Wednesday, 12 June 2019

Boris: A short trip to power?

Photo:By Arp (Image Number 6514 at Mushroom Observer)

The election for the new leader of the Conservative Party has turned out to be slightly more interesting than originally anticipated as several candidates admit to drug taking. Makes them all seem a little more human, especially in Michael Gove's case which I thought would be particularly difficult.

As for Boris we still have no idea though I amuse myself with the notion he might have eaten a few magic mushrooms which might explain his bizarre behaviour.  Still old "shagger Johnson" has a reputation of his own.

The front runner of course is of course Boris. He may get a serious challenger but short of making a major blunder that upsets his core Tory supporters I still think he is likely to win by a mile. Pity really given his desire for a No Deal Brexit which would be a bloody disaster. Tax cuts are the least of our worries.

Polls are suggesting that Boris would easily beat Corbyn's Labour Party and undermine the Brexit Party completely. The Liberal Democrats would have a modest revival and Labour will continue to eat itself.

Regrettably the more level headed Tory candidates Rory Stewart and my own preferred choice, Sajid Javid are not serious contenders inside the Tory party or the country as a whole.  I regret to say whilst London may be ready for a Muslim Mayor, the country is not which is a pity as Javid is a much better politician and role model than Khan will ever be.

Still maybe next time...

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