Monday, 22 April 2013

PCS Elections: A member in BIS writes

Guest Post by Rod West

If you were looking for a career would you consider the Civil Service? Me neither. Wages frozen, pensions more expensive and worth less and terms and conditions in the process of being decimated. Doesn’t sound good does it but the Government tell us it’s a good thing and makes for a better Civil Service.

You would think this would be the perfect time for PCS to ride to the rescue of the membership, but what has actually happened? The answer is not a lot. Despite the call to man the barricades 80% of members didn’t vote in the strike ballot and you have to ask yourself why in the most difficult situation members have faced apathy rules? I believe the answer is simple. The National Leadership of PCS is out of touch with the membership at large and seems to be hell bent on confrontation with the Government at any cost. This is bad enough but the really worrying thing is that the whole campaign is being influenced and co-ordinated by fringe political parties outside of the union with their own agenda.

The membership is being told that the leadership is doing a wonderful job in their defence, but the reality is they haven’t stopped the attacks on pensions, pay and terms and conditions. If any of us were doing our jobs as badly we would have been dismissed some time ago.

The PCS National Elections are now upon us and if PCS is to survive and be properly connected with the membership it needs to remove the outside influences and return to being a trade union and not the plaything of fringe extreme left parties. It’s time ordinary members took back control and the way to do that is by electing 4themembers candidates, a grouping of non-politically aligned members who will do their utmost to achieve negotiated settlements with the Government in the best interests of the membership.

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