Thursday, 4 April 2013

Defend Trade Union activists!

United Kingdom

Re-instate Lee Rock!

Lee Rock an activist in PCS Sheffield Branch has been dismissed by the Department of Work & Pensions for exceeding his "consideration point" of sick leave. To outsiders this may sound normal until you realise that this was just two days!

The precedent set by local DWP Managers represents a very real threat not only to Lee himself (who has paid the ultimate price) but also to other members struggling to survive a difficult (and sometimes dangerous job) in DWP Offices especially when they (like Lee) have serious underlying medical problems.

In particular Lee seems to have been singled out for his outspoken trade union activism. This is also of concern at a time when the Government are attacking trade union facilities in the civil service. People have a right to undertake trade union duties on behalf of their members and there is a further concern that this case may be the "tip of the iceberg" in an offensive against PCS Reps in the current climate.

All trade unionists should support Lee' campaign for re-instatement and are invited to support his campaign:

Please go to: for further information.

Messages of support can be sent to: Ask for a copy of the petition.


Drop the charges against labour rights activist Andy Hall

Andy Hall.A labour rights activist, Andy Hall, is facing the possibility of years in prison and a multi-million dollar fine because he helped write a report exposing rights violations, including the use of child labour, by a fruit processing company in Thailand.

The charge against him is that he broadcasted "false statements to the media" -- which is untrue.

Two global union federations have launched an online campaign through LabourStart to mobilize thousands of protest messages demanding that the charges be dropped.

Please take a moment to send off your message - click here.

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