Thursday, 2 May 2013

Vote Labour today-still time to vote!

There is a debate going on over at Socialist Unity about voting Labour or not. I just posted this in the comments section as I got a wee bit annoyed (unforgivable I know) but it happens!

mark anthony france: I just got back from the polling station – I could not bring myself to vote Labour not even with a clothes peg on my nose…
I spoilt my ballot…
Well that was helpful. Its all very well to sit at your PC with an air of superiority and keep your ideological stance “pure” but that doesn’t actually help anyone.
As a trade unionist I have to live in the real world, one where members never mention Marx or Lenin or all the other such joyous icons of the far left and their failed(lets face it they failed badly) ideas.
Everyone knows how bad things are, hell I haven’t had a pay rise for 5 years and like others am now struggling. My pension was only “protected” because of my age and the loss of our agreement with the last LABOUR Government was a real blow.
It seems my last few years as a trade unionist will shortly see me having to do nearly everything in the evenings rather than have a proper facilities agreement which wasn’t under threat from Labour, but is from the bloody Tories.
There would have been cuts under Labour but probably nowhere as bad as the rushed and botched job the Coalition are undertaking, certainly less job cuts in the Public Sector and we would have our civil service redundancy agreement givings members a much better chance of riding this crisis out.
So yes well done comrade you have proved to me exactly why the far left in this country is so impotent.
Zaid: Had TUSC been standing, I would have voted for it. Had Respect been standing, I would have voted for it. Had the WRP been standing, or the SWP, the SPGB, the SLP, or literally any other formation of the left, I would have voted for it
Well they wern’t and no likely hood of such on any kind of scale for the foreseeable future. There are not even enough people of your ilk to even start this. With the SWPs claims of 7,000 members being shown to be so bogus and only the Socialist Party even going into 4 figures you are welcome to wait for the far left version of Godot.
I’m not. Labour ain't perfect but its actually all we have got and in the real world that's what counts. There are no elections in London but I have posted a VOTE LABOUR poster on my blog and will leave it there until the polling stations close.
If you haven’t voted yet, get your shoes and do so. There are Labour Candidates and they need your vote.
Or sit here and whinge on line. Up to you “comrade”.

I feel better now!

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