Sunday, 28 July 2013

@twitter: Add A Report Abuse Button To Tweets

A Petition launched by Kim Graham

The following petition is doing the rounds at the moment and I would call on all readers to sign it:

Background article at the Observer Here

During a 12 hour period, Caroline Criado-Perez was targeted repeatedly with rape threats. Caroline attempted to stir a response from Mark S. Luckie, Manager of Journalism and News on Twitter. His response was to lock down his account.

But abuse on Twitter is common; sadly too common. And it frequently goes ignored. We need Twitter to recognise that it's current reporting system is below required standards. It currently requires users to search for details on how to report someone for abuse; a feature that should be available on each user's page.

It is time Twitter took a zero tolerance policy on abuse, and learns to tell the difference between abuse and defence. Women standing up to abuse should not fear having their accounts cancelled because Twitter fail to see the issue at hand.

The report abuse button needs to be accompanied by Twitter reviewing the T&C on abusive behaviour to reflect an awareness of the complexity of violence against women, and the multiple oppressions women face

It's time Twitter started protecting its users.

Sign here:


  1. I have signed and shared on Facebook would have thought Twitter did this service already. needs to be more publicity on having a blackout of Twitter for a day on 4th August

  2. Twitter attracts armchair trolls, usually pissed up and bored when nothing shiny is being dangled in front of them. Report buttons are dangerous censorship. Kerbing freedom of speech when it does suit you is a downward spiral to big brother domination. If you feel threatened just tell the police and stop provoking people, it's like the TV it does has an OFF button you know. Public threats are never followed through, all hot air. Unfortunately the complainers are usually just playground tell tale tits hoping for publicity. All that's needed is a thumbs down button on twitter to reflect public opinion. The whingers and the bullies usually get sorted out by the crowd snapping back at them anyway. When you express your opinions publicly expect a public reply good or bad, put on your adult knickers and bloody well deal with it.