Sunday, 2 July 2017

The usual suspects

Photo: By Nirwrath

The first time I came across The Canary (no link, I consider it a hate site) was when they attacked Charlie Brooker for daring, yes daring to take the piss out of their high and mighty Jeremy Corby. A frightening prospect that the lefts thought police were hard at work not just in universities suppressing anyone they didn't agree with in case it "triggered" them (whatever that really f*cking means).

Ban meeting, ban speakers, ban papers and ban humour, or at least anything that takes the mick out of them. It's not exactly a new phenomenon. Used to see it at PCS union conference. Always some jerk (or jerks) who don't think anyone has the right to to take the piss out of their politics.

Yet this week were subjected to the self-righteous editor of The Canary one Kerry-Anne Mendoza on Question Time. It takes all-sorts I suppose and frankly anything is better than that washed out old opportunist George Galloway. The claim that the Canary is "alternative media is nonsense. Like the RT Channel or Press TV it just serves up propaganda.

Then came the march to bring down the Tories that John McDonnell called for. A million would hit the streets and May would not last one day longer. In the event despite the staged bromance between the lefts previous Messiah, Mark Serwotka and the new one Jeremy Corbyn at most the event attracted 15 to 20,000 people. Not really the stuff revolutions are made of.

So much for mob rule thankfully.

Meanwhile that champion of human rights Gerry Adams (no laughing at the back) was marching for Gay Marriage in Northern Ireland. Too much to answer for that "man" and comrade of Corbyn. Besides his well known past Sinn Fein want to unite with Eire which last time I looked was a Christian theocracy. Hardly a place for equal rights even if they do have an openly gay PM.

Then to top it all at the annual commemoration of those that fell in the Spanish Civil War Tosh McDonald hurled abuse about Israel at the time a Jewish man went to lay his reef. Appalling. Not anti-Zionism. Just hate. Israel had nothing to do with this event and the ASLEF leader knew that.

He has brought his union into disrepute and is facing accusations of anti-Semitism. I wonder why?

This is the reality of today's left. Blind faith, propaganda, mob rule and racism.

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