Thursday, 6 June 2013

PCS: "The truth is out there" somewhere.......

The PCS entered its' fourth day of regional disputes with strikes in Wales and the South West. The PCS website was making its' usual claims about high turnouts and good pickets under the headline "Members' resolve high on fourth day of joint action". Leaving aside the odd claim about "joint action" (with who exactly?), the website states (among other things) that:

The majority of staff at Bristol CCD and Bristol disability centres stayed away from, as they did at Horfield, Bedminster and Kingswood jobcentres, while on the coast at Weston-super-Mare jobcentre 70% of members were out.

Except this isn't quite the case. Given that  Bristol is covered by the Avon Branch, home of PCS Vice president and Socialist Party member John McInally, you'd think that this area would be a hot bed of militancy but reports received suggest all is not well.

I'm told McInally works at Kingswood Job Centre where there was no picket line or sign of our great strategist as he likes to see himself. Further the office itself was working normally despite the strike and there were sufficient staff to run the office without using "back room staff" or Managers.

 A completely different story to the one peddled by the political activists in PCS. I wonder what the real situation is elsewhere?

There were no picket lines at the main Government Buildings or most of the Job Centres and I've been asked to emphasise that despite the presence of John McInally and DWP time server Christine Cuthbert in the Avon Branch, no press release was issued and subsequently there was no local media coverage.

McInally & Cuthbert did manage to turn up to picket line at Fishponds Job Centre but their lack of charm failed to stop members crossing the picket line. With people like this leading our union its' no surprise that the Government doesn't listen.

Trouble is that the actions of the Socialist Party led union are damaging the union everywhere. One member in my Branch decided to resign and sent me the following e-mail:

Sorry can you take me off your list as I am no longer a member of the union.

As you know I am very disgruntled with the situation with the leaders of this so called union at this time and do not feel that I can support this Union in its present form. I'm sorry but I refuse to leave my pay packet short with pointless days of strike action when they cannot appear to be bothered about starting pay agreement talks, it would appear that they are more concerned about their own beliefs in trying to score points with the activist party!!!

I have remained a member having spoken to you a short while ago, but having had to once again cross a picket line due to strike action I cannot support, and once again feeling like a leper I feel that my only option at this time is to resign the union.

This is by no means a reflection on my local representatives, who do a sterling job for their local members, and are rewarded by a cut in the facility time which once again shows me that the present leadership are even less concerned about their members.

Again I am sorry as I feel that on a local level I would willingly stay with the union but I just cannot justify the membership at a higher level, and this is now the only way I can show my dissatisfaction with the leadership of this once great union


Her views are quite representative of a large swathe of members in my Branch and across the country that I regularly keep in touch with.

The union needs to change direction and cease being used by the comrades of the far left as a Trojan Horse for their own benefit.

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