Sunday, 9 June 2013

The left seek scapegoats for their failing strike strategy in PCS

The week of action so much trumpeted by PCS General Secretary Mark Serwotka and his far left supporters has turned out to be somewhat of a damp squib. Besides attracting little publicity and less support from members its clear that the strikes have also failed to gain attention from the Government either. Most normal people would sit down and try to work out what went wrong, why members were not supporting the long planned strategy and reconsider their future plans.

Not so in PCS. Members were told before the week long series of regional strikes in the two largest civil service departments that if the Government didn't agree to talks then there would be national action at the end of June. Nothing suggests that Serwotka or any of his cronies are preparing to change tact. Far from it.

The talk on the PCS Face Book page has avoided discussing any failures on their part and has concentrated on finding scapegoats, because there is nothing wrong with their strategy or plans it would seem. As usual the attention is focused on the supporters of the 4themembers group and according to one Socialist Party hack, the very blog you are now reading. Its their/my fault. Nothing to do with the fact the vast majority of members are not taking any notice of the shrill calls of the comrades!

Its never their fault of course.

Of course the PCS Face Book pages are very much the domain of the activist class that have come to dominate PCS over the many years that they have been in firm control of the union. This ruling caste have led the union into a isolated political cul-de-sac where the union has become weaker than at any time in its' (or the predecessor unions) history.

Under the far-left the union has become very centralised and criticism either brushed aside or suppressed. So it was amusing to see DWP Group President Fran Heathcote raise the question of free speech in her face Book comments.

Fran is another member of the Socialist Party whose political minder John McInally (PCS Vice President) was behind the censorship campaign launched against me by Serwotka towards the end of last year and was instrumental in removing the increasingly independent minded  (and more competent) Jane Aitchison from the position that Heathcote her self now holds.

The lack of participation by PCS members shows that despite winning the formal votes (with very low support it has to be said) Serwotka & the Socialist Party are nowhere near winning the argument if over two thirds of the members are ignoring the strike calls.

The activists are not to be dissuaded. They have an agenda, not one that serves the needs of the members but one that is simply self-serving. The loyalties of leading PCS figures like McInally, Godrich and Heathcote are first and foremost to the Socialist Party not union members.

The left will blame everyone but themselves for the failure in this campaign.

If PCS is to survive then the union needs to be reclaimed from these Marxist charlatans that are hell bent on playing with our lives.

The far-left have failed. Its time to reclaim PCS whilst there is still time.

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