Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Tempers flare in Hampstead Labour Party

With the current heatwave across the country it's hardly surprising that tempers get easily frayed. We've had problems over the involvement of Unite in Falkirk Constituency Labour Party, Andy Newman is busy witch hunting secularists in Brighton and now the police have been called in to Hampstead and Kilburn Labour Party.

The latest edition of the Camden New Journal carries a report of the selection meeting held in Glenda Jackson's former constituency where Tulip Siddiq has been selected as the new prospective Parliamentary candidate. She is apparently a well connected individual as her auntie is none other than the Prime Minister of Bangladesh, certainly someone to turn to for advice one would think.

Problem is it all got off to a rather unfortunate start. The paper tells us about a little incident outside the Mazenod Social Club:

The private meeting had got off to the worst possible start when a clash outside led to police and an ambulance being called. Housing protesters had demanded to see Labour council leader Sarah Hayward, who had yet to arrive. It is then claimed a party member head-butted a demonstrator, who was wearing a UNITE union T-shirt, before later apologising.
The ambulance took more than an hour to arrive despite repeated requests for assistance from two police officers outside the venue. The injured man was treated in the ambulance.
So what was this all about then?

According to our friendly informants over at Urban 75 where I picked up this little gem of a story it all falls down to a simple linguistic misunderstanding.

The Unite demonstrator was in fact a member of the Socialist Workers Party who apparently mistook being referred to as a "cult" to being called, well you can guess and upon taking offence took a swing at the perceived culprit. However it seems not only did he fail in this attempt but ended up getting head-butted, hence the attendance of the police and ambulance.

Not verified by the paper, but sounds plausible. Allegedly of course.....

Must be the heat.


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