besides the fact they should change their name to the Sheffield Democratic Party, I was also surprised to see that they campaigned to "leave the EU". Then I noticed  their spokesman was none other than cross-party serial joiner Steve Winston, last seen quitting UKIP.

Then there is the far-left. Oh yes a couple of them are standing against the Corbynite revisionists. Firstly the Communist League (along with the Socialist Party of Great Britain) who are contesting Islington North, the hallowed constituency of St Corbyn himself. 

the Militant, a socialist newspaper

The Communist League is affiliated with the US based Socialist Workers Party (no relation to the Comrade Delta Cults) whose  version of third worldism led them to criticise Trotsky himself (shock, horror). A former faction of the old International Marxist Group they are so small that they do not even publish their own newspaper and can usually be seen flogging the highly turgid and unreadable US publication 

Old Arthur Scargill is standing three candidates this time round. Not sure where the Socialist Labour Party gets it's money from, or whether it has many members but here it is:

slp banner GE 2017 Candidates 4

Last but by no means least is the Workers Revolutionary Party publishers of the daily News Line (how is a mystery, no more Gaddafi gold these days) who are standing five candidates. 

How this group have survived the fallout of Gerry Healy's crimes is a mystery. Think Comrade Delta and multiply, add internal violence, selling details of dissidents to foreign regimes and you get the gist...

The News Line front page 20 October 2012.png

Where are the Spartacist League when you need some comic relief......

Friday, 19 May 2017

May the farce be with you

Regular readers will notice that I have cut back on blogging over the last couple of weeks. In part this has been due to general tiredness but is also down to the simple fact I am so disillusioned with politics. I mean what a farce this general election has become.

ITV screened a two hour leadership debate without either of the candidates who could possibly even become prime minister on June 9th, though in reality there is only one. Theresa May is on course to win and the only question is how big a majority she will have.

For Labour there are two questions. How many anti-Corbyn MPs will keep their seats and will Corbyn himself obtain a big enough share of the vote to try and stay on as leader. He won't automatically resign because he has a "mandate" from the people who elected him. There are two Labour Parties.

The remnants of the mainstream centre/left party and the politically vulgar Corbynistas.

The problem is the better Labour does the more likely Corbyn's ascendency will continue. A dilemma that will plague the centre left come June 9th.

For me the problem of how I vote locally is already resolved.

"None of the above".

I am not a Tory and want an alternative to their party, but Labour is no longer that vehicle. It also galls me somewhat to say I would prefer Theresa May to Labour under Corbyn. But I'm far from alone in feeling that way. The man is seen (rightly) as an incompetent and dangerous fool.

Nobody would feel safe with Corbyn in power. The man says he's not a pacifist. That's true. He has never condemned IRA violence and makes friends with terrorist groups like Hamas & Hezbollah. Corbyn only wants to disarm the West.

As for the Manifesto, there are some good policies when taken on an individual basis. Trouble is we all know this shopping list is not affordable as a whole.

Has anyone noticed the lack of solidarity with Venezuela recently? The now bankrupt socialist paradise?

A warning to us all of the folly of so-called socialism.

There are another three weeks of this near pointless jockeying to go.  Like most people I am resigned to its outcome and simply await what happens next.

Tuesday, 16 May 2017

Musical Interlude: Aldious

Left it a bit late to blog tonight so here's a new track from Aldious one of my favourite Japanese bands.

Aldious are: Re:No, Yoshi, Toki, Marina & Sawa.

Website: https://aldious.net/

Sunday, 14 May 2017

Election on my doorstep

Outline map

The first leaflet for the 2017 general election has finally dropped on my doormat. A message from the sitting MP Greg Hands, the Tory incumbent for Chelsea & Fulham who will be returned with a large majority no matter how I choose to vote.

This prompted me to look up the list of local candidates who are disappointingly all from the five main political parties:

Bill Cashmore, Green Party
Alan De’Ath, Labour Party
Greg Hands, Conservative Party
Louise Rowntree, Liberal Democrats
Alasdair Seton-Marsden, UK Independence Party (UKIP)

Given my disposition against Jeremy Corbyn I thought I'd better look up the Labour candidate who is a local councillor. Seems he's not my type of Labour and was opposing action against Islamist extremism.

According to the Hammersmith & Fulham Forum:

....one Labour councillor – Cllr Alan De’Ath – attacked the programme as “Islamophobic”. Of course he is entitled to attack Council policy – he is not a Cabinet member and thus not bound by collective responsibility. Constructive criticism is always welcome. But to undermine the Council’s work in this particular way was pretty irresponsible.

I also didn't like the sound of his mate either:

Not that De’Ath’s outburst was the worst of the evening. His fellow Fulham Broadway Labour councillor Ben Coleman made some astonishingly crass comments during a discussion on anti-semitism.

In a brave speech by Cllr Joe Carlebach about his personal experiences. “I know what it is like to stand outside a synagogue and have sharpened coins thrown at you,” he said.

Coleman’s speech immediately followed. He said: “Sometimes people in the Jewish community think they are the only Jew in the village.” For good measure he then said that concern about anti-semitism in the Labour Party were “overblown”. Really disgraceful.

Really disgraceful pair who represent the worst of the new politics of Corbyn's Labour.

The slogan De'ath for Labour does amuse though....bring on the dark side of the force!

I was hoping for a decent fringe candidate. No one to vote for. I will have to spoil my ballot paper.

Friday, 12 May 2017

Eurovision 2017: Howie's Choice!

The Eurovision Song Contest (which takes place on Saturday night) has been a welcome distraction from the depressing general election campaign taking place here in the UK. The two semi-finals were broadcast on BBC 4 (the better songs were on the Tuesday night) and the stage is now set.

This years contest has been marred by the exclusion by Ukraine of the Russian entry, but then politics has been "bubbling under" what should just be a fun event for some years. Tactical voting by geographical neighbours also spoils the contests with countries like Greece and Cyprus giving each other "Twelve Points". They aren't the only ones....

The current favourites seem to be Italy who have entered a man and a his gorilla (it's a man in a costume) and Portugal who's singer reminds one of a young Herman Munster. Then there are the novelty songs.

Romania gives us a mixture of yodelling and rap. Less said the the better. Then there's the other weirdo from Croatia who mixes pop and opera depending on which way he's looking. My girlfriend likes it. God knows why. Takes all sorts I suppose.

But when it comes to songs (and we can't vote for our own piss poor entry) I rather liked this number from Azerbaijan (which I still need spellcheck to type). Their live performance on Tuesday quite impressed me.

This song will get my vote.

Wednesday, 10 May 2017

Beyond the general election

A couple of days ago I posted a short piece on whether social democracy had a future and ended with speculation over the future of the Labour Party. When posted to one of the "moderate" or mainstream Labour Facebook pages I found myself being admonished by an old political ally from the PCS union who demanded I wait until after the election to discuss such matters.

Given that every time I pick up a newspaper or turn on the TV I see Corbyn refusing to answer questions he finds uncomfortable such as Brexit under Labour or old McDonnell trying to deny he's a Marxist when asked directly, let alone the complete arse Diane Abbott made of herself..twice I think like most people who normally vote Labour I'm perfectly entitled to speculate

This morning I picked up The Telegraph in addition to my normal times because of their front page story Labour faces historic party split:

Labour faces a historic split after the election with as many as 100 of the party's MPs set to walk out and form their own breakaway group in an attempt to force out Jeremy Corbyn, The Telegraph can disclose.

Moderate Labour candidates are already in talks with potential donors about a new “Progressives” group forming in Parliament if Mr Corbyn stays on as leader after a Tory landslide.

If MPs at the top of the Labour Party are indeed planning such a move then it is perfectly legitimate to discuss what happens next, now!

From where I'm sitting there seems no hope of Labour winning the next election and frankly under the control/leadership of Corbyn and his Momentum disciple it is frankly undesirable.

The Tories are set to win, it's just a question of how big their majority is going to be. The UKIP vote which includes large numbers of former Labour voters is decamping direct to Theresa May. Old "tribal" loyalties have broken down amongst a huge swathe of the electorate. The situation is nowhere near the same as when the failed SDP was formed under the "gang of four".

However a formal split is a long way away. In the meantime a battle royale is going to be fought inside the Labour Party itself. It's not just the MPs. Staff at Labour Party headquarters have threatened to strike if Corbyn doesn't go after a disastrous election.

He won't. He's said so and tried denying despite the publication of a tape recording of his answer to a straight question. Left-wing leaders do not see themselves in the same light as democratic politicians who generally resign when they fail. 

The left think us plebs all have false consciousness and are brainwashed by the MSM (mainstream media) and will eventually accept their leadership. The hell we are,. The hell we will. Patronising bastards.

So how should we vote in the forthcoming general election?

Frankly I would urge those of you with anti-Corbyn MPs should support them and do not vote for anyone who supports Steptoes or is involved with his political tendency. If you live in the constituencies held by the likes of Corbyn, McDonnell or Abbott vote for the candidate most likely to unseat them. 

If you don't you might as well vote Tory because Corby is their best asset. 

Any candidate that supports Corbyn must be rejected. The election is already lost prepare for what comes next. If that means a new party before the following election so be it. The far-left will not go quietly or peacefully. They are beyond redemption.

They are a cult.

And there's enough cults in this world already

Monday, 8 May 2017

Students ban the Tibetan Flag

Remember the students union that banned the wearing of sombreros as "cultural appropriation" even though they were being handed out by the local Mexican restaurant? Well they're at it again.

This time they've removed the Tibetan flag from a display because of complaints from the Chinese Communist Party Society which described as "secessionist". These comrades also demanded the removal of the taiwanese flag but since there was a Taiwanese Society this was declined.

There were of course no Tibetan students. I wonder why?

The left has either remained silent or actively supported the Chinese occupation of Tibet.

For further information please visit the Free Tibet website: https://www.freetibet.org/

Sunday, 7 May 2017

The end of social democracy?

With John McDonnell avoiding the question about whether he was a Marxist or not the fact is that there across the West there is a general decline of not just the political centre but also social democracy. This theme was picked up by Niall Ferguson in The Sunday Times today (no link £):

American Democrats and British Labour supporters have essentially the same problem. Blame the leadership, by all means. But the reality itself is that the centre left- whether it calls itself progressive, Labour or social democrat - is in disarray. And it can't be because all the candidates are terrible. It's because social democracy is dead.

His evidence is based on the decline of European Socialist parties and the rise of Trump. The Greek left failed miserably, everywhere else these parties are in decline. The runoff for French president is between two "non- establishment parties.

But more than this Ferguson makes a disturbing observation:

The old coalition between progressive elites and the proletariat is broken. The former are too liberal on immigration, too in love with multiculturalism. The latter loathe both. 

This seemingly sums up the reasons for the growth of the right leaning parties. Certainly the recent wave of immigration encouraged by the German PM has encouraged the turn to the right.

Too many, too male and frankly too Muslim for so many people in her country, across Europe and here in the UK. It was the final nail in the coffin of Britain's membership of the EU.

In the UK an out of touch activist caste around Jeremy Corbyn has weakened and for the foreseeable future made the Labour Party unelectable despite being the largest political party in Europe. Uniting the comrades has simply put all these people in one place but virtually no one outside is listening.

The local elections give an early indication of where this country will be for the next five years but what happens to the the centre/centre left is unclear. A Corbyn led defeat will give rise to more internecine warfare. A Liberal revival seems increasing unlikely and frankly irrelevant.

The time for a new party is not now , the right conditions do not yet exist though many of us would rally to it. First the old order must wither away it would seem.

Friday, 5 May 2017

Carry on Regardless

Over the past few days pundits have been predicting Labour losses in the local elections of around 100 seats, with the Tories making ground possibly at both Labour and UKIP's expense. A Tory revival of sorts was predicted in Scotland and it was feared Labour would lose control of Glasgow.

Today suffered an electoral defeat on a scale that was four times as bad as the predictions. Glasgow was indeed lost and the Tories gained in excess of 500 seats. Theresa May did so well that it was necessary for her to downplay the result so as not to appear too self confident.

Oh and UKIp was wiped off the map. Hardly surprising since (a) it's aim has been achieved and (b) their new leader is not any more fit for purpose than Corbyn is for Labour.

Yet I turn on the TV and watch Corbyn rush to Liverpool where one of his stooges managed to gain a Mayor position and act as if Labour was on course for a victory. The crowd of adoring duly chanted "Tories Out" as if it was some kind of incantation that would magic victory from defeat.

The fact is Corbyn, Momentum and the rest of the far-left has now actually succeeded in achieving the electoral defeat everyone has been warning them of.

400 losses.

And a general election barely a month away.

Yet  Momentum supporter Rachel Godfrey-Wood (which the Pub Lanlord might describe as a "good working class name") writes in the Guardian:

..the pundits should be careful because the ground is shifting from under that narrative. Labour, which under Corbyn’s leadership has grown to be the biggest left of centre party in Europe, has woken up.

It’s the people versus the establishment, and for the first time in my lifetime we have, in Jeremy Corbyn, a potential prime minister who is really on our side.

Such vanguardist arrogance from the comrades who claim to represent "the class" (to which most of them do not actually belong). The "people" have decided otherwise it would seem. 

The "people" in my workplace think Corbyn should fuck off now. But he won't and we all know that the Corbyn/Abbott/McDonell triumvirate will carry on regardless.

Wednesday, 3 May 2017

The "left" has become toxic

As I walked home in the gloom of clouds and rain I wondered whether there would be yet another atrocity committed by one of the Labour leadership in this equally gloomy election campaign. I had arrived home yesterday oblivious to Diane Abbott's "car crash" of an interview which was drawn to my attention by both my partner and seemingly everyone on Facebook when I went on-line.

I can't add to the mixture of bemusement and horror that people have expressed about her performance or lack of it when asked simple questions about Labour's policing policy. However once again it brings into question whether Labour is not just fit to govern, but even fit to be the opposition party.

There undoubtedly remain lots of good people inside the Labour Party but they and the MP's have lost control. The Corbynistas have the car and its skidded off the road and is sinking in the swamp that is the of the far-left.

John McDonnell hasn't helped matter with his appearance on the May Day march which has been long hijacked by the Stalinist and Trotskyists who are no friends of the workers, just another set of oppressors. Just look at the treatment of workers and trade unions under Soviet rule. Trotsky long suppressed them before Stalin grabbed power. Communism is no choice.

Of course the Corbynistas will claim other countries are closer to their "vision". they usually mean Cuba & Venezuela. You can't even get toilet paper in a country with the world's highest known oil reserves. What kind of sh*t leads to that situation.

The comrades have captured Labour. They don't care about winning elections. Talk of alliances with equally deranged Green Party and tactical voting to "keep the Tories out" falls on so many deaf ears. Interest in this election has fallen to the lowest levels I can remember even though the pundits wet themselves with excitement.

Diane Abbott represents the worst of the left. Arrogant and patronising.

The left has become toxic beyond belief.

Normally I would be planning a series of articles about the political fringe, but there isn't one this time. The lunatics have all joined or called for support for Labour.

Like so many who crave a real democratic opposition and potential government there is no one to vote for.

Monday, 1 May 2017

Labour is failing and the vultures are circling

Vulture (Adrian Toomes).png
Photo: By Source

There seems to be some confusion about the level of support the Labour Party is getting in the run-up to the general election. One poll I came across suggested that over half of those who voted Labour at the last election would not be doing so again yet other polls show a slight decrease in support for the Tories and an increase to 30% for Labour. So what is going on exactly?

With out a doubt Theresa May will still be Prime Minister come June 9th with an increased majority of some sort whilst Corbyn himself remains a derided figure amongst the vast majority of the electorate, Labour voters included.

There are signs of both resignation and panic in Labour's ranks. In Scotland the party is putting resources into just three seats. Obviously Labour see Scotland as a write off.  Meanwhile the Guardian reports:

Labour’s former policy chief has called on Jeremy Corbyn to stand down candidates in two key constituencies in order to help the Greens defeat the Conservatives and boost their hopes elsewhere.

Jon Cruddas has teamed up with MPs, including the former shadow cabinet member Clive Lewis, peers and campaigners such as Neal Lawson and Billy Bragg to issue the demand through a letter in the Guardian that warns of a looming “Tory landslide”......

Lawson, who chairs the pressure group Compass, said Labour could unlock 20 seats where the Green vote was key by simply stepping aside in two: Brighton Pavilion and the Isle of Wight.

The group, which also includes Helena Kennedy, the MP Tulip Siddiq, Paul Mason and Owen Jones, say they believe Labour is the best vehicle for a more “equal, democratic and sustainable society”.

But they warn: “With the progressive vote split the danger of a Tory landslide and all it means for our country now looms darkly on 8 June.”

Cruddas, the Dagenham MP who led Labour’s policy review in 2015, agreed but admitted that the move could trigger a backlash within the party.

A backlash? It's an admission of defeat that Labour will have to ally with the unreliable and ultra-left Green Party to even save a few seats. Cruddas & Owen are looking the wrong way. 

The problem for Labour is Jeremy Corbyn and his followers. The man and the movement that you Master Owens helped create. A monster that has destroyed the only viable opposition party in the UK.

Reports have appeared in the press and on-line that even long term Labour voters are going to cast their ballot for Mrs May because they do not trust the old fool.

Nor should they.

It's too late for change before the election but in the aftermath there must be a re-assessment of whether Labour can continue as it is because at the moment it's failing.

That's bad for democracy, not that the Corbynistas care they are waiting in the wings like vultures to pick the bones of a once great party to satisfy their own carrion-like ideology. 

Saturday, 29 April 2017

Nutters in the corner

Paul Nutter, the UKIP leader was on the TV this afternoon announcing he was standing in the general election as candidate for Boston & Skegness. It remains a mystery how this man who lied about losing friends in the Hillsborough disaster remains involved in politics at all, let alone leader of a political party, no matter how increasingly irrelevant it is becoming.

Nuttall should be at home sitting in the corner with a dunces cap on.

Meanwhile things just get worse for Labour as their own staff declare they will go on strike if Corbyn fails to resign after a disastrous result. Good for them. All good trade unionists should stand with them.

The Labour Party was in part founded by the trade unions in order to gain political representation in order to make gains for their members. Thee party has until now always been a "broad church encompassing a variety of views.

That is until the rise of the Corbynistas and their "new politics".

Now intolerance of anyone who does not think like them is rampant.  Disagree and you get labelled as a "Red Tory" or "Blue Labour" let alone being classed as ... (shock, horror) a Blairite! These comrades can't even unite amongst themselves. The grassroots Momentum organisation has split and in-fighting continues. When you see Jon Lansman labelled as a Zionist, you just know the inmates have taken over the asylum.

Corbyn himself has been in the news, amusingly starting his speech with his back to the crowd and then dangerously announcing he'd never "push the button". Better have that white flag handy Steptoe old man along with translations of "we surrender" in Arabic, Chinese, Korean and Russian plus Farsi for good measure.

Of course the fool can't be trusted over our security. This in a week when our police and security services stop both a terrorist attack and another plot. Yet his idiot supporters want to abolish MI5 and disarm the police. Let alone get rid of our armed forces.

However a lot can happen between now and the general election it's going to go on and on and on.....

And before then there's the local elections, which have taken a back seat in the news and for the bulk of people like me where these are not taking place. Supposedly the results will give some indication of the way the general election is going. Maybe.

Unless the whole population decides to bugger the bookies and vote in Corbyn there will be a Conservative government after the election. It's just the size of the majority that remains in question.

Meanwhile the comrades have succeeded in doing what the establishment have always failed to to. Destroy the opposition and for that I will never forgive Corbyn's followers.

What happens to us all next will be down to you.

Join the Nutter in dunces corner.

Thursday, 27 April 2017

Musical Interlude: Reunions

Every so often old music acts decide to reform and either perform a few concerts or release a record or two. Some are more welcomed than others. Bros had to cancel some of their shows due to lack of interest and S-Club just, well disappeared.

News that Bananarama are coming back led to jokes about their miming on the radio today. Used to quite like them though only saw them perform once during a Fun Boy Three gig in Hammersmith  many years ago.

However Steps have seemingly returned with a vengeance. No idea about where this will get in the "charts" (do they still have these?) as there is no Top of the Pops any more but its quite nice to hear a good old pop tune for a change instead of this pretentious shite they call music these days.

Yeah I know. I sound like my dad did in the seventies. I am now an old git. Victor Meldrew has nothing on me! 👿

Tuesday, 25 April 2017

Just when you thought it couldn't get any worse.....

Узел эшафотный.gif
Photo: By Gronchih

If there's one thing Jeremy Corbyn is weak on its defence. His association with the anti-West Stop the War Coalition, refusal to condemn IRA violence and his other nefarious associations make him unfit for government in most peoples eyes.

Today it emerged in The Times that his policy chief one Andrew Fisher had previously mooted that Labour should not just scrap Trident, but disarm the police and disband MI5. Can you imagine the problems that would arise from such tomfoolery?

Who would deal with terrorist attacks? Who would uncover their plots. Come to think of it who would be able to deal with armed robbery? A recipe for disaster if ever there was one.

This of course comes at the same time as those highly respected democrats of the Communist Party declare their support for Corbyn along with the old Militant Tendency as Dave Nellist praises Corbyn. Of course they are not (yet) in the Labour Party, but Lenin always urged the affiliation of the CPGB to Labour and had a view that "communists should support Labour like a rope supports a hanged man". Quite apt given the downwards direction of the party under Corbyn.

The only people who would gain from Corbyn's ascendancy to power would be Putin and the mad clerics of Iran (and elsewhere amongst his "friends" in the Middle East.

His policy "advisor" Fisher talks the talk about MP's earning the "average workers wage" whilst earning £56,000. Hardly a wage yer average worker can obtain, but then comrade Fisher has never had a proper job.

Yet Corbyn surrounds himself with Stalinists and Trotskyist dilettantes because he hasn't got a clue either. He doesn't understand the "working class" having been a protester and sheltered politician all his life.

Labour is in serious danger. Only tribal loyalism is keeping the vote as high as it is and the news that Tory support is growing in Wales must worry those who remain in the party hoping for a Corbyn free future. Scotland is lost and only the Tories seem to be rising (albeit modestly) north of the border. If Wales is lost Labour will have no future.

Sunday, 23 April 2017

French far left refuse to oppose Le Pen


The polls for the first round of the French presidential election closed a few hours ago. The latest I have heard is that the two leading candidates are Len Pen on 24.13% and Macron at 22.4% with about half the votes in which seems to indicate a far-right/centre clash in two weeks time.

Of course this could change but for now the major concern should be the reaction of the two far-left candidates.

The Lutte Ouvriere (Workers Struggle) and Trotskyist candidate has tweeted she will "cast a blank ballot in the second round". So much for "solidarity against fascism.

La France insoumise logo.jpg
Photo: By Source Fair use

So what about the main far-left candidate Melenchon? All evening he has been pressed to make a statement and has also declined to come out and recommend a vote for Macron against Le Pen.

The result will be a relief for the mainstream politicians in France who had been dreading a run-off between Len Pen's National Front and the maoist Melenchon. Both candidates wanted to withdraw from the EU. A further crisis in the European Union has been averted...for now.

However the actions of the far-left in France provide further evidence that they cannot be trusted. A lesson that should be taken on board in the forthcoming British general election if they are thinking of voting for Jeremy Corbyn or any of his supporters.

Saturday, 22 April 2017

As Unite election ends PCS begins

Joseph Stalin

The result of the General Secretary election itself was not a surprise. McCluskey won. What has come as a shock is the treatment of his main opponent Gerard Coyne who came close in an election that saw the participation of a mere 12.2% of Unite's members. McCluskey has in effect the support of just 5.5% of the membership.

Of course trade union elections (and other ballots) are notorious for their low turnouts which is why they have attracted the attention of those Tories who are particularly hostile to unions. With a general election on the horizon the added spectacle of the suspension of Coyne amidst counter accusations of bullying and intimidation undermines Corbyn's chief backer.

McCluskey called on the union to:

"pull together in the interests of our members and not least to work for Labour victory in the general election"

Hypocritical in the former and deluded on the latter.

More than that McCluskey has exposed once more the anti-democratic nature of the left. It's very difficult to mount opposition to McCluskey and his cronies. They describe any criticism as "inflammatory" or "against the unions policy".

Pure Stalinism.

Meanwhile a second set of elections started today in the PCS union. There are just two choices. The hard left and the more hard left. The PCS is currently run by Mark Serwotka in coalition with the Socialist Party (Militant), the SWP and some dupes in the so-called PCS Democrats.

Their opponents call themselves the Independent Left but are highly dominated by the AWL and attract the odd member of Socialist Resistance (he really is odd) and Workers Power plus other hardliners. Their presidential candidate Bev Laidlaw is a pleasant individual but with the totally wrong political outlook, though preferable to the incumbent Madame Janice Godrich by a long shot.

Both groupings praise the "first appearance of a Labour leader"(in the form of one Jeremy Corbyn) "at a PCS Conference".

Not really that much to choose between so don't expect any major changes.

One candidate for the Independent Left caught my attention, especially from a group that talks about "putting members first".  On their NEC slate there is one Oliur Rahman who was former Deputy Mayor of Tower Hamlets under Lutfur Rahman.

Overall a very boring election that will attract little attention outside the usual far-left crowd.

Thursday, 20 April 2017

From Len McCluskey to Lenny the Lion

It's all happening today. The Unite General Secretary Len McCluskey has suspended his opponent in the elections as the final week of the ballot takes place. Trumped up charges of course. And I thought PCS was bad....

Meanwhile Jeremy Corbyn's family are in the news. Deranged brother Piers, climate change denier described the BBC as "evil" for daring to broadcast criticism of the "Dear Leader". His ghastly son Seb is seeking a "safe" Labour seat (good luck with that one at the moment) as the Corbyn's plan to set up a hereditary dynasty of their own to keep Labour out of power forever.

Seven long weeks of this.

So from my very early childhood and for no particular reason whatsoever here is Lenny the Lion introducing Joe Brown and the Bruvvers. Grounded working lads the lot of them!

Wednesday, 19 April 2017

And so it begins....

One of the more amusing remarks I have seen since Theresa May announced the general election was the woman who stated "there's too much politics in this country" and was bored of the whole idea already.

Voter "fatigue" has been mentioned in a number of newspapers and discussion in the media as the battle royale begins. There's been a referendum on Europe (that workerd out well), a failed bid for Scottish independence some local elections (with more on the way) and a couple of leadership elections in the Labour Party all of which have dominated the media for well as long as I can recently think back.

And that's without following the US Presidential election and now the French one which could see a stand-off between the far-right Le-Pen and the Maoist Mélenchon. Never ends...

The thing is we are facing several weeks of election campaigning. There will be two sets of party political broadcasts. One for the council elections in May and then we get another set for the main show in June.

Most political broadcasts are dire, occasionally (and unintentionally) funny but let's face it pretty uninteresting and rarely able to persuade voters to change their minds. After all the outcome seems certain doesn't it?

Discussing this with work colleagues it seems everyone believes the Tories will win (and Corbyn is a useless fool) so it's really on a question how big May's majority is.

Only the Liberal Democrats could possibly throw a spanner in the Tories progress it would seem and none of my workmates mentioned voting for them though I have seen a couple on my Facebook push Farrons evangelists. Lots more have abandoned Labour, especially in the Jewish community which given recent controversies is hardly a surprise.

Labour loyalists, even the one who hate Corbyn still abound but cannot hide their despair about the outcome. The ones who vote Tory warn of being overconfident. Those who support Corbyn somehow delude themselves they will be victorious.

Diane Abbott certainly thought so when asked. Labour will win she mused but then when discussing the snap election thought May had only called the election because she knew the Tories could win. Confused? Ms Abbot (as usual) certainly is.

So listen out for that knock on your door, that leaflet drop, having your hand shaken in the street by someone wearing a rosette and return to your television sets. At least they're repeating The Man from U.N.C.L.E. on Channel 61 (Freeview) at the moment. That's a welcome distraction.

Tuesday, 18 April 2017

A One Horse Race?

Subject (horse) 20080420P1.jpg
Photo: By Goki

Like most people I was caught by surprise by the announcement that there will be a general election on the 8th June but acted quickly to book the following day off work so I will be able to stay up most of the night and watch the result. 

Theresa May has obviously been carefully considering her options with both her party and herself riding high in the polls. There is no opposition to speak of and the Conservative vote is nigh on double that of Labour. One poll in The Times put Labour as low as just 23% today, and remember polls usually underestimate support for the Tories.

The Independent on-line newspaper even indicated the majority of Labour voters prefer May to Corbyn as Prime Minister which should worry the Labour Party considerably.

There will be some indications of the way things are going when the local elections take place next month but for obvious reasons the Gorton by-election has been cancelled. Only George Galloway's ego will damaged by that as he will (thankfully) disappear into total irrelevance in a general election as he has no Respect Party anymore. It's disbanded.

Whatever the reason May has decided to hold this election it's obvious she wishes to establish a majority government under her stewardship and get her own mandate.

Labour will lose quite a number of seats, that's inevitable. The party is divided and has been at war with itself for nigh on 18 months and is not seen as a viable alternative even amongst many of it's traditional supporters. Corbyn is a major part of the problem. Nobody in their right mind would want him as Prime Minister.

The Liberals may well revive to a small extent though how many extra seats they gain is far more difficult to tell as their strength is so diluted around the country. It doesn't help with Tim Fallon saying voting Liberal Democrat will help stop a Tory majority. People remember the coalition government mate.

UKIP are a spent force and are now led by a "Walter Mitty" character trusted by no one. The SNP will retain Scotland and ensure no Labour revival there.

There is no opposition. I wouldn't be surprised if we have a Thatcher style majority. Not something I'd want to see again but looks inevitable.

I live in a safe Tory seat so my own vote won't make much of a difference anyway. Even so I will vote but the question is who for? I don't want Corbyn or a left Labour Party either. Pity there wasn't something new, something more mainstream, but it's too late now we're stuck with what we've got.

I fear for the future.

Monday, 17 April 2017

A New "Age of Dictators".

The outcome of the Turkish referendum comes has no surprise given the uneven playing field that exists in the country. It's not just opposition journalists and newspapers but even members of parliament languish in gaol. Given that situation it's actually not a great result for Erdogan even with his obvious cheating in allowing unstamped ballots to be counted.

With such a small majority democracy finally disappears in the Turkish republic as Erdogan becomes the Islamic Reichsfuhrer he has always set out to be. Proof that democracy and Islam are totally incompatible. That's not being "Islamophobic" (though we should be worried about Islam which is not just a religion but a political system that tolerates no dissent) since the Saudi's have always said as much.

Portrait of Ruhollah Khomeini By Mohammad Sayyad.jpg

In Iran only "approved" candidates can stand in elections and once Hamas took over the Gaza strip a decade ago no elections have been held. Islamic politicians seem to think they should have power for life. That's why Sisi for all his faults had to act against the Muslim Brotherhood as Egypt was heading in the same direction.

Of course it's not just Islamists. There's dictatorships in Cuba, Rhodesia, Syria (despite it's civil war) and a threat of one in South Africa if President Zuma has his way.

Then there's North Korea. Not a country but a giant prison camp where the rulers, or the Dear leader acts out his delinquencies with any form of due process.

So much of the world is ruled with an "iron fist", some in the name of false gods and others by men (and women) who seek only power and wealth for themselves and their supporters. Political and religious theology has made history alive but at a time when mankind has the capacity to destroy itself, something we all hoped had died with the Cold War and the collapse of communism.

In Europe democracy remains strong but is under constant threat. Nationalism has raised it's ugly head above the "cricket test" we were once told proved our loyalties. In Britain UKIP has along with a section of the Tory party separated the country from the rest of Europe. In France two of the most popular candidates come from the extremes of politics. In Hungary fascism itself is bubbling away and Russia has destroyed whatever democratic pretense the regime ever had.

The democracies have become weak. Extremists festering in the wings are now at the forefront of diverse movements that threaten the survival of freedom.

In the face of this assault on our liberties appeasers appear from every quarter. Liberals bemoan "Islamophobia" students ban speakers with whom they might disagree disarming the next generation of any mettle, Labour has become the home of protesters, Trots and other assorted extremists who care not a jot about ordinary folk, just their own ideological requirements regardless of the consequences.

The political "centre ground" has seemingly collapsed. The "social contract" that acts a glue in society is being unravelled as self-interested groups both political and religious seek their "special privileges".

So many have expressed the fear we have entered a new "thirties" certainly democracy and reason remains under threat. Critics of Islam are murdered across the Muslim world and Christians persecuted more than ever before. Meanwhile democrats in Russia so many other countries remain suppressed, imprisoned or worse.

The time is coming when a stand will need to made against the encroachment on our freedoms. Liberty and life cannot be sold freely. Future generations will ask why we didn't stand up sooner.

Sunday, 16 April 2017

From 1985: A Warning about Livingstone

Thanks to James Vaughn on Twitter for this one which shows not much has changed where Livingstone is concerned.



Friday, 14 April 2017

Stop the War Charlatans


It should come as no surprise that the mis-named Stop the war Coalition has come up with the most mealy mouthed and historically innacurate of statements following President Trumps destruction of an ISIS base in Afghanistan:

The news that the US has dropped its largest non nuclear bomb on caves in Afghanistan near the Pakistan border should terrify everyone.

Actually it doesn't and action to eradicate this bunch of Islamo-Nazi's should be welcomed.

Meanwhile I looked for their condemnation of Assad's chemical attack. Here is their statement on that:


ISIS, The Taliban and all those like them are a threat not just to the West but ordinary Muslims as well. However the far-left in groups like the StWC actually don't care about ordinary people their Marxism has morphed into far-right capitulation of dictatorships and Islamism as seen in their support for Putin and Hamas.

In Russia there are now not just laws against gays but concentration camps. Not seen since Castro's Cuba, another regime these people are apologists for. Hamas spend their international aid on war not improving the lives of Palestinians.

Stop the War say not a word. Take not an action. John Rees, Lyndsey German and their dwindling band of acolytes offer succour  to the oppressor not the oppressed.

Time for the Labour and Trade Union movement to stop funding these charlatans. Now!

Thursday, 13 April 2017

Russia withdraws it's song...

The Easter Bank Holiday is upon us. In the news the USA has dropped the biggest non-nuclear bomb on ISIS in Afghanistan, Diane Abbott enters the world of fantasy by claiming Labour's support depends on Corbyn and Russia formally withdraws from the Eurovision song contest.

The European Broadcasting Union issued the following statement:

Following the official confirmation that Russian Eurovision entrant, Julia Samoylova, will not be permitted to travel to Kyiv to compete in the Eurovision Song Contest 2017, the EBU formally offered two alternative proposals to Channel One in a bid to find a solution that would enable Russia to continue their participation in this year’s event.

"These proposals were to either take part via satellite or to change their chosen artist to one who could legally travel to Ukraine for the duration of the Contest. Sadly both proposals have been rejected by Channel One and they have now announced they do not intend to broadcast the Eurovision Song Contest 2017. Unfortunately this means Russia will no longer be able to take part in this year’s competition. We very much wanted all 43 countries to be able to participate and did all we could to achieve this," the EBU states.

Frank Dieter Freiling, Chairman of the Eurovision Song Contest Reference Group, the event’s steering committee, said: "We strongly condemn the Ukrainian authorities' decision to impose a travel ban on Julia Samoylova as we believe it thoroughly undermines the integrity and non-political nature of the Eurovision Song Contest and its mission to bring all nations together in friendly competition. However, preparations continue apace for the Eurovision Song Contest in the host city Kyiv. Our top priority remains to produce a spectacular Eurovision Song Contest with our Member UA:PBC in May."

Tuesday, 11 April 2017

A question of competence

Photo: By Fluous

It should come as no surprise to see a poll in The Independent today that:

Theresa May has opened up a 37 point gap over Jeremy Corbyn as more than half of British voters think she would make a better Prime Minister than her Labour rival, according to a new poll.

Analysis of the impact of Brexit by former Tory donor Lord Ashcroft found that 55 per cent of the poll of more than 10,000 UK adult respondents believe the current Prime Minister is the best choice for the role compared to 18 per cent who favour Mr Corbyn;,

In a further blow to the Labour leader, only 38 per cent of his party’s supporters would prefer him in Downing St, compared to 29 per cent who believe Ms May is more suited to the job. 33 per cent said they do not know.

This comes just before next month's council elections but more importantly at a time of growing international tension. 

The thought that this country and it's allies security would lay in the hands of not just an indecisive and incompetent man, but one whose sympathies are not naturally with the democratic West along with his pro Putin sidekick Seumas Milne and the pro-Assad Stop the War Coalition is truly frightening.

If there's one thing the so-called left in this country forget is that is that Labour's natural working class base tends to be very patriotic. Certainly not prepared to side with this country's enemies. 

The "left" lost it's way a long, long time ago with it's talk of support for the "degenerated workers states" (Russia/China), Third World dictatorships (which continues to this day) but also the adaptation to a pro-Islamic agenda. 

And lets not forget Corbyns support for the IRA who's violence he has NEVER condemned. Not a man of peace but an appeaser of dictators who would leave not just our country defenceless but would betray our allies in the face of aggression.

Corbyn's foreign policy would be the raising of a white flag.

Incompetent is not the only word that describes this odious creature and and his minions.

When Corbyn promised a "new politics" no one expected this to mean permanent Tory government.

Or appeasement.

Monday, 10 April 2017

The world is truly devolving

Photo: By Manfred Brueckels

With rising terrorism, the threat of continued conflict in the Middle East and the super-powers flexing their muscles at each other it's hard to imagine that this is a more modern civilised age. Despite all our advances in science, technology and learning the world has failed to become more tolerant, more peaceful. Quite the opposite.

Even in the supposedly refined Western nations democracy has been marred by the rise of old nationalisms and prejudices including the spectre of anti-Semitism awash throughout the left as well as the right.

Across the world Hate Preachers peddle their venom to the ignorant and easily led leading to the murder of those they define as infidels and unbelievers. Women, Jews,even other Muslims have much to fear from the rise of the Islamic death cult.

Then comes the news that once agian concentration camps have been opened for Gay men in Chechnya, part of the Russian Federation that Putin has taken in alliance with the Orthodox Church to not just revive Russian Nationalism but to seek out opponents, dissidents and deviants.

Pink News reports:

Russian newspapers and human rights groups report that more than 100 gay men have been detained “in connection with their non-traditional sexual orientation, or suspicion of such” as part of a purge. Several people were also reportedly feared dead following violent raids.

In a chilling response, a Chechen government spokesperson denied that there are any gay people to detain, insisting that “you can’t detain and harass someone who doesn’t exist in the republic”. The Kremlin denied any knowledge of a purge.

But reports have since emerged that the men arrested are being kept in horrific concentration camp prisons, where violent abuse and torture is common.

The foundations of intolerance have been well and truly laid.

The world is truly evolving backwards to a new dark age. Men and women of reason must stand up and be counted. Whether the enemy is a religious or political fanatic from the so-called left or right these new fascists for want of a better word need to be not just opposed but stopped.