Saturday, 4 November 2017

The left behaving badly

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When the news broke about the alleged misconduct of a number of Tory MP's and Ministers the Corbynite left was wringing it's hands with glee until.....some accusations were laid at their doorstep.

Anyone would be forgiven for thinking sex scandals were the sole province of the right given that the left are supposedly the champions of women's rights, trouble is that couldn't be further from the truth. When I first started blogging some five years ago the big story on the left was about "comrade delta" a member of the Central Committee of the Socialist Workers Party being accused of rape. The SWP split asunder under the weight of an attempted cover up by the SWP leadership, yet the latest issue of their rag Socialist Worker dares to lecture on how to stop sexual harassment.

We now know there was rampant abuse of SWP members over the years bt leading figures now deceased and there was an unhealthy culture inside their organisation. It wasn't the first time the British Trotskyist movement had seen such a scandal. The leader of the Workers Revolutionary Party, Gerry Healy was expelled for "abusing" the youth of the party.

The fact that sexual abuse takes place across the political spectrum should come as no surprise, but the left far more than the right is prone to conspiritorial theories about such matters.

The pro-Corbyn blog Sqwawkbox has published the denials from Kelvin Hopkins and Clive Lewis. Both men have allegations against them that remain unproven. That is both a fact and a basic tenet of justice in this country that someone is innocent until proven guilty. What is disturbing though are the comments these satements have attracted:

Posting under the name of Guanacaste Kid, one Corbynite:

This is another attack. Probably by the “Establishment”, maybe by the Blairite Faction and distantly possibly the work of Mossad (given the Israeli aim to stop JC at all costs).

Casual anti-Semitism at it's worst.

What was really disturbing though was the following comment from Allan Howard about Bex Bailey coming forward with her rape experience:

And the Bex Bailey story sounds totally implausible as well. Where did this “rape” supposedly take place? Did the person in question drag her into the bathroom or somewhere by the hair in front of everyone.

And if it really DID happen, which I doubt very much, then as a consequence of her NOT reporting it to the police (and only bringing it to the attention of LP officials two years later anyway), this purported rapist could well have raped again. And again and again. But THAT obviously didn’t for one moment cross her mind. And I do not believe for one millisecond that any LP official that, on being told by someone that they had been raped, would tell her to keep quiet about it. It totally beggars belief

If the Establishment can hijack the Labour Party, as they did with Blair & Co, you can be 150% sure that they can smash windows when it serves their purpose, and put big signs up saying Tories should be hanged with two dummies hanging underneath etc, etc, then they are of course capable of anything. Like justifying the military invasion of a soverign country and hundreds of thousands of people being killed – murdered in actual fact – and hundreds of thousands more being maimed and crippled, and all the pain and devastation caused to those who lost loved ones, etc, etc, and all based on a Big Nazi-type Lie.

See THEM for what they are!

No one has been named yet (to my knowledge) but because the author of this comment doesn't like Ms Bailey's politics he denigrates her just because she thinks differently. 

Even Emily Thornberry (and I'm no fan of hers) has come out stating she is disgusted with her party. None of the parties are unaffected. The Liberal Dems had their own scandals before the last election including the disgusting revelations about Cyril Smith.

There can be no cover-ups and that includes any misbehaviour on the so-called left. The Corbynistas have much to learn about basic humanity. There is no sign of this new kinder politics but then it was a myth from the start.

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