Sunday, 3 February 2013

SWP National Committee meets oblivious to the roots of their crisis

The crisis inside the largest far left organisation the Socialist Workers Party continues unabated. The SWP National Committee is meeting this morning to consider its' response to the fallout of the "Comrade Delta" affair and the open rebellion of large sections of their members, especially students in the face of strident criticism from well... everywhere.

The SWP  are preparing to take action against the "opposition", the outcome of which will become clear later today. The Socialist Unity blog published documents submitted to the SWP NC late last night:

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One commentator on their list has described these as "the new longest political suicide note in history". Not entirely sure about that as despite the protestations of sections of the far left (SWP included) the workers they claim to want to liberate won't actually even notice if these people disappeared over night. What it does have a clear effect on is the attitude towards "Leninism" amongst the left-wing political classes.

Most of us realised a long time ago that the ideology of Marx, Lenin, Trotsky Stalin and Mao was fundamentally flawed. There has never been a successful "socialist revolution" based on these men's ideas. From the Bolshevik coup onwards Marxism-Leninism has always led to dictatorship and mass murder. Only a cult mentality like that which exists in the SWP (and others) has allowed these disgraced ideas to retain a degree of (undeserved) legitimacy.

The SWP has not been alone in its dangerously flawed promotion of ideas as a similar crisis erupted in the Workers Revolutionary Party twenty years ago (see link in yesterdays post below).  The issue having now appeared in several national newspapers will not go away. The latest article is in today's issue of the Observer:

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Also worth reading is this piece from Paul Anderson, a former editor of Tribune, an individual clearly on the left who declares "Leninism is dead".

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It is clear that the leaders of the SWP have no idea of the damage they have done to themselves. All their venom is aimed at dissidents, the National Press and bloggers. The last resort of a cult of fools is to blame "outsiders". Leninism is clearly brain dead.

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