Tuesday, 22 August 2017

When "diversity" becomes the oppressor

On the face of it the "diversity" agenda to recognise the rights of individuals might seem a good thing. Everyone should have the basic right to live their lives as they wish don't they? Of course individualism does have it's limits. As much as we all wish to do exactly that the majority of us recognise that others have rights and our rights cannot infringe on theirs.

We have laws to protect society from those who would seek to do us harm. We also have systems to enforce social responsibility to various extents. Within a democracy most of us can find a way of existing the way we wish without harming others.

Free thinking and expression is an essential part of this process. Such freedoms come with responsibilities even though the boundaries may sometimes be grey it can never be right to call for violence and murder against individuals and groups.

Of course there are exceptions to every rule. Pacifism is not an option in a dangerous world. Not all countries, cultures or ideologies are benign and peaceful. There will always be those who seek to oppress, control and kill. They must be opposed at every juncture.

Freedom and Human Rights are never easily won.

Sounds simple doesn't it.

Except it isn't.

There is a growing movement of activists for whom "diversity" means to dictate, to control and to oppress. These are those who pursue the self-indulgence of "safe spaces" (of which there will never be truly any) to avoid hearing any view , any opinion or idea with which they may not agree as it will oppress them and trigger..well.. some hurt to their egos.

When Tory MP David davis was overheard in a pub describing the Cameron/Clegg alliance as "the brokeback coalition" it raised many a wry smile across the land, though frankly it does become a bit much when you can't sit in the pub and have a private chat with your mates. Of course Davis is politician....

Enter the "diversity" brigade.

For years now both here and in America speakers have been banned free speech suppressed especially if it is from those of a more "conservative" vein. Now it has even hit former controversial activists like Germaine Greer demonised for having a view that trans-men are not real women. Not that they should be discriminated against or anything, Just a definition with which in purely biological terms a majority of people might concur.

Islam has become a protected theology despite the fact it is the most oppressive and cultish of all the Abrahamic religions. Don't mention women's rights even though "Sharia" only gives them half the weight of a man and as for gays. It's not a problem to hear speakers in our centres of learning call for homosexuals to be "thrown off mountains or murdered.

But hey let's have a go at Greer.

Oh and those pesky "Zio's" don't have rights. Anti-Semitism is at an all time high across the left.

Sad to say the mainstream right has become more colour blind than the masked lefties contemplating their 57 varieties of pretentious sexuality.  Exactly what is a "demi-sexual" or "allies". Don't bother responding below I'm past the stage of caring.

Teachers tell me that they have to be very careful what they say lest they get reported for being "politically incorrect" even outside school. Can't upset X or Y. It might oppress them poor souls. It's happening in your workplace now or very soon.

Dissidence is verboten. Diversity is here to rescue us from our own free thoughts.

Welcome to oblivion.


  1. We're going to Hell in a handcart....

  2. In the United States, I'm proud more than half the population is considered "Islamaphobic". I can't vote for the leftists anymore because of their defense and desire to import Islam. It is an evil ideology to the core. I'm a transman and I have to look out for my own self interests.