Friday, 20 December 2013

Death of a Party

While the end isn't quite in sight for the Socialist Workers Party, it certainly has declined to perhaps only a few hundred members. Even a fragment of the totally discredited Workers Revolutionary Party manages to keep going and somehow publishes a daily newspaper the rather dull News Line, though who actually reads it and how many copies they sell is a mystery.

So don't expect Socialist Worker to disappear any time soon, but they are politically finished as far as everyone else, even on the far left is concerned. Their remnants will face a lot of hostility from now on wherever they appear.

The latest news is the resignation of Pat Stack who is quite damning about Maxine Bowler you can read his missive here. Quite why he (or some of the others) "welcome working with the SWP" in the future is beyond belief. The Professor and his remaining crew seem to take some relief from statements like Stacks as their website reports.

All these people have led deluded lives for far to long to see the damage they have caused not just now but over the years this parasitical organisation has been in existence.

Any way time for Blur to add a note or two!

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