Wednesday, 5 July 2017

Militant feeling left out

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Readers may recall that the Socialist Party  the group that used to be known as the Militant Tendency launched a campaign to get 75 of their members reinstated inside the Labour Party. They even put a petition on-line. Trouble was nobody but members of their own declining and isolated sect plus a couple of hangers on signed it. This "campaign faded away...

But it seems the comrades have not given up hope and The Coventry Telegraph reports:

Former Labour MP Dave Nellist has failed in his bid to rejoin the party under Jeremy Corbyn .

Mr Nellist was expelled from the party in 1991 for being too left wing and is currently leader of the Trade Union and Socialist Coalition (TUSC). He is also a member of the Socialist Party.

He was among 75 people expelled from the party who wrote to the party’s National Executive Committee asking to be re-admitted in November 2016 .

But Labour Party general secretary Iain McNicol has written to Mr Nellist and others to say they are not eligible to rejoin while they are affiliated to another political party.

However, Mr Nellist told the Telegraph he was not giving up and was now actively pursuing a coalition between the Socialist Party and Labour which would allow members to have dual membership.

Allowing members of the Socialist Party/Militant membership of the Labour Party seems too much even for Commissar McNicoll it would seem.  As for a "coalition", even members of Momentum must be pissing themselves with laughter at that thought.

The problem for the Socialist Party (and it's rival the SWP) is that Corbynism has undermined their potential for recruiting new cadres. These groupscules have become even more irrelevant than they were in the past. Even though the SP control the largest civil service union the PCS, the comrades have found that two-thirds of the union's branches are opposed to affiliating to the Labour Party.

Comrade Nellist has practically nothing to bring to the table except perhaps a turgid weekly newspaper that hardly anyone reads, even on-line because it's so boring.

Times up comrades time to retire to the south of France where there's a whole colony of old Millie's enjoying the sunshine.

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