Saturday, 25 May 2019

Boris and Corbyn are no choice at all

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I woke up and caught the end of McDonnell whining on Radio 4 about "extremists" in a reference to the Conservatives. Too tired to laugh I just scowled, like most people not at my best first thing in the morning. Even the cat decided to start screeching, though her demand to be fed  inspired me to put the coffee on and consider the future after May.

It's highly likely the erratic Boris Johnson will become the next Prime Minister judging by the reaction of grassroots Tories. They will want to woo back the millions that have chosen to vote for the Brexit Party in the Euro elections in attempt to save their party from extinction.

Meanwhile The Quisling Jeremy Corbyn is calling for a general election in the hope his unruly mob can form the next government. Not going to happen yet. Boris despite his demeanour is no fool even if he acts like one. Boris will want to establish his firm hand on both his party & the nation over Brexit and will more than likely lead us to a "No Deal" exit which may be good for his party but would be bad for the nation despite what the "Brexiteers" say.

And that is the whole problem with the Brexit issue. David Cameron agreed to a referendum to stop a split in his party. He mistakenly and lazily thought it would be an easy win. In fact it divided the nation as do all referendums. By putting his party first he placed the nation in danger.

Theresa May will probably be seen as the worst Prime Minister this side of Chamberlain when history comes to be written. Actually it should be Cameron. he created this mess and ran away. May's attempt to resolve how Brexit implemented was never going to be an easy one and despite her tenacity she simply ran out of a political road to run on.

Now the future may hang on a man who with only personal self interest in mind decided to go for a Brexit campaign despite having openly supported the EU in his tenure as Mayor of London. Boris may have tipped the balance, we'll never really know.  The referendum was divisive from the start and has left the country in a mess. The Tories more divided than if Cameron hadn't have gone for a referendum in the first place.

Waiting in the wings is a Labour Party that not only is no longer fit for purpose, but is led by a man who proclaims pacifism whilst befriending some of the worst terrorists imaginable. The IRA, Hamas, Hezbollah and the world's dictators are amongst his causes yet he would disarm this country and be unable to to act if a major terrorist atrocity hit these shores.

His supporters led by a modern version of Lord Haw Haw in the form of the political child Owen Jones, are a rabble of undisciplined and aggressive individuals who would become authoritarian if ever handed the reins of power as their intolerance, institutional racism and misogyny show. A future would run red indeed.

The need for an alternative to these men has never been greater and yet so distant. The country is in danger and no one capable of raising Excalibur exists to save us

Time for Change in the UK.

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