Sunday, 22 June 2014

An assembly to nowhere

The far-left are bemoaning the fact that the demonstration organised by the so-called "Peoples Assembly failed to attract much, if any attention in the media. According to the organisers about 50,000 people turned up, though this estimate appears to have originated from an off the cuff comment by one of their speakers at the end rally.

According to even some supporters of the demonstration the number was far fewer. Figures being touted around on Face Book suggest under half that number may be nearer the true figure. By the time Socialist Worker goes to print the figure will probably have gone up as is their usual practise.

The turnout does however suggest that the message that the far-left is putting out is not motivating those they seek to influence and I have to say trying to build a demonstration like this in the middle of the World Cup was doomed to failure.

The workers have their modern "opiate", not religion but football.

I'm not even a fan of the game but recognise the importance of football to the majority of my fellow trade unionists. The left forget that most workers are not ideologically inclined towards the doctrinal Marxists that still manage to dominate a large(ish) section of the Labour and Trade Union Movement.

This demo was supposed to be part of the campaign to build a mini general strike over pay on July 10th. As much as people want a pay increase there is seemingly little real desire amongst the average member to lose what little money they have in a strike campaign that is likely not achieve anything.

But for the "comrades" the struggle, the sacrifice is all. Reality has no place in their myopic world.

Not all of them make the sacrifices they call on us the ordinary members to make.

Take Chris Baugh Socialist Party member and Assistant General Secretary of PCS. He is part of a group that believes trade union officials should only receive the "average workers wage".  Yet PCS accounts show no returns to the unions funds from "Comrade" Baugh.

Now personally I think the policy is nonsense and people should be paid the going rate for the job.

But all the same "comrade"....

Its the last week of the ballot in PCS and other unions are consulting their members about July 10th.

My only prediction, particularly for PCS is that the abstentions will win. Its' really only a question of how many don't vote.

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