Friday, 30 May 2014

Neither religion nor so called honour can justify murder

The stoning to death of a young pregnant woman in Pakistan by her family this week caused absolute and justifiable outrage this week. How anyone can consider there to be any "honour" in killing, let alone their own daughter is beyond most civilised people.

And yet it goes on, not just in Pakistan but here too. And the particular case in question has taken a couple of twists as The Times reported yesterday (no link £):

Her family became angry after failing to extract money from him  (the husband) before the marriage. 

Honour? Rubbish just pure bloody greed.

We are told by The Times today:

Farzana Paveen's older sister, Rhena was poisoned after her father had an argument with her parents-in-law...she was allegedly dragged back to her fathers home and poisoned. The murder was not reported to the police..

We are told tribal culture allows rich families to be above the law.


Women cannot be treated like this and it is time the the Government of Pakistan did something about this and all the other so-called "honour killings or MURDERS in plain English that go on in their society.

Nobodies life, especially women should be put at risk because of some backward tribalism that is just an excuse for for gangsterism pure and simple.

It comes as no surprise then that in yet another country that is also governed by the "religion of peace" Sudan that another gross injustice is taking place. Previously I have drawn attention the case of Meriam Ibrahim who just for marrying a Christian and apparently abandoning the Islamic faith (because her father just happened to be a Muslim) that she is to be put to death.

Full marks go to The Times who ran with this story as a front page lead today.

It is clear that women are not only treated as second class citizens in these societies, but their religion is so weak and afraid of challenge that death is seen as the penalty for leaving. A crime called Apostasy.

There should be no such crime. The death penalty is intended to cower the populations of these countries to the wishes of religious leaders who wish to prevent their power being challenged.

Given that patriarchy is ascendant in these backwards societies regardless of religion the superstitious nonsense of Islam can be used by men to dominate women.

This has to end and end now.

Women must entitled to equal rights under the law.

The world cannot stand aside and allow Meriam to be executed. There has been too much silence about the persecution of Christians let alone the injustice against women across the Muslim world.

Worship who you please, but your religion, your culture does not give you the right to murder.


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