Friday, 16 May 2014

The barbaric injustice of Sharia

Over at Harry's Place, Sarah AB publishes an interview with Zara Afzal who is making a film, Hidden Heart which is about the growing number of Muslim women who are having relationships outside their community. These days "mixed marriages" are par to the course and quite normal these days, most ordinary people don't even blink a eyelid at the thought.

Why should they? Love is love, regardless of race, religion or gender.

In the Muslim community however:’s just not talked about as there is a taboo around women marrying out. I wanted to make a film that showed the challenges that Western Muslim women face within themselves and in the cultural context of marrying out.

When it comes to Muslim women in other countries the word "challenges" is somewhat of an understatement. I was horrified by the following report which appeared in The Times today (no link £):

A heavily pregnant woman in Sudan has been sentenced to be flogged and executed for marrying a Christian.

Yes you read that right. It gets worse (if that's possible).

Apparently its a crime to intermarry in Sudan. In order to reach their decision the court had to declare her a Muslim despite the victims protestations. If her (absent) father was a Muslim, so is she. No choice in the "religion of peace" you see. Mrs Ishag had been brought up as an orthodox Christian by her mother and told the court:

I am a Christian and I never committed apostasy 

The Sudanese authorities gave her three days to "recant", but refused. A brave decision in face of the threat to her life.

Her refusal led to a hanging sentence.

Barbaric. No other word for it.

Her life is to be allowed to continue for two years after the baby's birth. 

Further cruelty.

Protests have been made by Human Rights organisations and a petition has been launched to put pressure on Sudan.


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