Sunday, 4 May 2014

Euro Elections -Yer 'aving a laugh comrades!

Given that today is World Laughter Day, I thought readers may be amused to know that last week the Monster Raving Loony Party held its European election launch. They report:

We are the only party to launch an election campaign for the Euro elections next Month in which we have no candidates standing and no policies to offer…Another first for the Loony Party.

Well it amused me.

Meanwhile the real loonies (on the left) are getting their collective knickers in a twist over what they call a "media blackout" on their NO2U campaign. Nick Wrights 21 Manifesto blog whines:

The No2EU campaign has been launched and met with a wall of silence by the capitalist media, much of which is not so covertly promoting UKIP.

The Communists have called on members and supporters to break this news blackout by using the seven Saturdays remaining till the election, to go out into communities and campaign for No2EU candidates.

By "wall of silence" I think he means the media aren't interested. No surprise there. Outside the hallowed circles of the ever declining far-left nobodies that bothered by this small and irrelevant groupscule. A rather odd alliance of the RMT, Socialist Party (Trots) and the Communist Party (Morning Star mob - Stalinists). Without Bob Crow they don't even have an obvious leader.

Besides if you wanted to get out of the EU the average euro-sceptic voter will probably support UKIP who according to The Sunday Times have now taken the lead in the Opinion Polls with 29%, 1% ahead of Labour. 

The tiny Green Party have gone into fourth place with 8%, pushing the totally discredited Lib Dems into fifth place. All the "others" add up to 6% between them. 

NO2EU isn't even registering, except in the comrades own overblown egos.

They should learn a lesson from Screaming Lord Sutch's (may his memory be praised) mates who are also intervening in the local elections in Elmbridge and tell us:

There are three Loony Party candidates standing in Elmbridge Council Elections in May:
Molesey North ward: Monky The Drummer
Walton North ward: Badger
Hersham North ward: Crazy Dave
Everyone is invited to their victory party held the night before the election on Wednesday the 21st of May.

Best not to take your chances too seriously comrades.


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