Thursday, 31 January 2013

Leninism was never the answer

The crisis in the Socialist Workers Party seems to be spiralling even more out of control as the latest article on the internal opposition blog International Socialism by Linda Rogers illustrates:

I have also faced the argument that the DC has investigated 9 rapes in the past (I’m not clear on how recently these ‘investigations’ were conducted).  I believe this argument is put forward to reassure comrades of the competency of the DC.  I don't find it reassuring in the slightest; in fact I find it terrifying. 

Nine more rapes? How on earth has the SWP managed to keep all this under raps all these years?

At the same time the leadership have started calling supporters of the opposition inside the SWP to "meetings" to"discuss matters". This has prompted opposition leaders China Melville and Richard Seymour to offer the following advice:

Don't be intimidated. It's our party. You are not alone, much as the CC may wish to make you feel isolated. 

DON'T go alone to one of these meetings. If "invited", accept, and tell the CC member or organiser the names of three other comrades who will be coming with you. Stick to your guns on this. 

Intimidation is obviously expected.

There are questions members of the SWP should asking themselves. What kind of party cult do you belong to? How can an organisation that claims to stand for human liberation behave like this? Why do you exist in a regime of fear?

This has all happened before and I don't mean just the Workers Revolutionary Party under Gerry Healy which imploded for almost exactly the same kinds of problems that the SWP face now.

It is time to really read about what happened after Bolshevik coup in 1917. Lenin and Trotsky laid the foundations of dictatorship. They suppressed all non-Bolshevik socialists and anarchists long before any opposition within the "party" itself.

Read about how Trotsky developed the methodology that was used to suppress the Trade Union and Workers "oppositions" within the Communist Party. See how Stalin learnt from this to use against Trotsky and the left opposition. The whole history of the Leninist movement has been one of anti-democratic political pogroms leading to mass murder and dictatorship.

The ideology is flawed and yet just like a religion there remain those who resort to solace in theological-like iconology around Lenin & Trotsky, utilising their writings as "holy texts" to justify continuing this failed project as if it would have been different only if.... except it wouldn't have been.

The time has come to bury the mythology of Leninism (or Trotskyism) whatever you wish to call it. The near religiosity of the followers of these ideas has led to brutality in state power and even it would seem in the modern day sects that try to continue the failed dream.

The SWP is clearly beyond redemption. If members wish to save themselves then it is time not to reform the party, but to leave it and reclaim their basic humanity away from the cultish regime they have voluntarily placed themselves under over the years.

Social reform not revolution is the answer. Not as "exiting" as revolutionary politics perhaps but at least us reformists are free to think for ourselves.

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