Sunday, 9 July 2017

More Pointless Anarchist Violence

Every time the G20 meets there is a riot. So often in fact that despite the rampant violence orchestrated by hardline anarchists that it barely makes a mark on the news anymore. Just another riot consisting of masked, black clothed youths smashing windows, burning cars and rucking with the police.

Its happened so often one wonders if anyone, the participants included actually remember what they are protesting about.  Looks like sheer nihilism to me rather than any polical statement.

The German Anarchist Federation website refers to the event as "the big event of the left-radical scene in 2017".  
The Black Rose published a statement which included:

In Hamburg and in every village, an infinite number of targets are suitable for destruction, so we should start now with it. So that in July 2017 the alienation between the world of the G - 20 and the rest has become so great, that we no longer need summits to come together. The militant campaign against the G8 in Heiligendamm 2007 could serve as a model, because it also gave, apart from pointless preliminary proceedings, a new generation of activists through self-determined clandestine actions and the fleeing cops from the hail of stones in Rostock, a Feeling of their own strength and the possibilities of horizontal organization.

In addition we also call for a theoretical deepening of our practice, in which the presence or absence of anarchy should be tested for revolts, as recently as France, spectacles such as Frankfurt in March 2015, rituals such as on May 1, or in The everyday neighborhood policy and in the fight against the Nazis.

Because everywhere we are, we can not complain about the dominance of reformists. And where there are only empty phrases with an available, it makes the superficial chattering of the "consensus of actions" heard with following distancing. Such a discourse would have to go beyond the hitherto (welcome) brief G - 20 references in the responsibility claims.

Attack G-20 summit! Throw Hamburg into chaos! Destroy the European fortress!

Insurrection News reports of their "victories" on behalf of the people.
During the early morning of the summit on Saturday, we torched a diplomatic vehicle (license plate beginning with ‘0’) parked in the Dohrnweg in Hamburg-Sternschanze. The minibus used for transportation of government members was completely destroyed, a friendly welcome to the political riots that took place in the neighborhood.

We would like to document this action as one of many that took place during the insurgent days in Hamburg that cannot be condemned as either ‘senseless’ or ‘randomly targeted.’ We stand in complete solidarity with the looting and the rioting of the summit nights that some are currently condemning as ‘counterproductive’. 

So there you have it. This minor piece of destruction is seen as some kind of major move forward for the workers. 

Having witnessed small groups of anarchists riot on our pensions march a few years ago these morons have nothing to offer anyone. Making a country "ungovernable" as their slogan on the cover of GaiDo suggests won't liberate anyone. If anything those that would suffer the most would be the weakest and most vulnerable in society.

Political violence is a sign of failure and those that indulge in it usually become the oppressors themselves.

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