Sunday, 29 July 2018

The censorious left

Hardly a day passes (if any) where the Labour Party's internecine war is big news. Recently the row over anti-Semitism in Labour's midst has seen the NEC pour oil on the fire by amending the widley accepted code of conduct.

The leader of Momentum despite denials that such sentiments were widespread in Labour was forced to admit;

Jon Lansman, leader of the Left-wing Momentum campaign group, said last week: ‘We have a unique problem. We have to handle far more cases than anybody else.’

Daily Mail , July 28 2018

However it doesn't end there as Dan Hodges reports a potential split of maybe "20 MP's" because the Corbynistas are unbearable (Unlikely in my view) now tweets:

Odd. Getting some furious tweets from Corbynites about my article saying Labour moderates are preparing to leave. I thought that's what the Corbynites wanted. F**k off and join the Tories and all that...

The Corbynistas want the pleasure of deselecting all the moderate MP's themselves. Whilst no fan of Kate Hoey MP (though George Galloway is) her current troubles received the vote of just 42 members in her constituency party where membership is around 2,300. A sign of the dark future  where the activists take control of ward and other internal meetings. 

Of course debating with these people is like banging one's head head against a wall. The hard left along with the censorious Identity politics brigade refuse to accept that Islam, Trans activists and the other 57 varieties of (mainly) male self indulgence can be criticised. Makes the perpetrator "racist" even though Islam is man made theology just like the bogus "scientific socialism" of Marx, Lenin & either Trotsky or Stalin. Islam is not a race by any definition.

The accusation of transphobia has been added to the taboo of "Islamophobia" by the comrades. Trans activists demands undermine women's spaces. 

The first thing falling under the left is freedom of expression. You are not allowed to disagree. That is Corbyn's Labour. 

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