Wednesday, 27 September 2017

Labour is neither mainstream or electable

The continuing degeneration of the Labour Party and its current leadership have been at the centre of much attention during its recent conference with Jeremy Corbyn proclaiming that the Labour Party was "now the mainstream". Nothing could be further from the truth.

The party has been at the centre of a number of accusations about the behaviour of it's left-wing activist base who it would seem have created not just an atmosphere of misogyny as seen in the vile abuse thrown at moderate female MP's but came to the fore with quite credible threats of violence against BBC journalist Laura Kuenssberg.

Then there's anti-Semitism.

Over the years such anti-Jewish racism has been very much the preserve of a few die-hard Nazi's but with the rise of "palestinianism" on the left,  the ideology of anti-Zionism has morphed into a quite aggressive form of anti-Zionism. Most Jews support the state of Israel therefore are all Zionists and in the comrades world view Jewish nationalism is "racist" making all Jews fair game.

For years Corbyn, McDonell have added support for Hamas and Hezbollah to the IRA and other lists of "struggles" to bring down world imperialism or Western democracy as most people call it. The fate of the Jews is of indifference to them despite the genocidal views of the Arab/Islamic terrorists the left support. After there are many more millions to of Arabs and Muslims that can be won to the cause.

It's hardly surprising to find that in this environment that the left has completely toxic view that have only been wallpapered over in the great amendment debate carried out by the united pary. Already Corbyn's fixer has thrown his unions weight behind the vile Jackie walker and Tony Greenstein's group. That ASLEF has joined McCluskey in supporting a group that allowed Holocaust denier to speak at their rally is a disgrace.

Do members of Unite or ASLEF have any say in any of this? We should be told.

As the Muslim minority in Burma flees massacres are any of the comrades to be found protesting? No. No Jews. No interest. Burma is not central to the fall of West. The Rohingya can be abandoned like so many others that have no place in the plans of the communist hordes.

They are not the only ones abandoned. Add to the list Tibetans and the Kurds. Forget the plight of women, gays and secularists in Muslim countries. Just defend Iran against imperialism. That's the line the left takes.

Meanwhile Corbyn has been turned into a cult figure. A messiah with chants of "oh Jeremy Corbyn" wisping across the conference floor from the ideologically blind and insane.

With an economic policy that even Corbyn thinks would cause a run on the pound a Labour government would lead to bankruptcy in a way even Hugo Chavez could not achieve. Our allies would be abandoned and the security of this country put at risk.

Never has a major party been such a danger to the country.

National Socialist ambitions did not end with the Sudetenland. Corbyn raises his piece of paper. It's not worth the paper it's written on whilst Walker, Greenstein McCluskey and others stalk the parties meetings. They are not the fringe. They are Labour tomorrow.

The moderates cannot control them.

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