Sunday, 27 August 2017

Labour's left turns to hate

The rise of Jeremy Corbyn and his followers was supposed to change politics for the better yet the evidence shows that completely the opposite has happened. It started with Corbyn's supporters joining the Labour Party and bringing some very bad habits with them. These were not the "rank & file" who delivered leaflets, held fund raisers and knocked on doors or even had their occasional say at the local ward meeting.

The Corbynistas were a new breed entirely.

The Labour "left" has always been there and since the party is a broad coalition co-existence was necessary in order for Labour to form a government. There were differences of opinion even open conflicts and every once in a while the far-left infiltrated Labour for their own purposes. The Militant Tendency is the most famous of these.

Today whilst the organised Trotskyists actually form a small if vocally significant minority within the Corbyn movement, the majority have come from the crowds that usually formed the backbones of demonstrations or on-line campaigning. These were people with ideals but no idea on how to implement political policy other than through shouting down their opponents.

Very quickly those of us that were mainstream members or supporters became "red Tories" or "Blue Labour". Blairite was an insult used to isolate and denigrate anyone who dared not to treat the new found Messiah with due reverence.

Jess Phillips reminded The Times yesterday of the huge amount of abuse she got from the (so-called) left. You know the ones that talk about women's rights, identity politics and the like. She received over 600 rape threats. Stop there and think about this. These tweets were not coming from deranged fascists. These were disciples of Corbyn. It makes one wonder what kind of world they will create.

Actually "kind" isn't in their vocabulary. Anyone not with them including the electorate is "Tory Scum or worse a "Zionist. The anti-imperialist agenda of using Israel as the stick with which to bring down the West with soon mutated into outright anti-Semitism. Some of the remarks made by these people don't even bother using the epithet "Zionist" and directly attacks Jews.

Even ethnic minority women are having trouble with these activists who see any criticism of Islam as "Islamophobic" and despite this medieval religion being misogynist, anti-gay and  trampling on basic human rights this modern "left" gives the hate preachers and their followers a get out of jail free card.

It matters not the fate of brown women under Islam according to these activists. Meanwhile half these people revolve their own lives around their genital-orientated politics creating a Heinz like 57 varieties to indulge themselves in.

Meanwhile young brown girls are mutilated but it's "OK" it's part of their culture it would seem. Neither can you even mention Muslim grooming gangs. They are "Asian" according to even the media too afraid to upset the religion that dare not be named..


Meanwhile some idiot newly elected to Parliament says she can't be friends with Tories. These people are in her view just evil. Ridiculous but not new. Even Bevan fell into that trap.

The world of Labour has turned upside down. It is no longer the party of working people. It's been hijacked by the spoilt brats of the Middle Classes more interested in ideological purity than justice.

The road to a new politics will be a long one. Old loyalties die hard and there are still despite thousands of resignations a large number of decent types within Labour. Waiting for times to change which may prove to be a bit like waiting for Godot.

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