Tuesday, 25 June 2013

One Law for All: The Pro-Islamic Left (Press release)

Two new reports from One Law for All and upcoming events
Siding with the Oppressor: The Pro-Islamist Left
A new report by One Law for All entitled “Siding with the Oppressor: The Pro-Islamist Left” exposes Stop the War Coalition, Respect Party, Unite Against Fascism and individuals such as Ken Livingstone and George Galloway and their agenda and methods.
This section of the Left uses accusations of racism and Islamophobia and a conflation of Muslim with Islamist in order to defend Islamism and Islam rather than out of any real concern for prejudice against Muslims or their rights, particularly since Muslims or those labelled as such are the first victims of Islamism and on the frontlines of resisting it.
The report has been written as a companion volume to “Enemies not Allies: The Far-Right”. Like the far-Right which ‘despises’ multiculturalism yet benefits from its idea of difference to scapegoat the ‘other’ and promote its own form of white identity politics, the pro-Islamist Left also uses multiculturalism to side with the oppressor by viewing the ‘Muslim community’ and ‘Muslim world’ as homogeneous entities thereby ignoring and silencing dissenters.
This politics of betrayal sides with the Islamic far-Right and the oppressor. Challenging this perspective is especially important given its wide acceptance as ‘progressive’ in mainstream society.
Any principled point of view must oppose all forms of fascism, including Islamic fascism, and instead side with the countless people, including Muslims, who are fighting and challenging Islamism here in Europe as well as the Middle East, North Africa and the world.
Multiculturalism and Child Protection in Britain: Sharia Law and Other Failures
Another new report by One Law for All entitled Multiculturalism and Child Protection in Britain: Sharia Law and Other Failures reveals how a multicultural approach, adopted by local authorities and other public authorities, to child protection is placing children in danger and creating parallel societies.
The report also exposes Sharia tribunals and their increasing authority in the issue of child custody, and questions the impact this has, and is likely to have, on the equal protection of children regardless of race or ethnicity.
Both reports are available for free download on One Law for All’s website. The books are available for purchase at £4.00 from One Law for All.

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