Saturday, 16 November 2013

Defend trade union rights in Algeria and Mexico

Please support these two important appeals!

Solidarity with independent unionists in Algeria: call for the reinstatement of Rachid Malaoui, President of SNAPAP

In May 2013, Rachid Malaoui was removed from his post at the University of Continuous Education while he was about to take part in the International Labour Conference, organized by the International Labour Organization (ILO), last June, in Geneva. This type of harassment clearly demonstrates a desire to punish Rachid Malaoui because of his trade union activities and his commitment to defending human rights.
His dismissal is in violation of Article 53 of Algerian Law No. 90-14 of 2 June 1990, which states that "no union delegate may be dismissed or transferred by his employer, nor can any disciplinary action be undertaken as a result of his/her union activities".
In June and July 2013, both during and after the ILO's International Labour Conference, several informal negotiations took place with the Ministry of Labour and other state institutions, during the course of which Rachid Malaoui was advised of the possibility of his eventual re-integration. Unfortunately, to this date, no concrete steps have been taken and all the attempts to have his case heard remain unanswered.
Read here more about workers' and trade union rights in Algeria.

Mexico: Defend jailed workers - drop the charges now
Eric Lee of LabourStart
Once again, we’ve been asked by our fellow trade unionists in Mexico for help.

A few days ago, a number of community activists and trade unionists — members of the mine workers union — were arrested and, in one case, beaten, by security forces.

They were not brought before a judge, or charged, and some were released.

The arrests are connected to the local community’s struggle against Excellon, a Canadian company.

The union is demanding that any charges be dropped, and that the safety of the union members and community activists be guaranteed.

Please take a moment to send your message  of protest — and spread the word:

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