Friday, 8 November 2013

SWP come under fire in PCS union

The following e-mail was sent out to PCS members in the Marine Management Branch by Hubert Gieschen. Members were being asked to vote for nominations without being given any information about the candidates.

Thank you for advising branch members of these proposed nominations. I find it necessary though to advise of my strong opposition to the nomination of Keith Crane for any post in PCS.

I have known Keith for many years and he is a thoroughly nice person. That said he is also a member of a thoroughly anti-democratic party, the Socialist Workers Party (SWP) that has covered up rape allegations.

Please see the link to a Guardian article of 22 March 2013 referring to the abysmal manner in which the SWP treated a rape allegation by an SWP member against a leading SWP official Disgusting!

Would you find a BNP , member acceptable? If like me you say no, then why accept an SWP member?
The SWP still dreams of a violent revolution. Their hero is a man called Leo Trotsky who in the early 1920 totally destroyed the Russian trade unions. As a trade unionist and PCS member I am ashamed that my union has anything to do with that SWP.

If Keith Crane ends up being the only candidate for the vacant Assistant Group Secretary post he would be elected unopposed. In general elections the SWP would attract less than 1% of the vote. Why should these people represent us members when their policies are anti-democratic? Wherever Marxist-Leninists like Keith Crane have taken over a country they have made opposition illegal.

Please also note, going by recent election results whenever Keith Crane competed for a post on the Efra group he was beaten. That indicates to me that PCS members in the Era group have no confidence in him. I believe it is due to his SWP membership.

It is embarrassing enough that our General secretary Mark Serwotka has sympathies for the SWP. I do not think our very own MMO branch should make the same mistake.

Please vote against the nomination of any SWP member, such as Keith Crane, for any post in PCS.

Sound advice Hubert!

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