Monday, 23 September 2013

UKIP proscribe... Hope not Hate????

HOPE Not Hate

The delegates at last weekend’s UKIP national conference voted to proscribe HOPE not hate. That means any supporter of HOPE not hate cannot now be a member of UKIP.
It's incredible that a party that's desperately denying claims that it is racist bans membership from Britain's largest anti-racist organisation.
UKIP claim HOPE not hate is an extremist organisation, putting us on par with the fascist BNP. This is clearly ridiculous.
UKIP have proscribed HOPE not hate
The reality is that over the last few months we have begun to put UKIP under the microscope. We've exposed the racist rantings of some of their key organisers and councillors. Just in the latest fortnight we have exposed Farage's speech writer and press spokesperson for using insulting and abusive language mocking people with disabilities and the NF past of a Thurrock UKIP councillor, who told us when we confronted him that he saw in UKIP the same things he saw in the NF.
We have got under UKIP's skin and they don't like it. But rather than deal with their own racists they are trying to silence us.
Over the last six months we have had a conversation with our supporters over our attitude to UKIP. Over 3,000 people completed our surveys and 1,200 attended 70 meetings we held around the country. And there is a clear consensus about our position.
HOPE not hate is not against UKIP as a party and we do not take a position on membership of the EU. We do, however, oppose political parties who whip up anti-immigrant prejudice through scaremongering and playing on racist fears. This not only leads to increased racism in our communities but risks pushing the main parties to the right on immigration and multiculturalism.
So, over the next six months, we will continue to scrutinise UKIP. We will monitor their comments, challenge the lies they spread and promote a Britain that celebrates its rich diversity. We will stand up positively for OUR Britain.
UKIP might proscribe us but they will not silence us.
Nick Lowles
Support Hope not Hate

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