Saturday, 7 December 2013

Why no "Religious Hate" charges against "Muslim Patrol"?

The trial of some of the men involved in the self-appointed "Muslim Patrol" ended with what many observers consider a light sentence given the grave nature of their actions. The Times newspaper reported:

Members of a "Muslim Patrol" vigilante group that terrorised couples holding hands, people who were drinking alcohol an "inappropriately dressed" women were jailed yesterday.

The three Muslim converts roamed the streets in East London on a mission to impose Sharia while filming their attacks to make publicity videos.

According to The Times they harassed a young couple holding hands by following them in a car shouting abuse and making threats, they attacked men simply drinking punching one in the jaw and knocking the other to the ground from behind. On another occasion these men abused two doctors for the way they were dressed. Arrogantly when arrested they told the Police "you can't touch us we're Muslims".

One of these men, Jordan Horner has been described as an enforcer for the extremist fanatic Anjem Choudry, a preacher of hate and has previously been jailed for assault. The Judge in the case, Rebecca Poulet seemingly (and rightly) complained that the sentences handed out were restricted as the prosecution had not chosen to pursue "religiously aggravated charges". One has to ask why?

The evidence is clear. Hate and religion were behind these men's actions.

Horner was quoted as saying:

This is a Muslim Patrol. Kill the non-believers

If that's not religious hate, exactly what is may I ask?

The sentences are far too lenient for these fanatics who will be back on our streets within a year.

A report in the Waltham Forest Guardian adds:

The jailed pair were members of The Shariah Project, which was behind the patrols on the streets of Waltham Forest.

This nasty little outfit (which I refuse to link to) issued a press release which referred to the murderers of Lee Rigby as "brothers" when named included the following charming propositions:

However, as far as Muslims are concerned, we have a big responsibility towards conveying the truth, which includes exposing the evils of man-made law and inviting the wider society to the beauty of the Shariah.

Muslims have a unique advantage in the West, particularly in the United Kingdom. There are over 5 million Muslims residing in the country, a significant portion of which are highly politicised and in favour of the implementation of Shariah law.....

....Add to this the growing tide of Muslim converts in the United Kingdom, .... and there appears to be a powerful recipe for the very real installation of Shariah law in the country.

It is a pity that instead of squabbling amongst ourselves over small differences, that we the Muslim community do not seize this gap in the market and inspire more and more non-Muslims to adopt the Islamic way of life and give leadership to the law of Allah.

These people are extremists, with backward medieval ideology who are a danger to everyone including other Muslims. They need to be opposed, as does every aspect of Sharia wherever it raises it's ugly head.

Say no to Sharia. One Law for All!

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