Tuesday, 31 July 2018

Cliff Richard Junior. (A bit of F.A.B. fun!)

Being retired seems to lead me astray with old movies. I particularly like Talking Pictures TV which also shows Gene Barry in Burke's Law at 4:30 every weekday and I vaguely recall from my childhood.

However today I am distracted by the Gerry Anderson movie on Film 4. You can catch up with their plus one facility. This scene amused me so I thought I would share this with you.

Here's a little extra. Some rehearsal scenes from Cliff & the boys themselves. Big fan back in the sixties.


Sunday, 29 July 2018

The censorious left

Hardly a day passes (if any) where the Labour Party's internecine war is big news. Recently the row over anti-Semitism in Labour's midst has seen the NEC pour oil on the fire by amending the widley accepted code of conduct.

The leader of Momentum despite denials that such sentiments were widespread in Labour was forced to admit;

Jon Lansman, leader of the Left-wing Momentum campaign group, said last week: ‘We have a unique problem. We have to handle far more cases than anybody else.’

Daily Mail , July 28 2018

However it doesn't end there as Dan Hodges reports a potential split of maybe "20 MP's" because the Corbynistas are unbearable (Unlikely in my view) now tweets:

Odd. Getting some furious tweets from Corbynites about my article saying Labour moderates are preparing to leave. I thought that's what the Corbynites wanted. F**k off and join the Tories and all that...

The Corbynistas want the pleasure of deselecting all the moderate MP's themselves. Whilst no fan of Kate Hoey MP (though George Galloway is) her current troubles received the vote of just 42 members in her constituency party where membership is around 2,300. A sign of the dark future  where the activists take control of ward and other internal meetings. 

Of course debating with these people is like banging one's head head against a wall. The hard left along with the censorious Identity politics brigade refuse to accept that Islam, Trans activists and the other 57 varieties of (mainly) male self indulgence can be criticised. Makes the perpetrator "racist" even though Islam is man made theology just like the bogus "scientific socialism" of Marx, Lenin & either Trotsky or Stalin. Islam is not a race by any definition.

The accusation of transphobia has been added to the taboo of "Islamophobia" by the comrades. Trans activists demands undermine women's spaces. 

The first thing falling under the left is freedom of expression. You are not allowed to disagree. That is Corbyn's Labour. 

Wednesday, 25 July 2018

United we stand!

        Photo: Jewish Chronicle

Three of Britain's main Jewish newspapers have published the same front page showing the unity against the dangers posed by a potential Corbyn led Labour government.

In other news the far-left Jewish Voice for Labour has had it's bid to affiliate to the Labour Party rejected though no doubt they will try again at a later date.

The threat to the Jewish community comes more from the far-left/anti-Zionist milieu which currently orientated towards Corbyn. His constituency treasurer resigned over the anti-Semitism issue. The Jewish Chronicle reports:

Russell Smith-Becker, who was a member for 28 years and, said in his public resignation letter: “The Labour party has become somewhere antisemites feel comfortable and where many Jews feel uncomfortable.”

He was the treasurer for the Islington North Constituency Labour Party, where Mr Corbyn has been MP for 35 years.

Mr Smith-Becker's resignation comes after Labour’s refusal to adopt the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance (IHRA) definition of Jew-hate, instead opting for its own code of conduct that omits key examples of how criticising Israel can by antisemitic.

Mr Smith-Becker posted his letter of resignation on Facebook. In it, he said he was "no longer sure that the Labour party is a force for good."

and further:

Mr Smith-Becker added: "I am happy to support a party which is a force for good even if I have some differences, but I am no longer sure that the Labour party is a force for good.

"I therefore resign my leadership of the Labour party. The Labour party has become somewhere anti semites feel comfortable and where many Jews feel uncomfortable - I hope I can join again when it is the other way around."

Unite Against Anti-Semitism! Never Again!

Tuesday, 24 July 2018

Musical Interlude - Aldious

A short musical interlude as I haven't quite sorted myself out yet though managed to upset a few people on Facebook. Lost 2 "friends" but gained 2 new friends!

Anyway whilst catching up on You Tube  I came across this little number from Aldious. Love these women!

Get ready to rock!!!!

Sunday, 22 July 2018

Editorial: Starting Over

Howie's Corner has been on hiatus for some 8 months due to my hospitalisation (see post below) and now back at home, albeit with continuing daily medical assistance this blog is now open for business once again.

When I came round after a month in a coma I saw three stories on TV,  people arguing about Brexit which now bores the pants off me and Corbyn's continuing duplicitous bollocks. There was one good piece of news though, Mugabe had finally been overthrown. Other than that the world remains a dangerous place and domestic politics continue to be dominated by the mediocre and the bad.

Then there's Trump, Putin and the spoilt brat in North Korea. Shite, the lot of them.

So now the fightback continues as I return to political arena with strongly held views on those issues that I concentrate on, but open to rational argument. Lets see what happens!

However given Howie's Corner has been offline for so long the readership needs rebuilding. Just before I disappeared posts were beginning to attract reasonable audiences. Now I have to start again.

Now that I have retired I should be able to post daily (health allowing) so tell your friends Howie's back!

And fighting!

Now for no particular reason other than a shared title (sort of) here's the late, great John Lennon.

Thursday, 19 July 2018

The NHS saved my life!

On November 11th 2017 I was rushed to hospital with an aneurysm. The doctors operated immediately but informed my girlfriend that  she should say goodbye to me. However somehow I got through the night and went on to have six more operations, all but one whilst I had an induced coma.

Waking up in late December I found my muscles had atrophied and could not even talk let alone do anything else. Thanks to the support of NHS doctors, nurses and others I eventually recovered enough to at least walk with a Zimmer Frame, though a wheelchair will be needed to go outside.

After 8 months & 5 days I finally returned home. Weak but alive and alert thanks to the NHS. Without this fine institution I would be dead.

My thanks to Dr Gibbs and his team for saving my life, Dr Srithan and his team for my recovery.  Lastly but far from least all the staff in Albert Ward for helping me over the last six months. You know who you are!

What happened to me came as a complete surprise. These things happen to "other" people or are dramatised on TV with such programs as Casualty and Holby City. However the sad fact of life is this could happen to anyone.

You, your partner/wife, children, parents and friends are at risk if the NHS was not there with a free at point of use service. The NHS staff work long 12 hour (plus in some cases) shifts and are always short handed.

All of us regardless of political orientation must ensure that those who govern over us are held to account over the NHS to preserve universal care and make sure Doctors, Nurses and all other staff have better pay and conditions.

Defend the National Health Service. You or someone you love or care for could need it!