Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Far left launch election campaign in PCS

As expected the far left in PCS has launched its' election campaign hot on the heels of the announcement by the PCS National Executive Committee (NEC) that the union will be balloting for industrial action. The same situation happened last year as the comrades utilise their dominance of the PCS to push through their political agenda and retain control of the union.

The far left in PCS hide behind a number of "fronts" in PCS.  They present themselves to members as the Democratic Alliance, which itself consists of the Left Unity group and their fellow travellers in the PCS Democrats.

Left Unity is the larger of the two groups and is itself an alliance of the Socialist Party,  the Socialist Workers Party, a few remaining Communists, some odds n'sods plus a number of left-wing Labour Party activists amongst others. 

The control of the organisation is firmly in the hands of the Socialist Party and is organised in such a way to maintain their control. The main leaders of the SP are John McInally (PCS Vice-President), Chris Baugh (Assistant General Secretary) and PCS President Janice Godrich. Dissent is always firmly dealt with as the experiences of ex-Socialist Party supporters Jane Aitchison (deposed as DWP Group President) and Rob Williams (thrown off the NEC) show.

Their latest missive published on the Left Unity website says that "PCS has continued to grow in strength and reputation as a fighting union" the leaflet goes on to claim that "the union has achieved negotiated settlements which have protected members interests".

Nothing could be further from the truth.

Under Mark Serwotka and the Socialist Party the union has continually failed to make any significant achievements on members behalf. The nearest they got was protecting pensions under the Labour Government and then for entirely sectarian reasons ran candidates against Labour (as the Trade Union & Socialist Alliance ). In order to protect members interests the return of a Labour government would have been in our interests as the new Coalition Government has thrown out our Pensions deal.

In fact as a result of their leadership PCS has become marginalised even in the rest of the trade union movement and started the union on the course to becoming a political party by "standing and supporting candidates" in Parliamentary elections.

This continued politicisation has also completely undermined our unions facilities. 

Following  disastrous attempt to launch a poorly supported strike in the UK Border Agency on the eve of the Olympics, the Tories retaliated with plans to withdraw the bulk of trade union "facility time", which when implemented in later this year will leave PCS in the weakest position in its' history. Some success comrades!

PCS members can no longer afford to leave the union in the hands of these Marxist fools. Their blinkered ideology and barmy ideas are beginning to erode the unions credibility beyond repair. 

PCS must return to mainstream trade unionism before its too late.

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