Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Breaking News: Serwotka suspends PCS Reps in SOCA!

At 4PM this afternoon letters from the PCS General Secretary  Mark Serwotka were delivered to the President and other Reps in the PCS Serious and Organised Crime Agency (SOCA) suspending them from their positions in the union. They have also been told their conference attendance will not be permitted and PCS has written to Management telling them that the SOCA Reps no longer are accredited trade union Representatives.

The SOCA reps will be facing Rule 10 complaints (that allows for disciplinary action for "bringing the union into disrepute or in Socialist Party terms purging their opponents). Normally disciplinary action is not taken until after someone is actually found "guilty" by the PCS "Star Chamber". Not this time, Serwotka says he is "acting to protect the union". This extreme action by the far left PCS leadership is far from unexpected.

The background to this is the SOCA Group Executive negotiating a deal in the light of the removal of their right to strike in the a new act of Parliament due to come in force in October:


Currently PCS members have been denied their own representation in SOCA as the PCS centre has now taken over direct control.

The Reps were originally summonsed to an extraordinary meeting of the National Executive Committee which was run by Socialist Party Witch Finder General, John McInally. The SOCA President said that Serwotka and Godrich (the PCS President) should have shown respect by turning up to the meeting but were informed these two Grandees were doing "important things", which was looking at the PCS election results actually which were due at the same time.

There were strenuous attempts to get the SOCA Reps to resign, which they refused. Surely the members in SOCA are the ones who should decide who their representatives should be, not a coven of Socialist Party and SWP members on the NEC! So much for democracy!

One of the main issues that seems to have riled the PCS Grandees has been the establishment of a "Staff Association" which SOCA members appalled by the actions of the PCS leaders, have been flocking to in large numbers. Circulars telling members not to attend meetings have been falling on deaf ears and the future even of a rump PCS in SOCA is in abeyance at the moment.

According to reports, the Staff Association will be like PCS but without the "aggro" they have been getting from Serwotka and his cronies.

There will be more news to come. Watch this space!

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