Tuesday, 9 April 2013

NUS: Students walk out over SWP "rape apologist"

The fall out from the Socialist Workers Party crisis seems to have no end in sight it would seem as delegates at NUS Conference walked out in protest over comments made by Tomas Evans, the SWP candidate for Vice President.

Evans described the allegations brought up by rival candidate Naomi Beecroft as "unfounded".

According to Forgetoday (a student website):

Over 100 NUS delegates stormed out of the 2013 conference during a speech given by Tomas Evans, candidate for vice president for higher education.
Evans is a member of the Socialist Workers Party, which has come under attack following allegations of rape apology and covering up sexual abuse.
Members of the SWP were accused of covering up serious allegations of sexual assault when an alleged incident was dealt with as an ‘internal affair’ rather than in a courtroom.
Evans described the allegations, first mentioned by rival candidate Naomi Beecroft, as “unfounded”. As he continued with his speech over a third of the conference floor walked out.
Beecroft said: “It’s amazing to see that reaction. It shows how angry people are that organisation that support rape apology are being given a platform at this event because sexism is a huge problem among students and in wider society. It really gives me faith in the student movement and the people involved. (http://forgetoday.com/)

The speech by Ms Beecroft can be seen on You Tube via the following link:

(Trigger Warning, it will make members of the SWP watching very uncomfortable)

Go to: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cn4icedVJkc

A report by Sarah AB published at Harry's Place published the result which was:

I can report that those who voted with their feet also made their impact in the ballot.  The winning candidate, Rachel Wenstone, was re-elected with 457 votes – Evans secured just 15.

More problems for Stalinicos

Further trouble is ahead for the Professor and his crew as the annual Marxism bash is collapsing due to lack of speakers and probably visitors to!

I wrote a short piece for Harry's Place this afternoon which you can find via the link below.

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