Monday, 2 December 2013

Don't abandon Tibet: send a message to David Cameron


One of the great injustices of the world is the Chinese occupation of Tibet since 1950. The Prime Minister David Cameron is visiting China today. The Guardian reports:

Li said Britain and China were indispensable and equal partners, noting the prime minister's recent approach to Beijing by acknowledging the territorial integrity of China – diplomatic code for accepting Beijing's rule over Tibet.


The Tibetan people have a right of national self determination. Whilst the usual crowds of protesters ignore the very real genocide being perpetrated on Tibet, some are taking action!

The Free Tibet campaign issued the following statement:
New poll reveals strong support for Tibet as UK leader prepares to visit China.
Around seven in every ten UK adults thinks that human rights in Tibet is at least as important as trade with China, according to a new survey.
The results come as UK Prime Minster David Cameron prepares for his first visit to China.
Only 10% of those questioned in the ICM poll, commissioned by Free Tibet, thought it would be wrong for Mr Cameron to raise the issue of Tibet during his state visit from 2-4 December.

Dalai Lama meeting

Relations between the UK and China have been strained since Mr Cameron met with the Dalai Lama in 2012. China responded angrily to the meeting and has subsequently claimed that a British admission of “mishandling” the issue of Tibet led to a thawing in the relationship and paved the way for trade deals between the two countries.
However this latest poll shows that Mr Cameron was doing exactly what the British people want him to do when he met with the Dalai Lama.
It also shows that UK Chancellor, George Osborne, was hopelessly out of step with public opinion when he refused to be drawn on the subject of human rights when he was in China last month.
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Send a message to David Cameron, address at the end of this short video:

Go to for more information

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