Sunday, 28 April 2013

PCS DWP Group Elections - Vote 4themembers

Guest Post by Joe Cox

To listen to the Group Executive Committee (GEC) you could be forgiven for thinking what a superb lean mean fighting machine we have acting on our behalf.

Unfortunately, some of the GEC’s claims do not bear the results they indicate.

During the year My Civil Service Pension (MyCSP) has been moved into the private sector. Given the precedent and impact this would have on other areas of DWP and indeed, the Civil Service, it should have been an extremely important issue. Alas, the actions of the GEC have fallen well short of ‘acceptable’. Communications were poor (the biggest branch involved was left out of circular distributions), information was constantly out of date and the general response was diluted. Many members resigned from PCS.

The precedent proved apt for other areas. Members in Shared Services were summoned to meetings in early April to be told they were to lose their Civil Service status too. Unbelievably, the GE told Rep’s to be ready to talk to members but gave no briefing or detailed information to give out !!

Now, three weeks later, members still await the PCS response.

Members in other parts of DWP and CMG (CSA as was) are facing major restructuring to the areas they work in. The PCS response is muted and too slow. Rep’s are finding out about changes too late and often after implementation. Clearly the influence of PCS in DWP is waning.

What is clear is that membership and grassroots matters are falling behind in order of importance to more political issues. Members look to the Union to tackle day to issues in a timely and robust manner. However, the GEC and Regional Committees are far more involved in organising against the government.

The message is – if we can’t get the basics right then we fail our members.
PCS in DWP needs to re-focus its efforts and tactics. The current GEC is incapable of doing that.

Vote for the 4themembers candidates

President: Di Breen (DWP North Yorks) 
Vice Presidents: Rachel Barrowclough (DWP East Lancs), Anthony Buchanan (DWP Glasgow Benefit Centre), Joe Cox (DWP Benton Park View), Christine Galligan DWP Manchester & Salford)
Treasurer: Angela Withers (DWP CSA Plymouth)
Assistant Secretaries: Howard Fuller (DWP SW Thames), Steven Jackson (DWP Falkirk CSAC)
Organiser: Gurmit Kang (DWP Devon)
Publications Editor: Peter Galligan (DWP Manchester & Salford)
Group Executive Committee:
Elaine Anderson (DWP Benton Park View)
Rachel Barrowclough (DWP East Lancs)
Di Breen (DWP North Yorks
Anthony Buchanan (DWP Glasgow Benefit Centre)
Joe Cox (DWP Benton Park View )
Peter Doughty (DWP North West Wales)
Howard Fuller (DWP SW Thames)
Peter Galligan (DWP Manchester & Salford)
Mark Hill (DWP CSA Plymouth)
Steven Jackson (DWP Falkirk CSAC)
Gurmit Kang (DWP Devon)
Stuart Leigh (DWP London HQ)
David McBride (DWP Forth Valley & Dunbarton)
Con McGinley (DWP Ayrshire, Dumfries & Galloway)
Dougie McKinlay (DWP Clydeside & Argyle)
Rudi Panayi (DWP Hertfordshire)
David Welch (DWP Ayrshire, Dumfries & Galloway)
Angela Withers (DWP CSA Plymouth)

Further information on 4themembers can be found at:

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