Tuesday, 21 May 2013

The "Dear Leader" of PCS claims he is "heads and shoulders" above the rest

Speaking to the HMRC Group Conference in Brighton yesterday Mark Serwotka made an astonishing and rather vainglorious remark about the PCS union in stating that:

"Our union still stands head and shoulders above every public sector union in the UK - so there is every reason to be optimistic."

Such arrogance has become the hallmark of the far-left led PCS union it would seem. This came at the end of a speech in which he had also claimed that:

"Our range of tactics have so far been very effective, demonstrated in efforts management have tried to make to disrupt our action.

Really? Don't think the rest of us have noticed that. Rather that the action has been ignored not only by the Government, but by the vast majority of members as well. The action has barely attracted a third of members even at its height, and support, particularly in some departments has been declining exponentially ever since.

Yet his followers who now dominate events at the annual bash in Brighton have decided the time has come to launch extra strikes and "increase the pressure" (as they like to see it) on the Government. A report republished on the Socialist Party website claims:

The conference opened today against the backdrop of the union's three-month national campaign that has led to strikes and walkouts involving up to 250,000 public servants nationally and in government departments and agencies.

Passing the first motion of the day delegates agreed the next phase of the campaign will include a new national strike towards the end of June and further walkouts and protests across civil and public services, alongside other unions where possible. Dates will be set at a later date.

Moving the motion Mark Serwotka said: "We should be in no doubt that we are in the fight of our lives.

More strikes? There is little appetite for those that have already been held let alone more. Some reps have complained about the lack of further consultation, not that the unions "consultative" meetings are anything of the sort. These meetings are held to lay down the "line" rather than genuine opinion gathering, and are usually packed with political activists vying to be the most militant in order to achieve "brownie points" with their various faction leaders.

The political activists who run the union are clearly living in an ideological cul-de-sac oblivious to the world around them. Recognising reality isn't and never has been one of their strong-points.

Neither is free speech either. Following their disgraceful witch-hunting of PCS reps in SOCA (see previous reports on this blog), Mark Serwotka had this to say about the UKIP:

He congratulated the protesters who drove UKIP leader Nigel Farage out of Edinburgh when he visited the city earlier this month.

Whys that then?  The actions of the so-called "Radical Independence" group were an affront to free speech and democracy. Serwotka should be ashamed of himself  for aligning himself with these reprobates. He also backs the UK Uncut protesters whose actions helped wreck the biggest TUC demo in years when we were fighting for pensions.

The PCS leadership is out of touch with the real world. Their priorities are their own political agendas. SOCA members have shown they have had enough, the majority of members have switched off from voting in elections or taking part in ballots, let alone striking for what is clearly a lost campaign.

PCS is not "heads and shoulders above the other public sector unions" as he claims. In fact the actions of Serwotka and his cronies have made life more difficult for everybody else. If this shower continue on their current course more people will begin to question their membership of the union.

The time has come for a complete change of direction for PCS, with new ideas for the 21st Century, lets  hope its not too late.

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