Saturday, 16 February 2013

UPDATED: Saturday Notes & Updates

There have been a few developments in a couple of the stories I have been covering on this blog which I have outlined below:

The SWP Crisis and the "real world"

There is an unconfirmed rumour that at a meeting of the Unite Against Fascism last week Martin Smith was "removed" from his post as Assistant Secretary of the UAF. If true this would be a serious blow to the credibility (such as it remains) of the Socialist Workers Party, especially as Alex Callinicos wants  Smith to "return to full time political activity."

Smith remains listed at the UAF website though.

Meanwhile there is a Unison Women's Conference taking place today at which the SWP is trying to make a "major intervention". However controversy has taken place over the subject matter for their main leaflet entitled "Challenge those who trivialise rape". Not a very wise choice given the current controversies surrounding the SWP.

You can see their leaflet on twitter here:

One observer stated that there had been an argument between Cathy Elliot (a Guardian feminist) and the SWP over this.

For a more detailed examination of the latest news on the SWP, I have written an article for Harry's Place which was published this morning:

Finally (for now) there is an amusing take on the whole affair here:

UPDATE: The list of 500 Central Committee supporters includes at least 10 members of PCS. I have identified Anna Owen (Euston), Candy Udwin and Marriane Owen (who is currently standing for the PCS National Executive Committee on the Democracy alliance slate). Others mentioned are: Helen S (Birmingham), Cathy C (West London), Geoff D (Birmingham), Joel H (Walthamstow), Pete J (Birmingham) Russel W (Leeds), Jukie W (Nottingham).

My only comment is: You lot should all be ashamed of yourslves.

Gay Author offers his services to DC Comics

Following the protests over DC Comics hiring "homophobic" science fiction writer Orson Scott-Card, award winning author David Garrold has written to DC offering his services to write a Superman story "for balance". He says;

“I see that you have hired a writer for Superman who has written strongly of his opposition to equal rights for LGBT people. And I see that there is an online petition protesting that move,” he wrote on Facebook. “Perhaps you could balance that decision by hiring an openly gay writer to draft a Superman story for a future issue.”

Garrold is probably best known for writing the famous "The trouble with tribbles" episode for Star Trek, and has written and published quite a few other well known peices of TV and literature. I would welcome his "take" on Superman. However the argument that he should be hired "for balance" seems a bit spurious since DC has (and does) hire "openly gay writers" (and artists for that matter).

In any case the debate continues unabated and you can read the full report (with comments) at:

And now Enid Blyton

I was sent a link to a story about a growing controversy in Beaconsfield over plans to celebrate the 75th anniversary of Enid Blyton moving to their town. Not all the residents are happy and the arguments taking place do have some parallels with the Orson Scott-Card row.

Bylton's writings are probably seen by most as somewhat dated these days and I only have vague memories of her books from my childhood since I started reading DC Comics at a very early age (and never looked back) but they still sell hundreds of thousands of copies apparently. Much of her stuff is considered racist by many, whilst others see her books as "products of the time she lived in". Another debate that will continue unabated whilst her work remains in print.

You can find the article from the Daily Telegraph here:

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