Thursday, 14 March 2013

Steve Hedley quits Socialist Party

In a surprising move, not commented on much (so far anyway), Steve Hedley, Assistant General Secretary of the RMT has resigned from the Socialist Party. Tucked away on the SP website was the following statement:

"Regarding our conversation earlier the police have dropped the case and I'm currently awaiting the outcome of the RMT investigation.

"I am not in control of when the decision will be made and have been strongly advised against issuing a public statement whilst investigations are ongoing.

"I know this puts the Socialist Party in a difficult position and am therefore resigning my membership.

"I will continue to support TUSC and the NSSN and work constructively with SP comrades."

Given the huge amount of damage the "Comrade delta" affair has done to the Socialist Workers Party, one has to wonder "did he leave or was he pushed?". Certainly the Socialist Party Grandees will be relived by his departure since he continued membership would have proved somewhat embarrassing given the widely publicised allegations of domestic violence that appeared on the Independents website and numerous blogs across the Internet.

His union the RMT will be under a lot of pressure to ensure that their internal investigation is seen as fair and above board given all the adverse publicity.  It should be pointed out that Steve Hedley does of course strenuously deny all charges

The far left will remain under scrutiny for some time to come as a result of allegations against two leading activists.

Regardless of the outcome the current petition by Women in the Labour Movement should be signed and supported by all trade union activists.

Please go the article below for details.

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