Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Comrades double book November 30th

There has been quite a lot of debate about the nun attendance of Steve Coogan look-a-like Baathist Mother Agnes to the widely heralded world conference for peace (including here I might add!) organised by the Stop the War Campaign. But everyone seems to have forgotten the massed ranks of the Face book socialists are having their inaugural gathering to launch the Left Unity/Party/Tendency project.

Stop the War Coalition

The StWC proudly boast that:
In a historic setback for the organisers of the War on Terror, protest and public opinion helped stop a new war on Syria. But the West continues its interventions, creating failed states in an arc from Central Asia to West Africa.
The US is still focused on the middle east, but Obama is sending more military to encircle China and the West is ramping up its interventions in the African continent, creating ever more anger and instability.
Next year the NATO conference is coming to Britain and the conference will launch protests in response. It will also discuss the planned withdrawal from Afghanistan which is likely to cause another crisis for the western powers
We need more effective anti war resistance internationally. This conference is a chance to analyse, build links and lay plans.

The people of Syria must be so grateful that these Trotskyist types have stopped the war from taking place. Except of course they haven't done anything of the sort. Fighting continues unabated between the Assad Baathist fascists and the Islamist fascists with those wanting to fight for democracy seemingly left abandoned by the democracies of the world.

Not forgetting all those civilians caught up in the whole mess.

What planet do these comrades live on?

Whilst LU/P/T announces:

1000 Founding Members

That's err...great, now what?

Well for starters it's not going to plan it would seem. Colin who is the "Convener" of Brighton LU asks:

I don’t think I have ever had my registration for this confirmed, or my membership for that matter.

Oh dear. Geoff adds:

Following from Colin Piper’s statement, I have had my membership confirmed, but not my conference registration. Therefore I am going to go through the registration process again to see what happens.

Ewart chips in:

I have tried to register, but have received no confirmation of registration or membership. 

Oh and there's no creche. LU helpfully advises that comrades should leave their children with someone local, they'll foot the bill later. Yeah sounds like they're organised to do that, not.

When you get there comrades you'll find all the little trot groups have prepared their speeches to promote this "platform" or that. The faction fighting will entertain you at least I suppose.

What to do one has to ask?

You have a choice of listening to a bunch of Trots or another bunch of Trots. Both with a couple of ex-Stalinists mixed in.

Meanwhile back in the real world....... where's the leaked SWP Internal Bulletin 3. The world waits with baited breath.

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