Friday, 18 January 2013

The bizarre claims that Jews are behind the SWP Crisis

The far left is very strange place indeed judging by the current crisis in the Socialist Workers Party.  How the comrades seemed to think they could act as both "Judge & Jury" in the matter of a serious crime such as rape has been a matter for much discussion both on the Internet and some of the major newspapers. You'd think it couldn't possibly get any worse.

But it does.

A few days ago Harry's Place published a series of exchanges taken from one of these so-called "anti-Zionist" blogs. On it there are some disturbing exchanges involving Steve Hedley, the Assistant General Secretary of the RMT union. Commenting on the current crisis in the SWP he says:

the closet Zionists are now attacking Martin smith,any diversion to stop people condemning the Israeli states atrocities

This proved too much for even some of the regular visitors to that particular website.

Go to:

As if that wasn't bad enough the following was written by Gilad Atzmon, Jazz Musician and anti-Semite:

I met some very nice people in the SWP, but I also came across their many Jewish gate-keepers and tribal operators.

Atzmon then goes on to claim that Martin Smith is not being pursued as a "sex offender" but because:

They harass him because he gave me a platform in spite of the Jewish demand to ban me. They want to bring Martin Smith down simply because he didn't obey his tribal masters.

Even more bizarrely he writes about SWP dissident Richard Seymour (editor of Lenin's Tomb) and Laurie Penny (New Statesman journalist) in the following manner:

Our Jews and their very own Sabbath Goyim, Seymour and Penny must be in total despair.

At one time the SWP touted this absurd little bigot around the Labour  and Trade Union movement.

So now you know. Its' "the Jews what done it". Don't they always.

That's anti-Semitism pure and simple.

These two men should be ashamed of themselves.

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