Tuesday, 3 December 2013

The right to strike is a human right

by Eric Lee LabourStart

South Korea's railway workers are about to launch a strike -- but based on their experience last time around, they're worried.

Their anti-union government used tactics such as criminal charges, imprisonments, suits for damages, dismissals and other disciplinary actions in retaliation against a similar strike in 2009.
The union has decided to ask for worldwide support for their campaign demanding the legal right to strike this time around and I'm writing to ask you to sign up to back them:

Their campaign is being supported by the International Transport Workers Federation (ITF), which is calling for a day of action on 10 December to support the Korean railway workers.  (More details to come on their website.)

Click here to learn more or order your copy.Do these online campaigns make a difference? Yes they do -- and to prove it, we published a short book a few months ago summarizing some of the victories we've had with LabourStart campaigns over the last few years.  Order your copy (or copies -- they make great holiday gifts for the trade unionists in your life) here:

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