Saturday, 24 May 2014

Far right group hides behind Facebook "shares"

Many people will have seen a "shared" photograph on their friends Facebook pages of the murdered soldier Lee Rigby complaining about a "news blackout" one year on. The image links to Britain First, a breakaway from the British National Party.

This is not the only image through which they have sought to gain publicity through as another image of campaigning against cruelty to dogs has also been doing the rounds. Both images and messages will and have a certain appeal to most reasonable people. But be warned Britain First are NOT reasonable people.

The story of Britain First was picked up by The Times newspaper today (no link £) in an article The religious zealot who hands Bibles to Muslims:

The Britain First Organisation, which has invaded mosques and handed Bibles to Muslims, is masterminded by a religious zealot with a criminal record for violence.

The organisation has even adopted a "uniform" consisting of a green jacket and trains its followers in martial arts. Britain First is currently under investigation by the police across the country.

Dominic Kennedy continues:

The organisation was founded by Jim Dowson, 49 a born again Christian who was once  a successful fundraiser for the BNP, amassing millions of pounds for the party.

Michael Collins has produced a report on Britain First over at: Hope Not Hate.

Meanwhile Lee Rigby's mother has this to say:

Lyn Rigby: Mother of Lee Rigby

Our thoughts should be with Lyn Rigby and her family at this time. Lee Rigby's Memory must not be hijacked.

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  1. Absolutely. I've seen many references to the anniversary, including several from Tell MAMA, the group which campaigns against anti-Muslim bigotry. And many Muslims have expressed their support for a memorial commemorating Lee Rigby.

    It's a shame some people are so selective in what they read/report.