Friday, 15 February 2013

Trade Unions Linking Israel & Palestine

Guest Post by Eric Lee

Histadrut takes on the government yet again – new round of strike threats over contract work

Last year’s historic general strike which caused the right-wing Netanyahu government to cave into to union demands for restriction of contract labour turned out to be the beginning of a long fight. Yesterday the Histadrut, Israel’s national trade union centre, formally declared a dispute with the government, meaning that in another 14 days, strikes and other industrial action become possible once again.

Spain: 5 key union federations back Israel boycott campaign and Palestinian ‘right of return’

Last month five key Spanish trade unions in the Galicia region publicly embraced the campaign of boycotts, divestments and sanctions (BDS) targetting Israel.

West Bank health care workers strike – demand payment of salaries on time

First it was the teachers, and now it’s the health care workers in the West Bank who have been forced to take strike action to protest late payment (and sometimes non-payment) of their salaries.  The health care workers union has announced a one day strike for Thursday, threatening to shut the entire system down and opening up clinics only one day a week to serve the local population.

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