Sunday, 31 July 2016

Corbyn: A threat to jobs & trade unions

Readers may recall a dispute between Jeremy Corbyn and one of his big trade union backers from a while back over the future of Trident. Politics Home reported:

Ian Waddell, Unite's national officer for aerospace and shipbuilding, said: “Tens of thousands of highly skilled jobs rely directly and indirectly on the Successor submarine programme and other projects across the defence industry.

“The continued commitment by the Government to manufacture the next generation of submarines in the UK is a welcome vote of confidence in the skills and expertise of the UK’s defence workers."

However, Mr Waddell accused ministers of treating the workers whose jobs depend on Trident renewal as a "political football" by delaying a Commons vote giving final sign-off to the project.

The GMB union, which like Unite has ploughed millions of pounds into Labour coffers, also backs Trident renewal.

General Secretary Sir Paul Kenny said in January: "If anybody thinks that unions like the GMB are going to go quietly into the night while tens of thousands of our members’ jobs are literally swannied away by rhetoric then they have got another shot coming.”

Meanwhile Corbyn himself remained unrepentant and allied himself with the so-called "anti-war" movement rather than support both the countries defence or the workers whose livelihoods depend on the defence industry.

Ideology before workers. Some Labour leader. You'd think he'd learnt his lesson after trying to compromise over Trident by suggesting they remained but without missiles. To do what? Take people on trips around the coast? Rather pathetic I thought.

However once gain Corbyn has lined up against the interests of workers by opposing the new nuclear plant that Unite and Prospect have been working hard to secure jobs over. The Huffington Post reported:

Jeremy Corbyn is facing a backlash from trade unions, party members and his shadow business minister after opposing the construction of a new nuclear power plant at Hinkley Point.

A co-founder of a local Momentum group has abandoned her support for the Labour leader, warning that his stance on the £18bn project proved he was an “anarchist” and “not socialist”.

Rachel Garrick switched to supporting Owen Smith after Corbyn declared his opposition to the new plant at Hinkley Point C in Somerset.

“Tories have just put up the cost of your electricity by giving a blank cheque to EDF for a power station that doesn’t work,” he Tweeted.

Garrick, a Prospect trade union rep who had spent years negotiating to secure jobs at the site, said Corbyn had at a stroke abandoned thousands of skilled workers that Labour should be fighting for.

Guess what.. a spokesman for Corbyn says he's "backtracking" despite the Corbynista hordes opposing both nuclear defence and power..

Not to be trusted.

And anyway he's no pacifist. Corbyn refused to condemn IRA violence five times when asked recently.

Corbyn is not fit for government. Not fit to represent workers.

Members of affiliated trade unions like Unite & the GMB should demand their leaders stop supporting Corbyn.  PCS union members in the MOD should demand their non-affiliated union's leaders should butt out as well. 

The other main civil service union Prospect demands:

Prospect, the largest union for engineers, scientists, specialists and professionals in the UK’s energy and nuclear industry said the government’s decision to further delay the project was incomprehensible.

The union's deputy general secretary Garry Graham said: “The new energy minister has talked about the importance of an industrial strategy which supports and underpins UK energy policy.

“The new Chancellor has talked about the importance of Hinkley Point C. Both have stressed that Britain is open for business and keen to attract investment in business and infrastructure.”

Prospect will write to the Prime Minister today seeking an urgent meeting.

The decision has to be seen in the context of the previous administration’s withdrawal of support for carbon capture, solar and wind at short notice, said Graham.

“We described those decisions, which came as a shock to the business and investment communities, as sending a chill wind through the sector in terms of investor and business confidence.

“Energy margins continue to decline – we are already asking intensive users to come off supply at periods of peak demand and relying on polluting diesel generation to keep the lights on.

“It is not only 25,000 high-quality jobs that are at risk, but the UK’s ability to keep the lights on and meet our climate change targets.

“It is incomprehensible that ministers and officials are not familiar with the deal hammered out with EDF over a number of years.

“At best the decision looks chaotic. At worst it appears that UK government is not a reliable or trustworthy partner,” he concluded.

Civil servants and others can join Prospect: here

Saturday, 30 July 2016

Musical Interlude: Whigfield - Saturday Night

Apologies to regular readers as I haven't been posting very regularly over the last week. Normal service will resume shortly but in the mean time it's .... Saturday Night.

Have a good one.

Thursday, 28 July 2016

Disillusioned with politics

A poll reported in yesterdays Times reported that some 29% of Labour voters would prefer Theresa May to Jeremy Corbyn as Prime Minister. This comes at a time when polls also show that the Tories are between 12 & 16% ahead. This should ring alarm bells amongst the Labour Party's activists of both sides, but so committed are they to mutual assured destruction that the internecine warfare continues unabated.

Reports suggest that both in public and private Theresa May has "ruled out" an early election though grassroots activists are now pushing for a quick election which by all accounts would see a massive Tory victory. The only hurdle is the establishment of "fixed parliaments", though where there is a will...

The prospect of a Labour meltdown may sound good for Tory activists in the short-term, there is a very real danger for democracy. The wipe-out of Labour would mean the removal of so many democratic Labour MPs and in the re-selection process that would follow Corbyn's hordes would establish their final and fatal control of the party.

That would mean the end of the only remaining national opposition party as the Liberal-Democrats have already been taken down through their own follies.

Democracy only works when there is strong and viable opposition. The demise of Labour would effectively give this country a one party state. Of course the Corbynistas would urge us to vote for them but people including myself will never countenance a government made up of Corbyn's henchmen in Momentum, Stop the War Coalition and other unsavoury groups.

Corbyn cannot be trusted with this countries security, his views on dealing with external & internal threats show extreme weakness that would put our way of life at risk. His foreign policy based on sucking up to Putin, the Iranian clerical-fascists whose TV station he has been a regular on for years would remove the UK from the democratic collective of nations.

As for economy just look at Venezuela.

It's hardly surprising that so many Labour voters would prefer May.

The destruction of Labour was self-inflicted but those who know better are not prepared to take the next logical step. They simply want a continual faction fight to remove Corbyn. They'll find moderate supporters will burn out before the comrades whose fanaticism will keep them motivated long after ordinary people have gone home.

Add to this the rise of the idiot Trump in the US combined with the criminal atrocities being committed across Europe, let alone the rest of the world makes me very disillusioned with politics. I am far from alone in this, most people are cynical about politicians.

The future seems bleak.

Tuesday, 26 July 2016

S-A-V-A-G-E-S by no other name

When I saw the news about the 84 year old French Priest having his throat cut by Islamist criminals I was at first speechless then my comments were and remain unprintable. I was angry.

ISIS have claimed "two of their soldiers" were responsible. There is no way on Earth these inhuman bastards can be be called soldiers.

They like the rest of their Islamist brethren are simply savages.

And like most ordinary people I have had enough.

There is an enemy within and no it's not every single Muslim before matters get out of hand, but there are more than enough of these barbarous types in our midst, let alone living in the Muslim world itself.

In Europe we have tolerated the spread of Islamist intolerance for too long. It's nothing to do with the way Muslims are treated in this country or France & Germany for that matter. Muslims are freer here than the countries they come from.

It isn't anything to do with our foreign policy as the far-left/strasserite/anti-imperialist brigade might have you believe as the act as apologists for these savages by blaming everyone and everything except the truth.

Islamism is a supremacist, intolerant, misogynist, bigoted and ultra-violent theology.

The time to fight back against these evil creed has never been greater.

There are organisations, a large number of Imams and others out there whose sole purpose is to spread this fascist creed.

Remember the cretins of CAGE who along with the support of so-called left John Rees of Counterfire had a press conference to describe the mass murderer Jihadi John as a nice man?  The National Union of Students is working with this group to stop "prevent", a government sponsored programme to stop extremism.

The NUS is full of idiots who believe supporting the Kurds against ISIS is Islamophobic" and their new Fuhrer President has initiated the prevention of Jews electing their own representative in the union. The anti-imperialists will appoint some quisling to do their dirty work.

Meanwhile in France, Belgium, Denmark and Sweden amongst others there are "no-go" areas into which the authorities will not go. These places are run by gangs of criminals and Islamists as if there is any point in differentiating between the two.

This must end. The rule of law must prevail. A section of society cannot exclude itself and those responsible for the violence in and emanating from these ghettos of hate must be be brought to heel.

The shouts of "Islamophobia" by the idiots of the left and their allies have undermined the fightback against Islamism.

It is not Islamophobic to criticise Islam. Neither is it racist. Islam can be criticised just like any other theology or political ideology. Islam is not a race. It is simply a man made idea and if anyone doesn't like that fact their propensity to violence shows what a false creed Islam is, let alone it's satanic succubus Islamism.

If my language offends so be it. I'm not the one cutting Priests throats and would never call for violence against Muslims. It is up to the Muslim world to grow up and join the twenty-first century and end the medieval barbarianism in their midst.

That means reform for those who insist in believing in a non-existent "god", though I would urge the abandonment of not just the false "Allah" but all gods.

There is only humanity. It's time to be human.

Monday, 25 July 2016

Musical Interlude: Megadeath: Holy War..The Punishment (w/lyrics)

"Holy Wars...The Punishment Due"

Brother will kill brother
Spilling blood across the land
Killing for religion
Something I don't understand

Fools like me who cross the sea
And come to foreign lands
Ask the sheep for their beliefs
Do you kill on God's command?

A country that's divided
Surely will not stand
My past erased, no more disgrace
No foolish naive stand

The end is near, it's crystal clear
Part of the master plan
Don't look now to Israel
It might be your homelands
Holy wars

Up on my podium, as the
Know-it-all scholar
Down in my seat of judgement
Gavel's bang, uphold the law
Up on my soapbox, a leader
Out to change the world
Down in my pulpit as the holier-than-thou
Could-be-messenger of God

Wage the war on organized crime
Sneak attacks, rappel down the rocks
Behind the lines
Some people risk to employ me
Some people live to destroy me
Either way they die, they die

They killed my wife and my baby
With hopes to enslave me
First mistake, last mistake
Paid by the alliance, to slay all the giants
Next mistake, no more mistakes

Fill the cracks in with judicial granite
Because I don't say it, don't mean I ain't thinking it
Next thing you know, they'll take my thoughts away
I know what I said now I must scream
Of the overdose and the lack of mercy killings
Mercy killings, mercy killings, killings, killings, killings
Next thing you know they'll take my thoughts away

Sunday, 24 July 2016

Sunday Supplement: DC Comic Movies coming your way

With Marvel superheroes making big bucks for Hollywood it was inevitable that Warner Brothers, the owners of DC Comics would start making movies about their heroes. It's been a long time since Christopher Reeve took to the skies as Superman or Michael Keaton fought Jack Nicholson's portrayal of the Joker and despite a couple of reboots, DC has yet to make the mark that Marvel has on the big screen.

Smallville 2001 logo.svg

DC has had success on the small screen with Smallville, which lasted an incredible 10 seasons and currently is making waves with The Flash, Green Arrow and Supergirl. The first of their attempts to revive their cinema franchise was Batman vs Superman, which despite grossing a lot of dollars met with mixed audience reactions. An extended DVD cut is shortly to be released with over 30 minutes of extra material which is said by the director to "improve" the film. It's on my shopping list!

The two titular heroes, Batman and Superman, are confronting each other, with the film's logo behind them, and the film's title, credits, release date and billing below.

Meanwhile August sees the release of Suicide Squad. Now this looks good and these characters are definitely NOT superheroes. In fact they are a bunch of villains which if it follows the comics plot will see them forced to do "black ops" work for the US government. They don't have much choice really, Amanda Waller the Director of the Suicide Squad has placed little bombs in their heads.....

New Suicide Squad Suicide Squad

That "lady" at the front is the Jokers self-appointed girlfriend Harley Quinn and she's, well quite insane, but then she did work as a doctor at Arkham Asylum.....

Then there's Wonder Woman played by the gorgeous Israeli actress Gal Gadot.

Photo: By Gage Skidmore

A former IDF soldier she certainly seems to fill the role of an Amazon princess.


The new film will be swinging it's way to a theatre near you in June next year!

And last but not least a special trailer for the Justice League has been shown at Comic-Con. DC's heroes unite to fight a foe that takes all their might to defeat and includes a new addition to their ranks Cyborg, who originally appeared as a member of the Teen Titans in the comic books but has been moved for reasons of "diversity".


Justice League hits theatres in November 2017, so a wee bit of a wait for this one.

There's plenty of other DC movies in the pipeline. Watch this space.

Did someone say....Shazam!


For more on comics please visit: Howie's World of Comics

Saturday, 23 July 2016

Tibet's religious freedom under attack from China

Beyond Belief Logo

One of the worlds most oppressed nations is Tibet, conquered by the Chinese Communists in 1950/51, is being colonised by Han Chinese in attempt to make Tibetans a minority within their own country. One of the ways the Tibetan people hang on to their identity is through the medium of their religion. This too is under attack. 

The BBC reports:

The London-based Free Tibet group says demolitions at the site began on Wednesday and a number of people living there have been evicted.

It follows an order last month by the local authorities to cut the number of Larung Gar residents by half to 5,000.

Chinese officials are reported to have cited overcrowding concerns.

Larung Gar is said to be the biggest Tibetan Buddhist institute in the world.

The academy and monastery, founded in 1980, sprawls over a mountainside in Sertar county in eastern Tibet, and attracts thousands of Buddhist monks and nuns who wish to study there.

On top of this China intends to appoint the next Dalai Lama. The Free Tibet Campaign writes:

In defiance of the deeply held wishes of the Tibetan people, China's government plans to appoint its own candidate as the next Dalai Lama. The role has historically been filled by identifying the reincarnation of the previous Dalai Lama after his death. The current 14th Dalai Lama has made clear that no Chinese appointed Dalai Lama will be the legitimate leader of Tibetan Buddhism.

China already punishes Tibetans for practising their religion as they choose. Its aim is to force a puppet Dalai Lama on Tibetans to neutralise Tibetan Buddhism's independence and cement its hold on Tibet. It also hopes to undermine worldwide support for the Tibetan cause. Interfering in the selection of the Dalai Lama is a political act, a profound insult to the Tibetan people's culture, desires and beliefs and a gross abuse of their religious freedom. It is vital that China understands that its plan will fail.

You can sign their petition:

Friday, 22 July 2016

The British Road to the Gulag

The battle for the heart & soul of the Labour took a new twist tonight as the self appointed "Labour Representation Committee decided to disown one of their own candidates for the Labour Party National Executive Committee. Their statement reads:

The reason being she had the temerity to vote for the suspension of Brighton & Hove CLP due to a number of allegations that require full & proper investigation, support the increase in fees for casting a vote in the leadership elections and support the suspension and removal of a variety of unwanted individuals such as Tony Greenstein from the Party.

The fact she may be looking at the needs of the party as a whole rather than the factional interests of the LRC and others seems to escape the "comrades".

I found the phrase "too late to disrupt the NEC elections" a little disturbing. It, along with their intolerance of individual independence says s lot about the way the far left operates as a "party within a party".

The Labour Representation Committee is a bit of an oddball faction in labour which attracts all sorts to it's events and meetings. One of the groups that turns up is the pro-North Korean dictatorship New Communist Party who sit uneasily alongside pretend anarcho-communists such as Chris Ford and Trots like the Alliance for Workers Liberty.

Unsavoury is the politest word one can use to describe the rabble that is the LRC.

When the comrades have finished with everyone outside their club, they will as history always shows turn on each other.......

Wednesday, 20 July 2016

Sometimes conspiracy theories are true.....

Even before the advent of the Internet there were wild conspiracy theories about the Illuminati, UFO's, Zionists, Catholics and more. With the advent of social media people just seem to make up any old shit and it gets lapped up by those looking for reasons to hate or malign. But sometimes conspiracies are real.

A clear example is the recent attempted coup in Turkey. In order for this to take place there had to be a conspiracy to plan the takeover so the reaction of the Turkish government to deal with it's enemies who took up arms against it seems  a "normal" reaction if somewhat extreme given Erdogan's dictatorial propensities.

However what is odd is the scope of the purges. Rounding up the officers and soldiers taking part is one thing but Erdogan's list for punishment seems to be going far deeper than would seem necessary to deal with the immediate problem. Policemen, Judges and Generals, well some may indeed be part of the conspiracy but the numbers involved seem far too high for a coup that had so little support when it came to it.

Then there's the sacking of thousands of teachers and every Dean in higher education.

Wait a minute. There's something seriously wrong here.

One thing is for certain. All these thousands of people were already on a list before the coup took place. In other words Erdogan was either preparing for a purge, probably piecemeal over time or was simply just waiting for an excuse or provocation to implement the mass suppression of all those who even just might oppose him.

Some might even say the coup was a godsend.

Could Erdogan have been a malevolent guiding hand behind the coup himself? After all only the dictator has benefited....

They'd say that really was a wild conspiracy theory. But they would say that wouldn't they?


Tuesday, 19 July 2016

Owen who? No thanks!

Over the last week or so I have received emails from various lobbying groups telling me that I have X number of days to save Labour and urging me to sign up to the party to get rid of Corbyn. Now apparently there is just 24 hours (and counting down) for me to do this.

Then came the latest bombshell in the news. The woman chosen to save the party has dropped out the race in favour of someone who is called Owen Smith. No idea of his background to be honest but he tells us that he is "normal" (whatever that is supposed to mean) and has a family. And?

Now I have to admit there have been times when I would rather elect the office cat as Labour leader than continue with that damned fool Corbyn, but politics is a serious business and whilst Angela Eagle did not particularly motivate me, at least I'd not only heard of her but had some idea where she stood on most issues.

Owen Smith?

No idea.

Yes I can look him up on this Internet thing I spend so much time on but frankly I shouldn't have to. So should I spend £25 on joining an organisation I don't really want to just for the privilege of voting for the replacement candidate for the office cat I would have preferred.

I think not.

The reason should be glaringly obvious.

Labour isn't in danger of splitting. It already has but like the proverbial zombie doesn't realise it's dead.

There are two parties now (not) co-existing within the shell that once was HM Opposition. Corbyn and his mix of Trots Stalinists and neo-Strasserites with a large smattering of Israel-haters who if aren't actual anti-Semites might just as well be and the other corner almost everybody else. There are a few sitting on the sidelines but frankly that's it.

It will be impossible for either side to continue with the other no matter who wins (and I think it'll be Corbyn unless the trade union barons suddenly wake up and realise what they've done) so the internecine warfare will carry on ad infinitum.

I don't want to be in a party like that and certainly couldn't vote for it just like most other people who despair about politicians more than I do but go down the pub instead of venting their frustration on-line.

The MPs really need to cut their losses now and push Corbyn and his rump onto the backbenches. A split this time would be stronger than the SDP ever was.

Then they need a statesman to lead the new party. Hillary Benn is the man for me, with Caroline Flint as deputy.

That I'll spend twenty-five quid (or more) on.

Not Labour. It's finished.

Sunday, 17 July 2016

The forward march of extremism

Photograph of the smashed interior of the Berlin synagogue

The news over the last week has seen a disturbing trend which seems to be becoming all too familiar in the world of politics today. Another terrorist attack in France, a man arrested for sending death threats to Angela Eagle and Pakistani model Qandeel Baloch murdered by her brother in one of those so-called "honour killings".

An attempt by sections of the Turkish army to remove arch-Islamist President Erdogan not only failed but gave him the opportunity to deal with all remaining opposition. Secularism and democracy and democracy are about to die in Turkey.

And don't mention the Kurds, still under attack from the Turks and ISIS and Iran.

The Palestinian President goes to France to "commiserate" over the Nice attack whilst encouraging his own people to use their cars against Jews.

And then there was a brick through the window of Anna Eagle's constituency office.

"It was only one Fucking brick" shouted a Corbyn supporter at a Labour Party lunch and they wonder why meetings have been suspended due to "bullying and intimidation". Even John McDonnell, Corbyns quartermaster had to apologise for his remarks at a Militant Momentum rally on Sky TV this morning.

And yet as the Tories install their second female Prime Minister whilst so-called progressives inside the Corbynista camp make not just misogynist abuse, but actual rape threats against women on Twitter and Facebook when they do not support their man.

That brick through the window of Angela Eagles window was in reality a brick through the window of democracy.

The left's "kristallnacht" has begun in earnest. 

In Europe the far-right are on the rise with Marie Le Pen being touted as a serious candidate for President, She won't win, so they say, but she will indeed be someone to be contended with.

There is a triple threat to democracy: Islamism, Communism and Fascism. All have one thing in common despite having ostensibly differing ideologies.

Do as we say or die.

Beheadings, Concentration camps and Gulags are the future under these extremists.

It's time for men and women of reason to stand up against these vicious charlatans and say enough is enough.

Now, before it is too late.

Thursday, 14 July 2016

Stand by France

I have just woken up to the news of the attack in Nice. My thoughts are with the victims and families of those murdered by a religious fanatic.

The world should stand with France against Islamist terror.

Wednesday, 13 July 2016

Time to move on and organise anew

Theresa may emerged from Buckingham Palace as the country's second female Prime Minister to make a speech that should terrify the Labour Party. In an obvious pitch to disgruntled Labour voters May has made a clear grab for the centre ground. A vicar's daughter, May is talking about social exclusion and opportunity at a time when such opportunities are surely needed. There is even talk of workers on the boards of companies, a move which if made by Labour would terrify industry but causes no such alarm from a Tory.

The old adage that the country is in a safe pair of hands is being presented as a reality under the new PM. This comes after a very much shortened leadership contest in which her opponent having frankly ballsed everything up with remarks that were at best naive fell on her sword and withdrew. The only crocodile tears shed were from failed Tory leader Ian Duncan Smith.

Labour could have learn't a lot from the way the Tories managed their accession without tearing the party apart.

Meanwhile Labour began its own leadership fight with a brick being thrown through Angela Eagle's constituency office window. Add to that the abuse being thrown at her on (un)social media referring to her as a "Tory Dyke" shows the depths to which the Corbynistas will go to keep their messiah in power.

The fact is Corbyn is highly likely to win. Only a swift change of direction from the trade union leaders could possibly change the outcome and even then seems remote. Corbyn has managed to become what Cameron called him in parliament an "asset" to his (Tory) party.

And still the faithful attack in his name. The police were called in to Gorton Labour Party after "infighting" and bullying" leading to the  suspension of the local party. Wallasey Labour Party has been captured by members of the ex-Militant Tendency including former PCS Executive member Kathy Brunswick. Brighton fell to Momentum.

Corbyn's supporters are on the offensive everywhere and the moderates of all other wings of the party are unable it seems to hold back the uncivilised hordes. Labour First, one such faction appealed to it's supporters in an email yesterday:

If he cannot be beaten this summer he will be beaten in 2017 or 2018.

They claimed:

If he is re-elected there will not be a split.

In other words as they call for "fighters" Labour First is expecting at least another two years of faction fighting. The party will continue it's current course of destroying their long established reputation. This will not, I repeat not appeal to Labour voters.

With May going for the centre ground and a real threat from UKIP in the North East, the ascendency of the SNP in Scotland the main opposition party will become, if not already is, an unattractive proposition for working class voters let alone those from other sectors of society that would be needed to give Labour the electoral boost it win.

And remember Momentum is full of people like Rhea Wolfson who don't believe winning is necessary. In which case voters will wonder why they should vote for this shower.

Corbyn's victory marks the end of Labour as a party of government. Constituency meeting will become rallies of the new "Red Guard" who will simply shout down their opponents and drive away those men and women who form the backbone of Labour by doing those basic things from knocking on doors to putting chairs out for meetings.

The new wave just will suppress debate in the same manner as did the Stalinists and Black Shirts in the thirties.. In practice the two extremes differ only by their uniforms. The individual does not matter only the "class", the leadership of said class and of course the cause itself.

Labour is finished. Time to move on and organise anew quickly. 

Labour voters deserve better.

Sunday, 10 July 2016

Trade union members need a Labour Government

Labour's civil war comes to a head on Tuesday when the party's National Executive meets to discuss the terms of the leadership challenge and who will be on the ballot paper. It's clear that the division between the Parliamentary Labour Party and Jeremy Corbyn is irreversible and so the future of Labour hangs in the balance.

A poll published in the Scottish newspaper the Herald reports:

LABOUR’S popularity would be boosted significantly if the party dumped Jeremy Corbyn as leader, according to a new poll.

The UK-wide BMG survey for The Herald, carried out before the shock Brexit result, found that just over one-third, 36 per cent, said that they could vote for a Corbyn-led Labour party.

But that figure jumped to almost half, 48 per cent, if the veteran socialist was no longer in charge – a 12 point boost.

That gives the sort of level that Labour would require to beat the Tories at the next election. A message that so many veteran Labour activists have been saying since the far-left entered the party en-masse during last years leadership election. Momentum and their supporters may have grown in the party's ranks but simply uniting the rent-a-mob demonstrators, most of whom don't believe in democracy has proved toxic to the voters that are needed to bring about a Labour government.

In these circumstances the trade union leaders have to reconsider their support for Corbyn and in the case of UNITE their own members who a poll shows do not support Corbyn

The first question we asked the Unite members we polled was: “Do you think that Jeremy Corbyn is doing well or badly as leader of the Labour party?”. Almost two-thirds (65%) of the Unite members think Mr Corbyn is doing badly.Similar proportions feel the same regardless of the age, region and voting behaviour of the respondent. Only amongst female Unite members was this trend different, with fewer (53%) of them thinking Mr Corbyn was doing badly. On Thursday a Times / YouGov poll reported that almost a half (48%) of Labour party members thought Mr Corbyn was doing badly.

The second question we asked the Unite members we polled was: “Do you think that Labour currently is or is not on course to be in Government after the General Election in 2020?” Over two-thirds (69%) of the respondents thought that Labour were not on course to be in government. Once again this is consistent across the demographic groups with the eception of female Unite members; although even here the clear belief is that Labour is not heading for government.

The third question we asked the Unite members we polled was: How likely or unlikely do you think it is that Jeremy Corbyn will ever become Prime Minister?. Again the large majority (79%) think it unlikely that Mr Corbyn will ever become prime minister.

The fourth question we asked the Unite members we polled was: If Jeremy Corbyn remains leader of the Labour party, how likely or unlikely do you think it is that they will win the next general election? Over two-thirds (69%) think it unlikely.

The fifth question we asked the Unite members we polled was: If Jeremy Corbyn was replaced as leader of the Labour party, how likely or unlikely do you think it is that they would win the next general election? Replacing Mr Corbyn does appear to increase the likelihood of Labour winning the next general election according to the respondents, but even still over half (54%) of the Unite members we polled still thought it unlikely Labour wins in that scenario.

The sixth question we asked the Unite members we polled was: Do you think Jeremy Corbyn should or should not continue as leader of the Labour party and fight the next general election? Almost half (49%) of the respondents thought Mr Corbyn should step down now; as did those Unite members which voted Labour in 2015 (48%).

(Source: Election Data Base)

Len McCluskey is ideologically motivated to support Corbyn, but his members are clearly not behind him.

Meanwhile another General Secretary, Mark Serwotka a recent recruit to the Labour Party, only allowed membership after the personal intervention of John McDonnell has committed his (non-affiliated) PCS union to back Corbyn.

A statement on the PCS website from their NEC reads:

Following the EU referendum, elements of the Parliamentary Labour Party have embarked on a systematic and pre-planned attempt to unseat Jeremy Corbyn, using the result as a smokescreen. Events are unfolding daily.

It is deeply disappointing that some in the Labour party are choosing to attack Jeremy Corbyn’s leadership instead of ensuring that the official opposition is united in protecting the interests of those depending on them to set out an alternative political vision during such an uncertain period.

....while PCS is not an affiliated union and we continue to remain independent of any political party, we believe PCS members' interests are best served by Jeremy's continued leadership and offer our support in preventing his opponents from unseating him.

The claim that "PCS is independent of any political party" is highly debatable given that it's been controlled by a cabal of the far-left (Socialist Party/SWP) over the last decade. Serwotka and his allies have at various times supported Galloway's Respect party and at the last election the Trade Unionist & Socialist Coalition. The PCS has used it's resources to back every far-left campaign regardless of it's own members interests.

The members themselves have not been consulted. PCS is an "activists" union where this distinction has been promoted against a "representative" organisation. 

In other words a "top down" hierarchy has been imposed in true Marxist fashion.

PCS has lost members on an unprecedented scale over the last few years and not just because of government cuts. One whole department, the Serious Organised Crime Agency split away and formed a successful independent new union. Others left the HMRC with another, smaller breakaway. Many opted to join an existing union, Prospect.

One thing is clear. Trade union members need a Labour Government and Corbyn will never deliver.

It's time for ordinary union members to speak out against the activist castes in organisations like UNITE and PCS.

Corbyn is the Tories best asset. In order for a Labour Government to be elected the man and his Momentum Tendency must go.

Saturday, 9 July 2016

Too many Zealots

Photo: James Bloodworth: Twitter

With shootings in Dallas, beheadings of footballers by ISIS in Syria and increasing numbers of racist incidents in even our own country the world is seemingly heading backwards at an alarming rate. Even the mainstream political parties, the bedrock of British democracy are developing into places where bigotry and zealotry seem to be in ascendency.

One of the former contenders for leadership of the Tory Party, Stephen Crabb believes in "cures" for homsexuals, whilst one of the remaining contenders for Prime Minister Andrea Leadsom thinks gay marriage "hurts christians". Not sure how, it's not compulsory but that's her view.

Meanwhile the world of social media continues to bring out the worst in people with supporters of Jeremy Corbyn calling anyone that does not agree with them a "traitor" and indulge in behaviour towards Jews normally associated with the far right.

Meanwhile at the Durham Miners Gala where "moderate" Labour MPs have been told they are "not welcome" find a place for the fanclub of mass murderer Joseph Stalin to have a stall at their bash.

No wonder the nickname Maomentum has stuck firmly.

The rise of Islamo-fascism following the collapse of communism continues unabated with even Turkey, a former bastion of modernisation and secularism has fallen to the rantings of it's quite obviously deranged President Erdogan.

Former socialist paradise of Venezuela has fallen to the inevitable failure of it's corrupt leaders as it's own people are forced to cross the border into neighbouring Columbia just to to buy basics such as flour, bread and rice.

The anti-colonialist leader Mugabe has led the "breadbasket" of Zimbabwe into penury.

When the "Cold War" came to an end we had leading thinkers like Francis Fukuyama claiming we were seeing the "end of history" and we all looked forward to a better world. Maybe not over night, but in time.

Now with "Brexit", Islamic fundamentalism and the far-left's "Strasserite" turn the world slowly sinks back into barbarism.

Back at the beginning of the sixties, a small group of left-socialists around Cornelius Castoriadis organised around the slogan "Socialism or Barbarism" (a phrase that originated with Rosa Luxemburg) they got it wrong.

Today the struggle is for reason not barbarism.

The zealots are at our gates.

Time to stand up and fight back. 

Thursday, 7 July 2016

The Trump and the Clown

The battle for  the heart and souls of Britain's two main political  parties continued in earnest today as the Tories whittled down their choices to just two, ready for the membership to make the fianl choice. Interestingly both candidates are women, so this country will shortly have it's second female Prime Minister. From the right.

At least the awful Michael Gove is out but Theresa May is more than a wee bit right-wing and as for that Andrea Leadsom, the words "Mrs" and "Trump" come readily to mind.

The future is far from bright.

Meanwhile the Labour Party is incapable of providing an alternative with the battle to remove Corbyn having seemingly reached an impasse. The party is divided like never before and constituency parties are taking sides as the rift continues. Some MPs like Alan Johnson have found themselves isolated from their constituency parties.

According to an e-mail sent out by Labour First this evening:

As you will have seen in the media, there is something of a temporary stalemate between the PLP and the people around Jeremy Corbyn, with the unions attempting to broker a way forward.

Please be patient while the attempt to negotiate a solution goes on. This will only continue for a few more days – by next week either Corbyn’s departure will have been negotiated or a leadership election will have been triggered and we will all be in a big fight to save the Labour Party.

Can the Labour Party be saved? 

One thing is certain, Corbyn will never win an election so whoever wins the Tory Party leadership election will see themselves in power for a long time to come if he doesn't go.

That will be Corbyn's legacy. 

Tuesday, 5 July 2016

A March for Peace Not Hate

For the first time the pro-Hezbollah march in London faced a counter demonstration on Sunday. Aa appeal for peace which was in such contrast to the march of hate sponsored by the Iranians and their useful fools as Lenin might have described them.

One of the placards held on the al-Quds march told people to "Learn the truth about Zionism" and directed them to David Duke's website. Duke is of course the leader of the racists of the Ku Kux Klan who fight for "white power" and don't like Jews, Blacks or for that matter Muslims very much, not that seemed to concern the stupid woman who held the placard.

In stark contrast to the demands for "boycotts" and "destruction" the British Zionist Federation and others such as the Sussex Friends of Israel simply called for peace.

This is the way forward for everyone concerned with the continued conflict in the Middle East.

End the Hate. Build the Peace!

Photos courtesy of David Husband & Melanie Laban

Monday, 4 July 2016

Fighting back against hate and Hezbollah

The annual hate fest sponsored by the Iranian fascists and supported by the anti-imperialist brigade of the far left marched through London yesterday. This comes at a time when at last the actions of the anti-Zionists has finally begun to be exposed as simply another form of racism.

This year Jewish people stood up, took to the streets and said enough.

One man who usually addresses this unsavoury festival of extremism was absent this year despite the organisers tweeting Corbyn would be "leading their march".

He wasn't. Corbyn was in hiding or as some who have us believe imprisoned by his own supporters as a "duty of care" to the senile old man.

Here's Corbyn showing some contrition but far from enough for the damage he has done over the years with his "friends" and allies who apparently aren't his "friends" after all.

For the good of the Labour Party country" (and my people's safety) go man. And please take your Momentum "friends" with you.

Sunday, 3 July 2016

Musical Interlude: Band-Maid

Taking a break from politics tonight so here's a number from Band Maid who are planning to come to the UK in the near future.

Friday, 1 July 2016

Divided like never before

Boris has bottled it, Jezza has lost the plot, Gove quite rightly tells us he's not fit to be Prime Minister, but still goes for it, the markets are unstable and to top it all we left the EU after the most divisive political debate in this country's history.

It's not going to end there.

Next week the Chilcot Report is due to be published. This couldn't have come at a worse time for this country. The war is history, but the divide between people is greater than normal and is going to cause unnecessary ructions. And guess who's going to take advantage of it?

That's right. "Comrade" Corbyn is believed to be waiting for the Chilcot Report to use it cynically, so he can latch on to a rise in "anti-war" feeling. Opportunistic not "principled" as the man, politician and his supporters would have us believe.

Meanwhile the Tory party has it's own, slightly more restrained leadership contest. I say almost because after the referendum Boris seemed to be set to become the next Prime Minister. Then came the back stabbing. Michael Gove acting as the executioner.

One of the most divisive people in government, Gove does not appear to have any redeeming features. He admitted he has no charisma (except that perhaps of a snake) or personality to speak of. He does however have the most slappable face of any politician as those of you have played the game on Facebook will know.

Theresa may looks like the most likely Prime Minister, but not being a betting man.....

There's worse to come. It'll take two years (minimum) before this country actually leaves the EU which will inevitably see a period of economic uncertainty. This country will have serious problems and the Chancellor despite all his austerity will not reach his surplus target by 2020.

There can be no second referendum, such a proposition goes against the whole notion of democracy. I didn't want this result either but there are no grounds for overturning the vote. Thats it. We have to deal with it.

Brexit has had an effect elsewhere in Europe with growing calls for referendums in not just France but the Netherlands, Italy and led to an East-West split within the remaining nations of the EU. There is the possibility other nations will leave.

Uncertainty across Europe.

The Scottish Nationalists are using this to great advantage and are pushing for a second referendum on Independence. One they may well win. It's not certain as it seems they may have to accept the Euro as their currency rather than the pound which is what the Scots want. Such a move may put voters off.

Again not a betting man. Just saying.

In the midst of all this there is no opposition party. Labour is divided like it has never been divided before. Well since Ramsay Macdonald anyway.

One thing is for certain. Labour is not electable in it's current state. Even if the rebels hadn't voted to get rid of old man Steptoe, not enough voters could have been won over to make a difference, especially with Scotland now frankly lost forever.

The Liberals are still around, with some support but have themselves lost the confidence of a huge swathe of people after their coalition with the Tories. They are going nowhere.

For the time being politics has become more interesting, but at the same time far more dangerous for us ordinary folk than in living memory.

Things will improve, but when?

Sorry I'm not a gambling man.